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In any entertainment industry, its everyone dream that the actors they seen together as a couple on screen would be a couple off-screen. Today, I'm gonna be sharing China's celebrity couples that costarred together as lovers in dramas/movies that blossomed into a real romance and got married. This article will also cover the couples love story and their family life now. 


  • Only couple that actually are married and are still together today
  • I'm just sharing the ones that are most prominent in the Chinese entertainment industry currently. Of course there are more that are also popular that aren't on my list but I did include one in the Honorable Mention towards the end because I really wanted to add them but this article would have been be too long if I type in the whole story haha


Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin dated each other briefly in 2013 when they filmed Agent X but unfortunately broke up. But fate brought them together again as they were once again collaborating on another drama, Princess Weiyoung which was a highly popular drama during its run where the two played as lovers. During filming, sparks rekindled between them and they started dating again. The two were always rumored to be an item as they already collaborated in 4 dramas at that time. It was confirmed by the duo themselves that they were indeed in a relationship on December 6th, 2016 on Tiffany's birthday, Luo Jin posted on Weibo a photoshopped picture of him and Tiffany when they were children. With the caption saying, “My shoulders are always for you to lean on! My dear, happy birthday!” In 2017, it marked their 5th collaboration with the drama; The Way We Were. On October 28th, 2018 the pair announced they were officially husband and wife and had a fairytale themed wedding at Vienna, Austria. On September 19th, 2019, after a long time rumor that Tiffany was pregnant, the couple confirmed that indeed she is. Congrats to the couple's upcoming addition to their family!


Sun Li and Deng Chao dating history is not clear, but they were first spotted dating in 2006 after they starred in the drama Sweet Honey. They officially tied the knot in 2010 and had their wedding on June 7th, 2011. They have a son nicknamed Deng Deng Deng and a daughter nicknamed Petals. The couple is well-known for expressing their love in public in goofy and adorable ways on Weibo and loves to post pictures of their kids. In an interview, Sun has stated that Deng was the one who helped her fix her relationship with her estranged father. It's because of his advice that she was able to mend her relationship with her father. In 2015, the couple starred in a movie together, Devil and Angel, directed by Deng himself. The movie was well received for its well acted comedy from both stars. In 2018, the couple collaborated again on the film, Shadow. Shadow received critical acclaim not only in China, but internationally, with critics worldwide praising the story, the acting, cinematography, action sequences, and the visuals. This couple without a doubt is dominating the Chinese cinema world!


Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin were first longtime friends before they transitioned to a romantic relationship. Wallace had once said that he had a crush on Ruby for 10 years. He started to develop feelings for her when they were filming Sounds of Color. But he didn't have the courage to confess to her at that time fearing it may ruin their friendship. Little did he know that Ruby also had feelings for him but for the same reason, hid those feelings to keep their friendship. They collaborated the 2nd time in The Glamorous Imperial Concubine. After years of the two being in the friend zone, they finally confess to each other and began dating in January 2016 and confirmed their relationship to the public on May 20, 2016. Shortly after, they tied the knot and their wedding was held in Bali, Indonesia on July 31, 2016. Then on January 6, 2017 Ruby gave birth to a daughter. During a Chinese talk show, Ruby flat out told the audience through talking directly to the camera, “Marrying Wallace Huo was the happiest thing that has happened to me” aweee. Recently, on December 26, 2019 which was Wallace's birthday, Ruby posted on social media a photo of the two celebrating his birthday together with the caption, ''Happy Birthday my dear......Love you''.



Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu met when they were filming the hit drama, Scarlet Heart. Both of them played each other love interest in the drama. Nicky has stated in an interview that he was attracted to Cecilia during the filming of Scarlet Heart but didn't pursue a relationship as he wasn't sure if the feelings he had for her was actual true love or just the characters they portrayed in the drama had good chemistry. It wasn't until they were filming the sequel to Scarlet Heart; Scarlet Heart 2, that they were sure about their feelings to each other and announce they their relationship in 2013. The couple eventually got married in Bali, Indonesia on March 20, 2016 with lots of their Scarlet Heart costars in attendance. On April 2019, they welcomed a baby boy nicknamed ''Bu Bu'' based on the Chinese title of Scarlet Heart ''Bu Bu Jing Xin''. The couple is often caught being really affectionate towards each other in public and recently was spending quality time together in Shanghai Disneyland with their son.

FUN FACT ! Nicky Wu and his Scarlet Heart male costars Justin Yuan (13th Prince) and Kevin Cheng (8th Prince) all became dads in 2019 with all three of them welcoming baby boys haha


Our newest wedded celebrity couple Zanilia Zhao and William Feng. These two met on the set of the 2018 Chinese movie, The Monkey King 3 and dated soon after it was done filming which was in 2017. The couple continued their relationship during the filming of the Story of Minglan where they play a married couple. On October 16th, 2018 the whole internet was going wild when the couple announced their marriage. Although many speculated that Zanilia was pregnant due to her announcing earlier in 2018 that she's taking a hiatus from filming, she denied all the rumors. But, the rumors turned out to be true as on January 1st, 2019 on New Year, it was confirmed that the couple was expecting their first child. On March 8th it was announced to the world that Zanilia had given birth to a baby boy.  Although the couple is always facing the media speculations that they have marital issues due to their partnership being sudden, the couple never let the media bother them and their relationship is still going strong with them recently taking photoshoots together to promote the Chinese New Year H&M China Collection.


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