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Welcome, dear reader, to this lengthy article where we are going to look at professions that are represented in Asian TV series. This article is basically a mix of recommendations and a closer look at the professions that are talked about in the recommended series. This article is suited for those who have already finished school, but also for students looking for the perfect field to study in! To get more information about the TV series, you can either click on the title or the picture.


I am sure that this profession is a lot of parents’ dream, but reality is much different. Being a doctor is a truly admirable job, but the road to success is very long, and basically, people are constantly walking uphill to gain the title of doctor. Still, we are grateful to those who have finished the journey successfully and are helping others when needed. If you want to take a more in-depth look at the profession, be sure to check out all three seasons of Dr. Romantic.


The second most popular job many parents wish for their children to have is, of course, something law-related. Among all the law "branches,” I quite like prosecutors, and I fell in love with how they portrayed the profession in Prosecutor Princess. While a lot of TV series have a serious take on this profession, in this series, we look at a bubbly new prosecutor who is learning the ropes of the profession.


Books—some love them, while others barely managed to read the mandatory literature pieces for school. As a book lover and avid reader, I know very well that without book editors, even the most popular books would have failed. Book editing is the true heart of the books we all love. Sometimes, the book is edited multiple times in order to be in the utmost perfect state. If you want to look closer at this profession, be sure to check out Doom at Your Service, where the female lead is a book editor and works in a publishing house.


A one-of-a kind job—that’s how I would describe all voice actors! Honestly, growing up, I never really thought about the voices behind my favorite cartoons or anime. Now, as an adult, I know how difficult it is to land the job and how voice acting is a truly outstanding job that takes a lot of work to master.


One would call this profession a dream job, but reality is oftentimes far different. I bet that some of us in our childhood dreamed of becoming actors or actresses, but then we quickly realized that even though we went to drama school and had professional teachers, the field is like a sea filled with hungry animals that want to nib at your flesh. I have the utmost respect for people in the industry who didn’t have connections and managed to gain fame purely through their talent.


Love and hate relationships—that’s how many feel about this profession, because some of us loved our teachers back in school and basically wanted to become teachers as well because of them, while others hated their teachers and turned their backs on the profession. Honestly, as a nerd, I love this profession, and I admire all teachers of all grades and schools because I know what you have to go through in order to become a teacher. Passing teaching exams is the least of your problems, and the true “battle” begins once you start teaching someone. Being a teacher is not just an ordinary profession; I would call it a calling. I believe that many of us are capable of learning things, but no matter how good our knowledge is, not all of us can be teachers.


Nowadays, a very popular profession is on the rise, and it's truly shocking to me. As the years go forward, we suddenly see the rise of unconventional jobs that didn’t exist until a few years ago. The profession is so popular that even major sports channels have started to air gaming battles. If you feel that you have a talent for games, why not give it a go? For a better understanding of the industry, I suggest you dig your claws into TV series Go Go Squid!.


True heroes that risk their lives for others. I honestly have so much respect for these people because the number of deadly situations they encounter is unfathomable. Of course, firefighters are not always called because of a fire—sometimes they free people out of their toilets when they get stuck—but you have to understand that every little aspect of their job is usually stressful. Their concentration and decision-making are very crucial for their profession. For a better understanding of the profession, mixed with a bit of romance, check out Fireworks of My Heart!


If lifeguards are heroes of the water, then mountain rangers are heroes of the woods! I feel that this profession isn’t very well known because more people seem to love the ocean and seas and thus pick their vacation destinations based on that, but on the other hand, mountain lovers truly get to know the importance of this job once they get into trouble. Many times, tourists get stuck in unusual places, and their only hope to live through the terrific experience is the presence of a mountain ranger. If you are interested in the job, you can get a closer look at this profession in the South Korean TV series Jirisan.


Why is this profession not so popular in dramaland? I mean, some people dream of being saved by a prince or princess, but others dream of having a loyal bodyguard by their side, like myself. I am truly happy that this dangerous and life-risking profession is being shown in this 2024 Japanese TV series, which does bring light to this wonderful profession. I think it is a great job opportunity if you aren’t interested in the police force but still possess the needed training. So, if you are skilled in martial arts and are not afraid to lose your life, then this job is for you! Some people even choose this profession after their time in the army or police force has expired. If you are craving to see some bodyguard action mixed with light romance, do add this TV series to your watchlist!


As a person who loves food and is always trying new recipes, this profession sounds simply delicious! I always admire chefs because they are so creative with their food and they can think of recipes just by looking at a list of ingredients. Meanwhile, I have to look at the recipe step-by-step; otherwise, it’s going to end in disaster and everyone’s going to be hungry. If you love food and the food industry and want to master your already-obtained knowledge by looking at your family members’ cooking, then it is time to pick a culinary school or course! Meanwhile, you can dig into this Thai TV series, which focuses on the lives of chefs. Also, isn’t it great to have a spouse who can prepare a full 5-star course?! This profession is the epitome of romance, okay?


Chefs may be the heart of a kitchen, but baristas are the heart of each cup of coffee you drink. They awaken sooner than you, so you can have a steaming cup of coffee ready to bring to your tiring work. Some might snicker and scoff, thinking what is so complicated about preparing a cup of coffee? Well, a lot of things are complicated. Each type of coffee is different, and you really have to master the chemistry in order to make the perfect cup. You have to know the different types of roasts, colors of beans, and everything from which cup to use to what kind of art you can present on the lattes, for example. You don’t know the true taste of coffee unless you go to a professional barista. Also, it is not expresso, but espresso!!! While this profession might look ordinary, it is very high-profile, and professional baristas do seek courses, usually in foreign countries, just like chefs or patisseries.


I am many things, and among those many things, I am a registered nurse, so this section is my personal favorite! I picked this Japanese TV series on purpose because it perfectly shows the reality of young nurses at the beginning of their careers. Nursing is hard; you will probably encounter bullying, hazing, slander, and sometimes even violence, so this profession is not for everyone. You truly need to possess not only the right knowledge but passion as well. Your love for people must be your driving force; otherwise, you’re going to burn out very fast. There are a lot of medical TV series, but I feel that this is as close to reality for young nurses as possible, so if nursing is your lifelong dream, check it out before you send that application.


Soldiers are people who risk their lives for the country. If you don’t know, there are many types of soldiers, and some of my ex-colleagues in hospitals were soldiers as well, just in the healthcare sector, so you can become a soldier basically with any prior knowledge or degree you have gained. Of course, there are restrictions, and you need to pass many tests to get into the force. Other than possessing perfect health, you need to pass a physical exam and a psychological exam as well. The army is not a playground, and you will need to learn perfect discipline and obey commands, even if they sound ridiculous. After you pass your basic training, which varies from 4 weeks to usually 7 weeks, you’re going to be assigned to a specific sector. Some outstanding individuals might get recommended to elite leagues. If you think this profession is only for men, you are very wrong. This profession is also for women, and the try-out process is a tiny bit different for women in terms of physical exams, so don’t worry. There are many perks to being in the army, like free healthcare, a lower age pension, and a high income. If you want to look into this profession closer, check out this South Korean TV series.


Do you love music and imagine yourself on a stage? Then don’t give up and go for your dream! Being a popular musician is a dream for many people, but only a few manage to truly make it in the industry. My advice would be to not only make music as your hobby but actually go to an art school, because often, teachers are the ones that recommend you to big-name artists. Also, if you don’t make it even then, you can use that degree and simply teach music, so it is a win-win situation. If you want to “rock” your drama life as well, check out this short Japanese TV series called GIVEN.


As a classical music lover, I had to include this profession as well. It is very high-profile and very difficult. The entrance exams to well-known art schools are brutal, and many times people won’t make it, but I don’t think this profession is useless and only elite people get in. If you truly possess a passion for classical music, then go for it! Just like with band musicians, you can use that degree for other things than playing, like teaching. Nodame Cantabile is the greatest example of a TV series that focuses on classical music. The whole OST consists strictly of purely classical pieces, so if you are like me, you’re going to love it. By the way, which classical piece is your favorite?


Business, business, business. Nowadays, a lot of people have dreams of becoming business owners. I myself am working very hard to gain the starting capital for my own business, which might take me a while, but I am not giving up! What can I say? It is risky! Before you start to actually invest your money in something, it is recommended to do an extensive survey of the said business. Is it a unique idea? How many people in the country know about that business? Will you have competitors in the said business? And, of course, the expenses. Doing a basic survey and planning is the key to successful business, so do not underestimate this step. My advice would be to also try to gain as much money for the start-up capital as possible. Just like my mom told me, when buying property, try to save the biggest amount of money as possible. Don’t get a huge loan that you’re not going to pay off until you’re 60 or 70.


If you are a true lover of drama and want to actually be part of the production, this is me telling you that you can do it! Nowadays, more and more people are entering this industry, and I love it because oftentimes we get new perspectives on things. It is true that in a few sectors we have a “quantity over quality” attitude, so bringing in someone new who actually cares for the quality is very welcome. Just like with any other art major, it is difficult to outshine others, but don’t give up! If you don’t make it domestically, try Asia, for example! Feel like it’s impossible? It is! Just check out the South Korean TV series The Eighth Sense, and you’re going to understand me. Meanwhile, check out the Thai TV series Theory of Love, which focuses on film degree students trying to do their best to make it in this world.


I can’t tell you how often this profession gets mistaken for that of regular doctors. Both dentists and doctors are doctors in simple terms, but still, the universities are oftentimes very different. Regular doctors who later obtain the title of “general physician” or “family doctor” attend medical school, but dentists usually attend medical dentistry school, so they focus only on oral stuff, not whole-body stuff—to simplify it. If you are curious, yes, there are hospitals just for dentistry-related issues and orthodontics. Many people are afraid of dentists, like myself, but if you find passion in oral cavities and other emergencies, then this profession is for you. It is difficult, but it is also a high-profile job, so yes, you do get those bills paid. If you want to check out this profession on screen, give this Taiwanese TV series a try!


Do you like driving but dislike the fast driving that professional racers do? Well, get paid by driving other people around! As someone who got their driver's license because I have to taxi my family members to doctors, I admire people who drive taxis. I hate driving, so I can’t imagine actually doing that as a profession. Also, the drivers know so many shortcuts, like wow. If you plan on doing this profession, keep in mind that taxi drivers often do inhumane long shifts, like 24-hour shifts. For a unique experience with taxi drivers, check out this South Korean TV series, Taxi Driver.


Once again, huge admiration goes to all fitness coaches, because how can you constantly be in shape?! Just the image of doing cardio every day haunts me in my dreams and makes my muscles ache. You are true heroes because you not only have to keep your body in shape, but you must also encourage others to do the same. I think this is a great profession, which truly is a healthy mix of hobby and actual profession. So, if you love the gym and it is your second home, why not pursue a career in it? You can either study physical education in university or complete a course for fitness trainers. Meanwhile, check out the South Korean TV series Oh My Venus for some nice balance!


Being a secretary is not only about dressing prettily—wearing high heels or expensive suits. It is about always being one step ahead of your boss, which is very tiring sometimes. You not only have to do things ahead, but think ahead as well. You need to know your boss from the inside out to do your job well, which can be tough. Other than knowing your boss, you need to have basic knowledge in other related fields to the job. If your boss is the CEO of a financial company, you simply need some basic understanding of finance, and this applies to any other company. If you want to take a peek into this profession, check out this South Korean TV series!


Once again an art profession. I feel like the new era is focused more on artistic people, so if you do possess the talent for photography, why not give it a go? From personal experience, I feel like photographers are always needed, whether it’s for family photoshoots, weddings, or even commercials. I also like photography, but working with an actual camera is very confusing to me, and the physics behind photography are something else! I feel like this profession isn’t very talked about in dramaland, so I am happy to recommend you an old series called Love Rain.


One of my favorite professions and hobbies! I feel like so many writers are out there, but publishing houses are not giving them a chance. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a fanfic reader, and I swear some pieces could be published right away. I feel that there is a prejudice against fanfic writers because of movies that, in the new age, came out of fanfic ideas. I dislike those movies, too. But who said I was reading simple romance?! Anyway, if you want to pursue writing, it isn’t that hard. Oftentimes, you don’t need a degree to be successful, so just start, get a good proofreader, and send the draft to the publishers, or go another route and self-publish your book. It might sound very far-fetched, but more than one author started as a self-publishing author and later got picked by a big publishing house. Also, if you aren’t interested in writing books, you can always become a columnist or scriptwriter! You can be the one who shows us new characters that we can swoon over.


As someone who isn’t very talented in IT or gaming, this profession has gained a lot of respect from me. Nowadays, even many TV series focus on this profession, and once you look at job-seeking sites, you’re going to see a lot of empty positions in this category. If you are a gamer but also have talent in IT, why not combine your hobby and knowledge and actually be the one that develops new games? Just don’t do the thing that the Flappy Bird developer did—don't delete the successful game! Since there are many series that focus on the lives of game developers, I have picked a series that isn’t talked about very much: Lucky Romance! It is the perfect mix of romance, comedy, and game-developing.


A very reputable profession that has a very strong standing in the professional film-making world. I am sure that a lot of well-known actors don’t use stunt doubles, but there are stars who do, and we shouldn’t ignore these people who do risky stuff as their profession. They suffer on behalf of the actors, and oftentimes they don’t receive the proper recognition. I truly like how this South Korean series has shed some light on how stuntwomen and stuntmen live. If you are into risky professions and are physically well equipped, why not give this profession a try?


You would be surprised, but there is an actual university degree for librarians! If you love books and cataloging sounds fun, then why not pick this degree? I think it’s great for introverts because you are usually surrounded only by books, and you are the one who holds their finger against their lips, shushing others. In this South Korean TV series, our female lead is a librarian, and even though her job is not the focus of the story, it is nice to see someone representing this profession! Do check your local guidelines on how to become a librarian; some countries require a university degree while others don’t.


A job for every extrovert—that’s my description of this job. If you like news and want to add a bit of your insight on important things that usually air on television channels, then this job is perfect for you! Of course, it is difficult to land this job because, other than looking presentable, you need to have broad knowledge of various topics. Once again, this is not a very wildly popular occupation in dramaland, but if you want to take a peek into this career, check out the South Korean TV series with a unique title and fantasy element, Pinocchio!


I won’t lie to you—landing this profession is very difficult, since usually, professional athletes train from a very young age in order to get the title "professional." But there are exceptions for certain sports, so check them out, and who knows? Maybe you do possess a talent for it! Since there are various sports, I couldn’t list them all, so I just put them in one group called “professional athletes,"  but this group is very diverse! From swimming to curling and from curling to javelin throwing! There are a lot of sports, so if you are currently practicing something, why not pursue it as a career? For this profession, I have chosen a not-well-known mini-TV series about short-track speed skating, so do check it out!


In the previous segment, I stated that you don’t always have to start at a very young age in order to obtain the title "professional,” and this sport is the proof of that! Of course, it has certain criteria, but if someone is truly talented, they can obtain the title of “professional” in this cue sport. Among all billiard sports, snooker is one of the most popular, with grand tournaments and high-profile players like Ronnie O'Sullivan and Judd Trump. This TV series doesn’t focus only on romance but also on this cue sport, which is very popular in China, with Zhang Anda being the country’s top player. If you don’t know about this sport, why not give this series a go? Who knows? Maybe you’re going to find something interesting!


We are back in the news section, which we either hate or love. As someone who has been constantly watching the same man present the weather for years, I honestly find myself disliking his role, because how can someone be so wrong in their news coverage? I was on my way to a nice vacation and brought my swimsuit with me, only for it to rain heavily. Anyway, if you love weather and the science behind it, why not try to be either a weather forecaster or a meteorologist? Usually, these two professions go hand-in-hand since, in many countries, an actual meteorologist is presenting the weather forecast on TV. If you are curious to see more of this profession, why not try Japanese miniseries, Taikan Yoho?


How many of you have dreamed of becoming astronauts since childhood? Raise your hands bravely! I wasn’t one of them because I get easily scared of things, and the thought of an accident happening is haunting me to this day. But if the possible dangers of this job don’t scare you, why not give this profession a try and go and study something related to the stars and vast universe? Who knows? Maybe you’re going to be one of the first people to set foot on a new planet! If you like filmography about the universe, give this South Korean Netflix original a chance.


A profession that is old but new at the same time. The job of profilers has been well-known for years, but somehow, even today, we don’t have many profilers worldwide. This profession is a mix of psychology and policing, so many countries have different regulations in terms of education for this specific profession. I know that in some countries you become a profiler by simply studying strictly advanced psychology, while in other countries you need to be in the police force and later get specialized education in psychology to be a profiler. Whichever it is, you need to search for it on your own. But what is this profession about? Well, if you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of the worst criminals and have great deduction skills, then this work is for you. Profilers are the ones who literally create profiles and often help police catch criminals who have done terrible crimes but left almost no trace, so they couldn’t be captured yet. But profilers don’t only work on capturing criminals; they often go to jails and conduct interviews with already caught criminals and try to create a “pattern” or a “map” of similar traits in caught criminals in order to prevent further criminal actions.


We are back with another artistic profession—webtoon/manga artist! As someone who can even make a circle look ugly, I have the utmost respect for those who can draw and even tell a whole story with their drawings. This is also one of the professions where you don’t always need an education. If you possess great drawing skills and a good imagination, there are multiple platforms for “newbie” writers where they can post their creations. I personally know many older authors who rose to fame later in their lives, so do not give up! If you want to take a closer look at this occupation with a nice twist to it, check out the South Korean TV series W.


An occupation that is slowly breaking its stigma. Since I was very young, it was known that in order to be a pro-ballerina or ballerino, you need to start very young and do it constantly for many years; otherwise, you won’t be able to start later on. Back then, it was true, but nowadays, it’s slowly changing. I see more and more older people entering the ballet world, and I know that usually they do it as a hobby and won’t enter official competitions, but it is already an achievement that we have adult ballet classes. This is me telling you that no matter how much you weigh or how old you are, you can do it if you really have passion for it! Meanwhile, check out the lives of ballerinos in this South Korean mini TV series, Navillera.


Have you ever stood in awe of an amazing building design? Do you often travel to new, unique countries to see the different architectural styles? If the answer is yes and you have a close relationship with math, then this might be your dream job. Architects really bear the weight on their shoulders for their designs because if something goes wrong, they are usually the first ones to blame, so this profession is really for people made out of steel. But don’t let this discourage you! If you really fancy this occupation, do give it a go, since it is considered a high-profile job. Meanwhile, check out the character Jom from this Thai series, who is an architect.


I can’t be the only one who wished to be an archaeologist when I was a small kid! Some dreamed of becoming part of the royal family or astronauts, while I dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. With the way I am pursuing my second degree, I am not that far from my childhood dream... Anyway, if you like to dig (literally) and really like history, then this job is perfect. Be careful though, and check out the exact syntax of the university you want to apply to, because in the universities I checked, they only offer specialization in one field of archaeology—and no, it is not Egypt. So, if you want to be a specific archaeologist for a specific country, you have to sit down and really go through lists of universities. Some may be curious what the difference is between historians and archaeologists; the most simplified answer is this: historians do not dig.


As someone who has close to no clue about financial stuff, I truly admire bankers and their brains because the way they explain complex stuff—mostly about loans—is just truly fascinating. If you like finance but don’t have enough experience to work as a financial analyst, do give this occupation a chance, because they are linked together. In this age and era, people value job experience the most, so if you are interested in this field, think about my advice. Meanwhile, check out this banker melodrama from South Korea called The Interest of Love.


Once again, an admirable job. As someone who has a high school diploma in psychology (because in some countries you choose a high school major as if it were a university), I truly admire those who pursue this career. Even though I have truly enjoyed my studies and use them somewhat to this day in my first profession (nursing), I wouldn’t be able to be a psychologist. You need the utmost empathy and understanding, because if you lack these two things, you are simply done. People will seek you out sometimes for very bizarre things, and you simply can’t be judgmental but have to be accepting, which is sometimes very hard. The last time someone came to the emergency room with a beer jug up their “black hole,” we did question their intentions. See? You can’t really do that as a psychologist, so choose wisely if you are up for this. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of TV series where the main leads are psychologists, so enjoy this rare gem from China.


As I get older, I truly start to like this profession more and more. As someone who has close relations with farming (parents raised on a farm and still planting stuff in our backyard till this day) I like how calm but also tough this profession is. For some people, it is a form of de-stressing and I have to agree. If you are not a farmer which supplies big chains, you definitely have more peace, so if you want to get into this profession, do extensive research – some people even leave their country for this! Meanwhile, check out our lovely farmer main lead from South Korean TV series Love Tractor.


If bankers and architects live with math, then accountants are the masters of math. I know, mathematicians have it worse, but hey, they willingly choose to deal with numbers, letters, and question marks! Accounting is very important, and you use it in your day-to-day life, but professional accounting is something else. People who do accounting for big companies simply cannot make mistakes, so I really respect these folks. If you find passion in this occupation, do check out this comedic South Korean TV series, Good Manager.


We are once again talking about a “tasty” profession, and I love it! As someone who is considered a good cook, I have the utmost respect for bakers because I simply cannot bake. I can bake exactly three things and nothing else. I have tried, but each time I failed. If you have a sweet tooth and skilled hands, and your memory simply retains the recipes, why not try this profession? Once again, studying abroad is usually a “must” in these professions if you want to gain worldwide recognition, so keep that in mind. But who said that a good local baker can’t be successful?! Also, your family members are going to love you even more because holiday baking is going to be much more fun!


I love clothes when they fit me. Nowadays, more and more big chains come out with crazy outfits that are simply impossible to wear. What’s even more sad is that there are constant fashion weeks for big brands, which are even more ridiculous. Where did the old fashion weeks go where they actually showed pieces that we, as normal humans, could wear? Sorry, but I refuse to wear a plastic pool as an outfit. I think this generation truly needs someone new among those big brands who can actually create things that are realistic and could be worn. Other than making your own brand, you can work in different positions related to design, such as costume designer! Yes, you can be part of important TV series or movies and work with big and small stars. If you consider a needle your other limb, why not give this job a try?


Another doctor degree, which we can’t miss because these people simply do amazing jobs for animals and, mostly, our pets. It is very, very hard. You simply cannot do the job only because you love animals, because there are other factors to this job. Yes, it is helping out animals to the other side, if needed. I know that some veterinarians offer this service while others don’t, but basically each one is trained in it, so think of this aspect as well before sending your application to vet school. Meanwhile, check out this South Korean fantasy series, where our female lead is a quirky veterinarian!


First of all, there are many types of engineers, and once again, this is a very tough job that I could never do. My dad is an engineer, and my jaw simply drops whenever he comes up with awesome ideas. I know some of you expected a Thai series because Thailand is very popular with this degree—it’s either engineering or doctoral studies. But, in the end, I have decided on a South Korean series because the profession is not that popular there, so this title is on the list. Do check your country's regulations on how to become an engineer, because some European countries have high school degrees for engineers as well.


Modeling is a very diverse job! When someone says the word "model,” oftentimes the first thing that comes to mind is fashion modeling and models walking on runways, but that is not always the case! There are many types of models, and it is important to mention that! Just look at those commercials on TV. Do you think all those models walk the runway? Majority don’t. I once acted as a model, and I do consider myself ugly. There is hand modeling, there is make-up modeling, there is hair modeling, and many more. Since there are many types of modeling, why not give it a go?


Once again, a very diverse job because there are many types of mechanics! It ain’t only about the cars, but I admit, usually when we hear the word "mechanic,” we automatically think of cars. If you are a person who enjoys manual labor and likes to be covered in oil and dirt, giving off the perfect “badass” look, why not give this occupation a try? Nowadays, with so many people working in IT, we have less and less people choosing this occupation.


Hairdressers, or hairstylists, are the artists of the beauty industry! Yes, we do have amazing make-up artists, but what would they do if the model’s hair looked like a nest? Just like a model wouldn’t be 100 % ready if they only had their make-up done. As someone who has gone through many hairstyles in their lifetime, I really admire this profession because not everyone can do it. I was surprised that this profession isn’t really popular in dramaland, so check out this rare gem if you like this profession!


I wanted to take a more classical approach to this profession, so I have chosen this TV series as a recommendation. I truly admire painters, and it can once again vary. There are a lot of different painters with different styles. Have you heard of body painters? Well, now you have. It’s an artistic profession that takes a lot of time to master, but do not give up! I always say with artistic professions that you simply have to try, try, and try again. Create that portfolio and send it all over. Do not humble yourself with domestic galleries, but send your portfolio outside of the country as well, because among the billions of people on Earth, at least one person will notice your talent. 


If nurses, radiology technicians, and doctors have it hard, pharmacists also have it hard! I truly admire pharmacists, and you should too, because obtaining their degree is truly very hard! They have to study biology, advanced chemistry, and pharmacology and be very precise. Some medications need to be mixed and made on the spot, and they are the ones doing it. They are the ones that help you out with picking medicine if your throat hurts. Many times, people do not go to the doctor and instead ask a pharmacist what could elevate their symptoms with medication that is given without a prescription.


As someone who has flown a lot, I cannot help but admire the whole cabin crew, because each one is giving 100 % on each flight, and I simply bow to them. They often have to deal with many unexpected things and are trained in so many aspects! They are basically makeshift firefighters, doctors, nurses, chefs, and sometimes even parents. If you like flying, exploring new countries, and learning something new, why not give this a go? Of course, each airline has a different entry process, so check them out.


Very diverse job with many specialists. First and foremost, just like doctors portrayed on screen, police officers are not always portrayed realistically, and you will know that once you get into the police force. It is hard, and you have to constantly study. Law is not only for lawyers but for officers as well, so keep that in mind if you want to apply. Each thing you do must comply with the actual law of the country of your practice. It is not only mentally exhausting but also physically. You will constantly deal with close-to-death situations, so you have to be ready to give up your life in order to save innocent citizens. I have chosen this South Korean TV series because it shows the lives of soon-to-be officers, meaning people who just entered the police academy. Oftentimes, TV series focus on already-experienced officers, but we cannot put aside the effort and training of students at the police academy.


We have all experienced it—the endless waiting for our package. If your country has extensive Amazon service, you can be giddy because you can receive the parcel the very same day of your order, but Amazon isn’t that well known in other parts of the world, so when I order my package from the same country where I reside, I usually get it in 2 days, never the same day or next day. There are many reasons behind it, but the most common is that there are not a lot of couriers, postmen, or postwomen! You don’t need a lot of qualifications for this job, usually only a driver's license, so if you want to get your hands on your packages faster, maybe try this profession! I would personally love to get my hands on my packages as soon as possible.


Recently, I feel that there has been a lot of shade on this profession, and I do not get it. Working in customer service is truly very difficult because you meet a lot of diverse people who oftentimes act worse than wild animals. Handling that is admirable! Each shop is also different, and sometimes the assistants have many perks working there. I remember that in one bubble tea shop, the assistants could drink however many bubble teas they wanted on their shifts, and I think that’s completely awesome.



We have finally reached my favorite part of the article—the unconventional jobs! Keep in mind that these jobs are all very real, so if you fancy any of them, go for them, but with the majority, don’t let anyone know about them. First, we have mafia members. I mean, it is self-explanatory. There are different kinds of mafia all around the world, so just pick the one that you like the most, I guess? If they catch you, it’s on you, though; I am only showing you all the work options!


Being a con artist is also a good choice if you don’t like mafia-style life! Many con artists work solo, so it is entirely up to you what you are going to choose. If you feel like lying to people and obtaining things through your lies is your dream job, then go for it! But once again, it is all on you if you ever get caught.


You may be asking, "What even is this profession?" Well, it is a courier, not only for illegal things, like people and addictive substances, but also for important federal documents. This job truly does exist, and sometimes the individuals make it on TV as well! I cannot say it is a strictly illegal job because sometimes they do work for the government.


Do not dare to laugh, because this profession truly exists, okay? It is most commonly present in Christianism, so your first step would be to become a priest, but don’t quote me on this. If you like the dark and mysterious, plus you somewhat fancy ghosts and demons, why not give this a try? If you do and it fails, please do not haunt me.


Are you still here? Indeed, we have finally reached the end of this article, and I know—it was endless! The reason for this length is simple: I wanted to try and represent each profession and give it the spotlight it deserves. I know that I still missed some professions, but I truly tried my best. In this article, we have covered an overall total of 58 professions, which is an insane number! You may be annoyed that I didn’t include closer information about the professions, like what education you need or what the approximate salary is for the said positions, but it really depends on where you reside. In the country where I reside, nurses get paid about 12 thousand euros annually, but in America it is about 60 to 100 thousand dollars. The same goes with education; in some countries, you can study a major in high school, and once you walk out, you can be, for example, an engineer or accountant, while in other countries you need a university degree. I advise all current students to really, really think through their applications. Think about the future, but also if the said profession is profitable.

If you walked into this article looking for TV series recommendations for specific professions, I hope you found something new and enjoyed it! 

Edited by: devitto (1st editor)

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