de lo_ve, Abril 20, 2023

Kim Myung Min and Choi Ji Woo are both in talks to lead the upcoming OTT K-drama titled Double Spy.

Media outlet Star News shared on April 20 that Kim Myung Min and Choi Ji Woo are the main leads of the upcoming K-drama Double Spy

Double Spy will be penned by writer Choi Jeong Mi who's known for the films Shoot My Heart and The Map Against the World. It will reportedly be produced by Realize Pictures and the series will be released through an OTT platform. 

The upcoming K-drama is an action comedy that will reveal the story of a former NIS agent turned chef and his previous partner NIS agent. The two will work together again so that they can separate their children from each other. 

Kim Myung Min got the offer to portray the character named Bong Tae Il. He is a harsh critic but in front of his daughter, he is warm. He is a famous chef who is also a former NIS agent. 

Choi Ji Woo got the offer to play the role of Cha Kang Hee. She is a strong character who does not filter her words and actions. She is the head of the NIS drug team that has all the good qualities, from visuals, fashion sense, and skills.

There is no official confirmation yet on the release date of Double Spy

If Kim Myung Min decided to join the upcoming K-drama, this will be his grand comeback after two years. The actor was last seen in the hit JTBC K-drama Law School. He worked alongside Kim Bum, Ryu Hye Young, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Soo Kyung, and David Lee

Kim Myung Min is known for being part of the K-dramas Miracle That We Met, Six Flying Dragons, The King of Dramas, Beethoven Virus, Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Shin, and more. 

Meanwhile, this will also possibly be the official comeback of Choi Ji Woo in the K-drama scene. The top actress last starred in the 2017 series The Most Beautiful Goodbye. In 2019, she made a special appearance in the globally hit K-drama Crash Landing on You. Last year, she also made a cameo appearance in Sh**ting Stars as Kim Young Dae's celebrity mom. 


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