de Hazel Jung, Junho 23, 2023

I Kill You, tells the story of a once-promising taekwondo athlete who has become a low-income worker and gets involved in a drunk hit-and-run incident. He is mistaken for the granddaughter of Beom Han Construction, who resembles her in appearance and ends up representing her in the media. The drama explores the events that unfold in this situation. Kang Ji Young and Lee Gi Kwang will star in the drama, with director Yoo Ha, known for works like Once Upon a Time in High School, A Bittersweet Life, A Dirty Carnival, A Frozen Flower, and Gangnam 1970, taking the helm.

Kang Ji Young and Lee Gi Kwang's casting as the leads in I Kill You promises a unique transformation. Kang Ji Young will showcase her charm by playing two roles: Seon Woo, the low-income worker, and Ji Yeon, the granddaughter of a conglomerate. Kang Ji Young, who was once a promising taekwondo athlete, will fully transform into the protagonist Seon Woo and face a life-altering event in I Kill You. Through this drama, she is expected to display her potential as the next generation of action actors chosen by director Yoo Ha.

Additionally, Lee Gi Kwang, a member of Highlight, stands out with his casting, displaying his abundant talent and passion for acting. He will portray Ho Joong, who aims to become the heir to a conglomerate as Ji Yeon's stepbrother, while harboring feelings of inferiority towards her. In I Kill You, Lee Gi Kwang reveals a side of himself never seen before, portraying a wealthy young man with an outwardly exemplary image but an inner wildness. Anticipation is high for his remarkable transformation and intense acting performance.

Helmed by Yoo Ha, a master of the action genre, featuring Kang Ji Young's casting that heralds the birth of a new action star and showcasing Lee Gi Kwang's striking transformation and acting skills, I Kill You began its rapid production on the 12th, signaling a strong start.

As filming commenced, Kang Ji Young stated, "Action scenes are not easy, but I'm enjoying the atmosphere on set and working hard with enthusiasm. I hope for much anticipation and interest in my transformation into an action actor." Lee Gi Kwang also expressed his positive feelings about the first shoot of I Kill You, saying, "This is my first project where I use my body a lot, and since it's a work where I appear as a villain, I'm focusing on studying the script and practicing martial arts during filming. I ask for a lot of expectations and interest.