de Hazel Jung, Setembro 15, 2023

The Genie TV original drama EVILLIVE, premiered on October 14th (written by Lee Seung Hoon / directed by Kim Jung Min and Kim Sung Min), is a crime noir drama that tells the story of a survival-type lawyer who encounters an absolute villain and transforms into an elite villain. The synergy between the universally acknowledged top actor Shin Ha Kyun and the actor Kim Young Kwang, who is in a continuous state of transformation, is expected to elevate this drama into a highly anticipated work.

In EVILLIVE, Kim Young Kwang takes on the role of Seo Do Young, the second-in-command of a criminal organization. In the drama, Seo Do Young possesses an unpredictable personality that goes on a rampage once the fuse is lit. He used to be a professional baseball player in the past but entered the criminal world and is currently incarcerated. The story of "Evil Live" begins when he makes an irresistible offer to Han Dong Soo (played by Shin Ha Kyun).

In the photos, Kim Young Kwang flawlessly embodies the character of the villain Seo Do Young. His gaze as he approaches like a wild beast inside the prison visitation room and his overwhelming presence capture attention. Furthermore, his calm demeanor as the organization's second-in-command and his inscrutable expression make viewers even more curious about Kim Young Kwang's portrayal of the villainous Seo Do Young.

Kim Young Kwang, who has been expanding his acting spectrum in various works recently, has chosen the crime noir genre of EVILLIVE, teasing a new side of himself. Even just by looking at the still cut, his perfect immersion in the role of Seo Do Young, emitting an insane presence, sparks anticipation for yet another remarkable performance.

The EVILLIVE  production team commented, "Seo Do Young, portrayed by Kim Young Kwang, is a character with unpredictable cruelty. Kim Young Kwang's acting as Seo Do Young was so powerful that it overwhelmed the set day after day." They added, "Kim Young Kwang's dedication to immersing himself in the character is expected to shine from his first appearance. He will become a character with an impactful presence that can instantly change the atmosphere of the drama. Please look forward to Kim Young Kwang in EVILLIVE."

The Genie TV original drama EVILLIVE, which teases Kim Young Kwang's transformation into an absolute villain, premiered on October 14th on Genie TV, Genie TV mobile, and ENA, airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM KST.