de Hazel Jung, Julho 3, 2023

'O'PENing 2023' is a tvN X TVING drama co-project consisting of seven rookie writers whose free-form and innovative attempts stand out. The fourth work of 'O'PENing 2023,' titled One Reason Why We Cannot Meet, directed by Kim Dong Hwi and written by Lee Ga Young, has unveiled stills and posters of Uee and Kang Sang Jun, attracting attention.

One Reason Why We Cannot Meet is set to air on August 6th at 10:40 PM KST. It has already generated positive responses by teasing the encounter between Uee and Kang Sang Jun. The drama will portray the love story of a divorced man and woman in their mid-30s, who find love to be more challenging despite becoming more experienced and knowledgeable about life.

Uee takes on the role of Won Young in the drama. After her divorce, she lives with her 7-year-old son from her previous marriage. Believing firmly in the patterns of failure that have characterized her life, she has never entertained the thought of marrying someone again. However, her conservative mindset gradually changes as she becomes unexpectedly involved with a man named Ki Joon.

Kang Sang Jun portrays Ki Joon, a man who has been twice divorced. He appears indifferent and aloof, seemingly uninterested in others, yet goes out to meet new people every Saturday. He believes that even a third marriage would not be a problem in terms of public opinion. As he encounters Won Young amidst the repetition of his daily life, he begins to discover the true meaning of human relationships.

In this unconventional relationship between the two individuals, a variety of emotions are expected to unfold. The released stills capture the peculiar atmosphere between Won Young and Ki Joon. Despite sitting next to each other, they seem disinterested in the world, gazing elsewhere, arousing curiosity about the unique circumstances that will lead them into a distinct relationship.

The accompanying posters further enhance the allure of the drama. The contrasting gazes of the "woman with a child" and the "man with two divorces" raise curiosity about the essence of One Reason Why We Cannot Meet. Just as the photos are joined together but cannot hide the torn marks, it is likely that the two characters carry the scars of past separations unbeknownst to each other. There is also considerable anticipation for the passionate performances of Uee and Kang Sang Jun as they delicately express the inner thoughts of their respective characters.