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Na In Woo and Lee Se Young are in discussion to pair up in an upcoming MBC K-drama.

According to an exclusive report from media outlet OSEN on May 1, Na In Woo and Lee Se Young will be the next K-drama couple leading a new MBC K-drama. The two will reportedly lead the upcoming K-drama titled Motel California (working title)

Na In Woo and Lee Se Young's agency both declined to share more details and stated that the upcoming K-dramas are one of the works that they are currently reviewing. 

There are no other details revealed yet about the upcoming K-drama. 

Motel California will exclusively premiere on MBC. Other upcoming K-dramas from MBC include Bitter Sweet Hell and Undercover High School. MBC is currently airing the K-dramas Chief Detective 1958 and The Third Marriage.

If Na In Woo decides to join the upcoming K-drama, this will be his second upcoming series since Marry My Husband. Na In Woo is also in positive talks to lead the new K-drama titled See You After Work which will premiere on KBS. 

This year, Na In Woo became one of the most talked about actors after starring in Marry My Husband. Many praised his performance in the series as well as his great chemistry with the cast of Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon, Lee Gi Kwang, and Gong Min Jung.

Meanwhile, Motel California will possibly be the second upcoming K-drama of Lee Se Young. The actress is also expected to lead the upcoming K-drama What Comes after Love with Sakaguchi Kentaro, Hong Jong Hyun, Nakamura Anne, and Lee Bo Ram

Last year, Lee Se Young also led the historical K-drama The Story of Park's Marriage Contract with Bae In Hyuk

Lee Se Young is known for leading the popular K-dramas The Law Cafe, The Red Sleeve, Doctor John, A Korean Odyssey, Missing You, Jewel in the Palace, and more.


Do you think Na In Woo and Lee Se Young will make a good pair in a K-drama?