de Lily Alice, Dezembro 18, 2023

Actor Jo Jung Suk's first stills from tvN's upcoming weekend drama Captivating the King, which marks his return to the small screen after three years, were unveiled. 

Captivating the King tells the story of King Lee In, embroiled in the peril of royal and political conflicts, and Kang Hee Soo, a spy who tries to deceive the king to get revenge, but, finds herself drawn to him.  

Hospital Playlist actor Jo Jung Suk takes on the role of Lee In, a prince destined for the throne. 

Lee In suffers from emotional pain when his loyalty to his beloved elder brother, Lee Sun (Choi Dae Hoon), is perceived as a betrayal. From then on, he begins to live a lonely life. 

Lee In then meets and befriends Kang Mo (Shin Sae Kyeong), a baduk player, and becomes entangled in a cruel twist of fate.

The stills give a glimpse into the life of Prince Lee In. His faint smile and gentle eyes radiate youthful charm, while his confident demeanor exudes royalty.

Lying on the rocks by the stream bathed in sunlight, he seems at peace, like he has forgotten worldly worries for a moment.

In another still, Jo Jung Suk showcases the inner turmoil of the prince. Particularly eye-catching is his intense gaze while standing in a heavy downpour dressed in mourning attire.

The production team of Captivating the King remarked, "Jo Jung Suk has acted in various genres. With his solid acting skills, he has brought to life a new [kind of] character in each work." They added, "As he returns to the small screen after three years, viewers will be enthralled by Jo Jung Suk's captivating performance and charm."

Captivating the King will premiere on January 21, 2024.