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Hi, guys! It is I, once again. (^∇^) Now, when I first heard about this lakorn, I was so excited because I shipped this pair since the "Once Upon A Time In My Heart" era.
Yes, I'm one of those people who end up shipping the 'bad' guy with the FL lead. 
Needless to say, I jumped on the idea of writing a CW article for this lakorn — and I hope that it will help you all out too in case you are wondering if you should watch it or not.

      ✦ I have watched 4 episodes so far. 
    ✧ This article will contain spoilers. 

   ✦ The article best works in light mode.
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1hr 35min
Hate to Love,
Step-siblings love.
[Being subbed by MUSE & Neko]

   This is the story of God bringing two unlikely people from different parts of the world together. Plapol (Boom), a half Korean-half Thai man who grew up in Korea his whole life but chose to escape to Thailand after his father (Bie) gets married to a woman (Jieb) whom he considers a gold-digger.  His father remarrying the woman makes him grow a dislike to every woman who seems to be loose.
    With hatred for his step-mother, Plapol decided to go to Thailand to find his mother (Ann). While in Thailand, Plapol goes to a bar and meets a young woman named Pantawan (Pim), a sexy singer who's popular among the men there. He views her in the same light as the other women he has come across in his life. 
    However, Pantawan is not that type of woman and doesn't take insult from anyone, especially from a misogynistic man like him. The two always get in a fight, but eventually, they came to an understanding and fall in love. But after love blossomed, all is not rosy for Plapol and Pantawan because of one truth that gets revealed: Pantawan's mother is Plapol's new step-mother.

The lakorn is adapted from a novel of the same name. (1)

The author of the novel "Tepita" began writing romance novels when he was schooling. (2

His first novel to be adapted into a lakorn was when he was in his 3rd year of University. (2)
The novel that the drama is adapted from has a HE.(3)

Prom Pisawas (พรหมพิศวาส) by Tepita.
   played by
     played by
played by
       played by
Started from Plapol and now I'm Arnon.

┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌

I hate women. All they want is money. Pantawan is beautiful, though. I hate Pantawan.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. I want you in my room!

I just want to earn money and sing


I'm the type of person who only enters one store to buy everything they want. The same applies to my love life.
One household is all I need. 

               played by
              played by
              played by
             played by
Good guys, 
good guys 
never win.
My gambling habits ruined my marriage, but we won't talk about that today. Or ever.
Why is it so hard for a father to just hold his son and tell him,
"Son, I love you."
I ditched my daughter. 
I had reasons, okay!

                played by
               played by
              played by
               played by
My name is very cute, and so am I. 
Notice me, senpai!
This world would be a better place if I would just sew my mouth with a thread and needle, but who needs world peace anyway, right?
When is someone going to write a love story between a good girl and a bad loan shark? When?


My best friend stole my husband, then came and dropped their daughter on my head — so excuse me if I'm not nice, okay.

⎡A big thank you to Neko for allowing me to use her translated character chart in this article.⎦

"Prize From Heaven" 
by Pim Pimprapa

I will remember how fast my heart is beating right now when I know I've made you proud. (1)
"The Person Who 
is Loved" 
by Pim Pimprapa

Just wanted to become someone who is loved. Just wanted to become a person who is understood. Please bring love to me. (2)

   by Pim Pimprapa

Someone like me who was thrown away ended up having you accept me,
pay attention to my heart,  and take care of me. 
From a worthless thing, I became the only person in your heart. 
From now on, 
I will live to love you(3)
⎡A complete list of all the soundtracks can be found on Neko's page.⎦

⎡The show literally begins with a bang. lmao⎦
So risqué (¬‿¬)

⎡That OST! That OST is something. Especially the one above oof!⎦

⎡Pim is very attractive when she's performing!
It's also impressive that she really is playing the guitar and singing.
Plapol started developing good feelings for Pantawan from the very moment he saw her.
I dig it!  ¬‿¬

The beautiful presence of grey characters. 

I enjoy it a lot. For instance, Pantawan's adopted mother, her birth mother, and Plapol's dad — all three characters are grey. 

All three aren't essentially bad people, but they haven't always made the right decisions or behaved the proper way. 

Plapol's father's inability to tell his son that he loves him, that all he is doing is for his son's sake is what makes him relatable. 

Pantawan's real mum messed around with her friend's husband and then had a kid with him — then dropped the kid off at that same friend's place. But you can see that essentially she isn't a bad person at heart.

Finally, Pantawan's adopted mum is addicted to gambling and depends on Pantawan financially without a single shame in the world. She also hits Pantawan and doesn't speak nicely to her most of the time — however, she still took Pantawan in as a child. She still raised her up, educated her, and even cares about her in her own twisted way.   

They are very human, 
and I appreciate that. 

⎡Can you feel it? Is n't the chemistry oozing out of the screen?
Please excuse me while I go and thank the fates again for getting these two in a drama as a pair.

I also really appreciate the cinematography and post-prod editing.

Like, everything looks very aesthetically pleasing. The background music doesn't overpower their dialogues, and I don't hear weirdly placed music in wrong scenarios.  The scenes are shot well, looks like the project had a decent budget.  

All the good old Thai music.

Because the show revolves around the entertainment industry, specifically the music side — we see a lot of good old Thai songs being sung by the characters or used within this drama. 

I don't know about you all, but I think it's a great way to get some Thai pop education.

⎡This is a slap-kiss lakorn

I'm sure you can tell why both their lips are stained ehem.

There is a lot of manhandling.

A domineering, possessive male lead.

And the book even had a rape, I think.
Hopefully, the drama won't keep that as well but everyone who can not stomach this stuff, you've been cautioned.

⎡The possibility that this might happen...
someone... please say sike?⎦

⎡Lovers of "The shameless lakorn ladies" club, I bring you another lakorn with such high-grade ladies!⎦Bonus, they are quite physically fit too!

⎡Careful, you might get Second Lead Syndrome (SLS).⎦

⎡Or Third Lead Syndrome too⎦
( ° ͜ʖ °)

Did I mention this is a slap-kiss? 

Meaning it's going to be a level 7+ spice level. The drama might cause some unexplainable frustration, possible loss of hair by pulling on it in anger, and damage to personal belonging such as your TV screen. 

Please keep all priced possessions out of reach — especially your stuffed animals. 

Oh, and if this follows the novel then:
Dad will die. RIP, dad. 

Why do slap-kiss romances sell out so much? 
— Because if you're cut out for it, it becomes addictive. 

Why would you want to waste your time watching a perfectly harmonious couple doing everything right throughout 15 happy, saintly episodes, when you can watch the female lead cry 40% of the time, get slapped and bullied by other women 10% of the time, and get manhandled by the male lead the other 30%? 

If you're wondering where the other 20% went —well those are the happy scenes of course! 

Although I don't think I can watch level 10 slap-kiss like "Sawan Biang" without getting in an awkward state of mind for days — I still am able to enjoy everything less frustrating or criminal.

I am only on episode four right now, but I'm enjoying it a lot. I won't lie and say that it's really chill and won't make you angry — especially knowing everything that might happen in the future  

— but hey aside from all that it's really entertaining and the main couple has excellent chemistry. 

Besides, he really does love her and cares about her. Despite his... rough behaviour, aggression, and inability to communicate (hmm I wonder where he got that from, dad), he does love her a lot. That much is really obvious. 

In conclusion, Boom boom boom boom, 
I want you in my room, let's spend the night together, for now, and forever! 

All that aside, here are my current ratings for this drama:

⌜Overall : 8
   Story     : 7
  Acting   : 9
     Music    : 9⌟

I do not rewatch dramas, 
so I did not include that.

I had fun writing this article, so I hope you found something interesting within it.
("• ֊ •")

Current viewers, what are your thoughts about the show? 

Everyone else, 
will you be watching this?

Thank you for reading!
See you next time,
— Soju


Source: Synopsis [Ninjakkn], Images [Google & Sharerice], GIFS [yours truly], Subbed MVs & lyrics [Neko & Duendutjai].

Edited by: Yuanwei (1st editor), BrightestStar (2nd editor)

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