de Hazel Jung, Setembro 12, 2023

In the Tving original series Cold Blooded Intern, Kim Hye Hwa took on the role of the legendary working mom, Geum So Jin, portraying the realities of work and parenting dilemmas. She also effectively depicted career interruptions whenever women take childcare leave.

Notably, as Geum So Jin navigated the challenges of her job, she regained her lost self-confidence when she decided to withdraw her leave request, and her cheerful "womance" chemistry with Go Hae Ra (played by Ra Mi Ran) added another layer of fun and relatability to the series. The playful banter and chemistry between Kim Hye Hwa and Ra Mi Ran in Cold Blooded Intern contributed to the show's richness.

Kim Hye Hwa's portrayal of a legendary working mom in Cold Blooded Intern has garnered anticipation for what she will bring to the remaining series of episodes.

Kim Hye Hwa has maintained a distinct presence in the entertainment industry for 16 years since her debut in 2005, excelling in various fields such as theater, musicals, and film. Recently, she has received acclaim for her delicate yet impactful acting in works like Mine, Payback: Money and Power, Race, and many others.

The Tving original series Cold Blooded Intern will unveil its final episode on the 15th at 4 PM KST.