de Lily Alice, Junho 13, 2024

On June 13, Netflix unveiled the main poster and trailer for The Whirlwind. 

The Whirlwind centers around the power struggle between the prime minister, who decides to assassinate the president to uproot the corrupt power, and a deputy prime minister of economy, who aims to thwart him and seize power for herself.   

The poster gives a glimpse of the intense confrontation between Park Dong Ho (Sol Kyung Gu) and Jung Soo Jin (Kim Hee Ae). The fierce look in the eyes of Park Dong Ho, who stirs up a whirlwind by deciding to assassinate the president to sweep away corrupt forces, and Jung Soo Jin, who tries to stop him and gain greater power, indicates they will not compromise on anything in the cut-throat game of politics.

The trailer begins with Park Dong Ho saying, "A fair country. A just world. The same people who promised to turn this world into heaven turned this place into hell." He jumped into politics to change the world, but now wages war against the president and Jung Soo Jin, who became corrupt after entering the Blue House.

The power-packed teaser shows Park Dong Ho, who cannot tolerate injustice and aims to drag his enemy down with him to hell, and Jung Soo Jin, who aims to stop him and seize power for herself, raising anticipation for the thrilling political drama series. 

The Whirlwind will be available exclusively on Netflix starting June 28. Watch the trailer here