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Lighter & Princess star Arthur Chen lands in hot water after a private affair exposé

Arthur Chen, also known as Chen Fei Yu, the son of prominent Chinese film director Chen Kai Ge and actress Chen Hong has landed on hot water on Monday, February 13th when a “photo spread” of private photographs were leaked by an entertainment blogger on his Weibo account.

The intimate snapshots provide a glimpse of the actor’s “off-the-record” life in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province. Arthur is seen sleeping in an upscale hotel bed with an internet starlet, with whom he entered in a “relationship”, whatever the kind, back in 2021.

It ought to be noted that, one, the Arthur Chen’s popularity is at its highest, thanks to the domestic and international success of his latest drama, Lighter & Princess, which gathered ratings of 7.5/10 on Douban and 8.8/10 on Mydramalist; two, he appears to be sleeping; three the said celebrity is awake and four, she is apparently presently married.

The allegations of cheating and Arthur Chen being involved with a married woman, were refuted by his studio in a statement, pointing out that at the time, both adults were single and the photos pertained to a private affair.

Suddenly, the lighter was destroyed again. The attention Arthur Chen has received in recent months and his increased commercial value in China extinguished themselves before his eyes thanks to the expose, and doubts were cast about the future of his upcoming projects, awaiting to be broadcast i.e. Immortality.

Fans curiosity about an artist is bound to increase, especially after the broadcast of a very successful project but artists are human beings as well. While it is understandable that they are public figures with an image to uphold, they are human beings too and there is a difference as it can be seen below.: the man vs the actor.

What is the point in destroying an artist’s hard-worked reputation? What is there to gain? Money, fame? That all goes away once the next scandal hits the fan.

Lighter & Princess was very popular. Should those who have watched it change their scoring to 1 just because Arthur Chen slept with a woman at a hotel? Should those that are planning to watch it, not watch it at all because of it?

A piece of work is a reflection of its creator but should it be judged solely by its own independent value or judged along with the creator’s value as a private human being?

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