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Back in January of this year, EXO's Chen became the first EXO member to confirm he was to be married and to get married. He penned a hand written note to fans exclaiming how much he loved his partner and wished to marry her, and that a blessing had come to them.

I have a girlfriend with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.

Although I had worries and concerns about what kind of things would happen as a result of this decision, because I wanted to deliver the sudden news as early as possible so that our members and company whom I’ve been together with, and especially our fans who are proud of me, wouldn’t be so shocked, I’ve been communicating with the company and members.

In the middle of doing so, a blessing came to me. Since the situation changed, becoming one where I could no longer do what I’d been planning to do with the company and members, I was very flustered, but found strength through this blessing.*

*You can see the full letter in the marriage article

Fans have been speculating for the past few months just what this blessing could be - and now, it has been confirmed!

SM Entertainment - Jong Dae's company - has confirmed on the 29th of April that Jong Dae and his wife are now the proud parents of a new born daughter!

Financial News in Cheongdam in the Gangnam District first reported that the two had welcomed a child for SM Entertainment source to state

It is true that their daughter was born today.

Jong Dae and SM have not shared the name that the couple have decided for their daughter, neither have any photos been released. Fans are asked to respect the couple's privacy.

Jong Dae has released two solo albums alongside his work with EXO and has done the soundtracks for many Korean dramas, such as Chief of Staff, 100 Days My Prince and paired with fellow member Suho to produce a song for the Chinese film, Beautiful Accident. His only acting credit remains EXO Next Door, as a cameo role. You can catch up with Jong Dae in reality show, Sim For You: Chen.


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