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Ran out of Korean dramas to watch or just want to try something new? Then welcome (or welcome back) to the world of Chinese dramas. While Korean dramas are the more popular of the two, I have found that Chinese dramas have just as much to offer. As a die-hard drama fan, my search for new and exciting dramas has led me to the holy land aka YouTube which has more Chinese dramas than I can watch. Here is part 1 of a list of Chinese dramas and drama channels with English subtitles you can check out on YouTube.

Since there are over 100 Chinese dramas available, I will only include the ones I've personally watched and some fan favorites, but you can check out each channel for all of their available dramas. 

NOTE: The best way to find and watch dramas with English subs is to go to the channels page and click the “Playlist” tab. All videos that are titled “ENG SUB” or have the title's name in English mean that English subs are available.

Tencent or WeTV English

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The Sword and The Brocade (45 episodes)

Synopsis: To save her family, a young woman is forced to marry her dying sister’s husband. As someone who seeks freedom, this is something she opposes, so she and her mother decide to run away. But before they can, her mother is killed. Deciding to stay and discover the truth of her mother’s murder, she agrees to marry and secretly investigates on her own. During her search for answers, she begins to develop real feelings for her husband.

Seven Tan does such an amazing job at portraying the female lead, who is very strong. 

A Girl Like Me (40 episodes)

Synopsis: Ban Hua is a princess with a bad temper and an even worse reputation. After having all three of her fiancés cancel their engagements, she meets a scholar by the name of Rong Xia. During Rong Xia's investigation into the person who planned his family's downfall, he gets closer to Ban Hua and her family. The two work together to uncover the truth.

The storyline is very fresh and unique, plus the chemistry between the two leads is so cute and funny.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose (24 episodes)

Synopsis: A stressed screenplay writer finds herself waking up in the script she has written. Now living as one of the side characters, she must avoid her death. She uses her knowledge of the plot to ensure that the story continues as that is the only way she can return home.

A true romantic comedy. It has very sweet moments and genuinely funny moments that will definitely make you laugh. Plus, the chemistry between the leads is AMAZING.


The Love Equations (27 episodes)

Synopsis: Zhou Xiao is a Chinese literature major with a love for detective novels. On her first day of college, she gets off on the wrong foot with Zhao Fan Zhou, a model student majoring in criminal justice. After a few more interactions, Zhao Fan Zhou finds himself falling for her quirky charms. 

While the story is quite predictable, I find this drama to be extremely cute and a great way to pass time.

Hello Mr. Gu (30 episodes)

Synopsis: To satisfy his father’s dying wish, a cold company president goes into a contract marriage with the daughter of his father’s friend. Being a Manhua artist in need of money, she agrees. The pretend couple must now balance their fake love lives and careers without anyone finding out the truth.

This is a great enemy to lover drama with super cute scenes and multiple kiss scenes. 

My Little Happiness (28 episodes)

Synopsis: Cong Rong secretly moves back to China against her mother’s wishes and starts working at a hospital as an intern lawyer. There she meets her childhood friend, Shao Qing, who has now become a top surgeon. Although she does not recognize him as her childhood friend, he remembers her as he has held a crush on her since they were little. Now working and reunited, Shao Qing decides to pursue his first love.

First of all, the lead actors from Put Your Head On My Shoulder also star as the leads in this drama so this is a nice treat for fans. No surprise, but the chemistry is strong between these two.

Mr. Honesty (31 episodes)

Synopsis: A woman who is prone to lying ends up working for a CEO who never tells lies and hates when other people tell lies. Their first few meetings end up with her losing her boyfriend, job, and failing a job interview. Under a turn of events, she is hired as his assistant, despite his refusal, and must now tell lies to keep her job. 

A well-done enemies-to-lovers theme with a lovable female and male lead. Also, there are some very steamy scenes that will make you scream.

Love Scenery (31 episodes)

Synopsis: Zhu Liang Chen is a famous singer who decided to endorse a video game. She ends up enlisting the help of a pro gamer and talented computer major named Lu Jing. Lu Jing is a huge fan of the singer but does not realize he is playing with her. The two start to fall in love through their online interactions.

If you are a fan of older woman/younger man relationships, then this drama is for you.

Dating in the Kitchen (24 episodes)

Synopsis: Despite her ability to create great food, Gu Shengnan only holds the position of chef’s assistant at a luxury hotel. Being talked into getting revenge on her best friend’s behalf, Gu Shengnan mistakenly ruins the hotel's CEO's car and is told she must pay. Unable to pay, they make an agreement for her to be his personal chef and she cooks meals to pay off her debt. 

Another age gap drama with steamy chemistry between the leads, plus the food scene looks absolutely delicious.



Hold on My Lady (4 episodes - 12 broken into 15-minute episodes)

Synopsis: After failing to rob a general, a female bandit is caught and forced into a contract marriage with an emotionally reserved general. Eventually, the pair falls in love despite their differences in upbringing and standings. 

Perfect weekend drama as it is super short. What it lacks in length is made up for in the story.

The Wolf Princess (24 episodes)

Synopsis: A princess with split personalities and a playful prince fall in love while discovering the truth behind the princess’s split personalities and the death of the prince’s father. 

It is a typical love story between two people from different worlds who meet and fall in love while searching for hidden secrets.

Love Weaves Through a Millennium (24 episodes)

Synopsis: Remake/adaptation of the Korean drama Queen In Hyun's Man.

Love & the Emperor (24 episodes)

Synopsis: After being sent into a video game, a female game employee ends up falling for the emperor that resides in the game.

Love Of Thousand Years (30 episodes)

Synopsis: For over 1,000 years and through multiple reincarnations, an immortal deity falls for a human woman. In one of her lives, she comes back as a princess but she and her family fall into an evil prince’s plan which results in her entire family being killed. With the help of the deity, she sets out for revenge. 

A unique twist on the time-traveling romance genre.


Begin Again (35 episodes)

Synopsis: A “bossy” female CEO tricks a surgeon into a contract marriage for her own personal benefits but eventually love grows between the two as the CEO starts to open up her heart.

A great role reversal drama as it shows the female lead being powerful and confident whereas the male lead is the submissive, passive one.

Perfect Casual (24 episodes)

Synopsis: After being scammed and left with nowhere to live by someone she trusted, a university student finds herself in a contract marriage with the cold professor who failed her. 

It has a very similar feel to the Korean drama Because This Is My First Life. While the chemistry didn't blow me away, there were some cute moments.

Please Love Me (24 episodes)

Synopsis: A female manicurist is thrown into a contract marriage after helping an idol and his manager avoid a dating scandal. 

This is another typical contract marriage drama but it has a well-written plot and is extremely entertaining.

Meeting You (28 episodes)

Synopsis: The genius male lead and an outgoing yet troublesome female lead were once childhood friends who meet again in middle school. During the time that they parted, the male lead has become antisocial to the point of being unable to interact with anyone. After reuniting, the female lead pledges to protect the male lead and helps him open up. 

A fluffy school romance.

Gank Your Heart (35 episodes)

Synopsis: A live streamer who is excited to work with a fan-popular e-sport gamer learns that his reputation is not the same behind the scenes. They end up working together to rebuild his reputation and reach his goal of winning the championship.

 Wang Yibo is starring as the male lead so what other reasons do you need to start watching?

Fresh Drama

Fresh Drama Channel


Twisted Fate of Love (43 episodes)

Synopsis: Dong Yue is a general sent back in time to stop a war from happening. Her mission is to kill the person responsible for the war. During her time in the past, she meets a prince and minister and ensues in a love triangle with the two friends while also trying to save the future.

Light romance drama. The male lead is slightly more interesting than the female lead but the acting by both is still pretty good.

Love Better Than Immortality (40 episodes)

Synopsis: Chun Hua is a girl from the distant future. During this time, humans have made advancements allowing humans to become immortal if they choose. Declining the offer of immunity, Chun Hua decides to trade it for love. Chun Hua is then sent back in time and told that the first man she meets is her true love. After meeting the first man, she instantly falls for him, despite his cold attitude to her. Later, she ends up meeting a second man who is much more charming but hides a secret. She now struggles between the two as a scheme risks her losing her shot at love.

The chemistry between the female lead and the second male lead is much stronger than with the main male lead. I found their interactions much more exciting.


My Neighbor Can’t Sleep (24 episodes)

Synopsis: Xi Song, a popular pianist suffering from insomnia, and Song Miduo, an amateur romance book writer mistakenly sleep together in the same bed after Song Miduo falls asleep in Xi Song's bed. Having his first night’s sleep in months, Xi Song proposes that Song Miduo sleeps in his bed a few nights to pay off her debt after breaking expensive glassware in his house. Song Miduo agrees and even uses the opportunity to use Xi Song as a muse in her writing. 

A quick-paced and fluffy love story.

Love In Time (24 episodes)

Synopsis: An unknown writer agrees to go into a contract marriage with a high-ranking officer of an investment company to solve her personal crisis. They happened to be desk mates in school. During their fake marriage, the two begin to slowly understand each other and gradually fall in love. (Source: DramaWiki)

The Centimeter Of Love (46 episodes)

Synopsis: A pilot and doctor bond over their similar upbringings and unrealistic family pressure. Both come to terms that they are workaholics due to the pressure from their families. Now relying on each other as emotional support, they work to find love and happiness despite their families being against their relationship.

Always Have Always Will (24 episodes)

Synopsis: Small town girl Fang Li and the stone-faced straight-A student Luo Yan relive their forgotten days from high school after reuniting in college. The two "enemies" experience the best times of youth together, recovering the beauty that was once lost and finding the path to their own dreams. (Source:

While this list is focused on romance dramas, many of these channels also offer great non-romance dramas. Stay tuned for part 2!

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