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Wallace Huo is personally one of my favourite actors of all time, and I know I'm not the only one! You might have watched him in popular dramas such as Love Me If You Dare, Journey of Flower, Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, etc. He is not only good looking, but he's a brilliant actor, which can be contributed to the many years he's been in the industry. Although last year he just reached 40, he's still handsome and still the heartthrob of many girls including me haha. So, here are 7 interesting facts about Wallace Huo! Hope you guys enjoy! ^_^

1. His eyelashes are 1.7 centimetres

Wallace is known for having naturally long eyelashes. If you've ever watched his dramas, you notice them right because well... They're crazy long lolol. When he attended a press conference for his drama Love Me If You Dare, the MC actually measured his eyelashes. Turns outs his eyelashes were a whopping 1.7 cm in length which is above the average of normal eyelashes. It becomes even more adorable when his wife Ruby Lin said that their daughter has inherited her father's long eyelashes so lucky!

2. He dated actress Joe Chen

(Wallace and Joe in Swordsman)

The two Taiwanese stars started dating after collaborating on the Taiwanese drama, 100% Senorita back in 2004. One time they were even spotted shopping for underwear together at a night market lol. It is unknown when or why they broke up, but in 2013, rumours began to surface that the two were back together as they had another collaboration, this time the drama Swordsman. But both denied it. Nonetheless, both of them are happy now as they both have found love in their lives. Joe Chen has started dating a rich Malaysian businessman Alan Chen, in 2019, after 6 years of being single according to her. And Wallace has a beautiful family with the actress Ruby Lin.

 3. He started to cry after he filmed the goodbye scene between Emperor Qianlong and Ruyi 

Everyone that watched Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace can agree that the one word to describe Wallace's character (Emperor Qianlong) in the drama is ASSHOLE!! Sometimes it was unbearable to watch Wallace, who usually plays the good guy, to play such a selfish and dislikable emperor. 

Wallace was filming the last scene between his and Zhou Xun's characters in the drama where Qianlong wanted to be with Ruyi (Zhou Xun's character) again. Ruyi, however, declined, as too much damage was already done in their relationship and it was unrepairable at that point. The two sorrowfully said goodbye to each other, and never saw each other again. After that scene was done, Wallace actually started to cry, and he couldn't stop. Zhou Xun even got scared. He then commented: "He got more and more invested in the role. At the end, when our characters were about to break up, all I could see was Qianlong." Wallace said that the reason why he cried was that he empathized with Zhou Xun's character, and felt bad for all the things that his character did to her.

4. He is best friends with actor Hu Ge

(Wallace and Hu Ge in Chinese Paladin 3)

Wallace and Hu Ge met on the set of Chinese Paladin 3 and have become best friends ever since. Their bromance is so well-known that they even have a large fanbase that ships them together. Their famous ship name is called "Hu Huo CP". Hu Ge once stated that Wallace is a very dear friend of his and they share the same values and morals, which is rare to encounter in one's life. They even jokingly promise each other that if the two remain single within the next five years, they would just choose each other. Unfortunately for the Hu Huo CP, Wallace married Ruby Lin in 2016, and when asked what he would say to Hu Ge he said; "Hu Ge keeps going" lol. Hu Ge attended their wedding and even gave a funny speech during reception stating that his relationship with Wallace in the past seemed to be meant for covering his and Ruby's relationship and everything he did for him was now worth it lolol. Also in 2016, the two did photoshoots for China's Harper Bazaar magazine together. They both look so handsome in this omg.

5. Out of the many female costars he worked with, Cecilia Liu is the closest to him and the one he admires the most

(Wallace and Cecilia in The Imperial Doctress)

Wallace and Cecilia also met and became friends on the set of Chinese Paladin 3, which shot them both to fame. In the talk show, The Jinxing Show, when he was asked out of all the female costars he worked with as of whom he admired the most, he said it was Cecelia. He said that Cecilia was the best on-screen partner he ever had and one of his very good friends. The reason he admired Cecilia the most was because of her strong determination. He remarked that while both of them were filming The Imperial Doctress, they had to wear thick costumes with several layers in the scorching heat that he almost couldn't take it. Then he glanced at Cecilia and saw how really red her face was and how she was breathing really heavily, but she still endured it strongly. They even both attended each other weddings.

(Wallace with Cecilia and her husband Nicky Wu at their wedding)

6.     His family are all government employees

(Wallace with his mom and his brother on the right)

Wallace has said that he is very close to his family. Both of his parents and his older brother are all government employees which is why when Wallace decided to be an actor, they thought it was weird. At first, they didn't even accept it, but over time, they finally did. His brother is now a policeman who makes frequent appearances on Taiwanese television.

7.     He is an affectionate father

In January 2017, Wallace became a father when Ruby gave birth to a beautiful baby girl nicknamed "Little Dolphin". Before his daughter was born, when asked in The Jinxing Show if he wanted his first child to be a girl or a boy, he responded by saying he really wanted a daughter... Well, he got his wish! Although fans don't get to see what Little Dolphin looks like as the couple keeps her under wraps from the public eye, it is shown that Wallace is a very affectionate father. In early 2019, he and his daughter were spotted in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Singapore to visit Ruby who was filming a movie there. Wearing a face mask, he carried his daughter throughout and frequently tidied her hair lovingly while teasing her into laughter. Then in late 2019, they were also spotted again, this time in Taiwan eating out at a restaurant. After walking a few steps hand-in-hand, Wallace scooped up Little Dolphin into his arms and walked to the parking lot. Wallace kissed Little Dolphin's cheeks and lips multiple times, much to his daughter's annoyance haha so cute.

 I hope you guys enjoy this article! I hope that fans of Wallace get to learn something about him from this article and I hope that this article will inspire people that haven't heard or seen anything of his, to go and watch his dramas. Trust me, you won't be disappointed by his acting!

One more thing, thank you to everyone for your overwhelmingly positive feedback on my China's Celebrity Couples That Were Couples in Dramas/Movies article. It was my first article, so I was a bit nervous about how people will react to it. But after reading so many positive comments about how you guys really enjoyed reading it, it really touched me and gave me the motivation to keep making articles in the future so thank you, everyone!

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