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I am a huge fan of Historical dramas for many many years now. From being scared to watch to being obsessed. I refused to try them because I used to watch dramas with 16 episodes and a 40 plus episode drama was too much for me. But when I finished one I never looked back. This genre is my bias. The Chinese and Korean historical dramas are the top tier of dramaland.

Learning their culture and knowing about the famous figures and events was one of the highlights of watching historical dramas. Their family values and responsibilities, even the political part was really important that we can reflect in our life in the present from stories of the past.

These are the things that I appreciated and came to a realization about in my journey.

But nevertheless it was always a very fun and teary eyed experienced for me.

Historical dramas are never frugal to the costume visualizing the difference of the status in the era. From the dress of the commoners, a noble to the royal family, everything was magnificently prepared.  I'd become familiar on how to distinguish them. Even the hair ornament has an important meaning to their status. The fighting/war costume was outstanding. It's just beautiful, it makes you want to try those stunning wardrobes. 

It is really a struggle especially in the first few episodes. Officials pretty much look the same and they are too many that it is hard to remember their names!

 When they are in uniform, with that beard and hat (Futou) I need to have a second look or I pause it and try to find something unique in their facial features to remember them. But after a few episodes you can eliminate the not so important ones and the key officials will retain in your mind.

“A strong General doesn’t have any weak soldiers.” --Liang-

Every character whether good or bad has a very reliable right hand man. Whether it was as the Eunuch, or personal bodyguard, it would be very dysfunctional without them. They really are the shield of their master. They  literally will take an arrow or a bullet just for them. They kept running around and do what their master commanded to them. I wonder if they have time to sleep?

Definitely the reason why I became so addicted to historical dramas. It will not be completed without those amazing moves and intense fighting scene, showing their techniques. A top notch hand to hand combat and swords skills that are worth your time. Right now I really wanted to learned martial arts and how to use bow and arrow. It was really an art that cannot be compared. 

It's not a secret that historical dramas can be a bloody, emotional and happy ending are infrequent. Well you are on the mid of war and invasion of the enemy, so death is everywhere and a rare opportunity for two lovers to get a simple and normal life. For me not happy ending gave a more meaningful feels in me.  So I have a habit that I really prepared myself to be heartbroken before I started to watch. 

Do not be discouraged. It's a part of a wonderful journey that awaits to you. Those heart touching moment is worthy of my precious tears.

The fighting in the inner palace headed by the Empress was pretty scary. It's like a battlefield of scheme. In order to gain the Emperor's favour, they concocted a lot of plans like a never ending food poisoning, backstabbing, framing each other or the power of tears was pretty much in use. 

Most of Historical dramas plot is centered around power hunger, political conspiracies and the desire to get that throne. It's not all bad since some of them wanted to eliminate the evil in the court and to prosper the people but it will require a great sacrifice and loneliness to move forward to your goal and it's not always a pleasant one.

To reach that ambition you can die not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. 

  It's indeed a sad journey.

"In order to advance, you must retreat" -Lin Shu-

What I learned watching historical dramas is you cannot be always honest, soft hearted, and weak if somehow you will be transported in the past and wanted to survive. Death threats, manipulation and scheming is very common and you cannot be unprepared or else you will be an easy target for their bad intentions. Also choosing your ally is a must.

Truthfully I'd started to justify the actions of the characters especially the anti-heroes.  Fighting for the throne means that your family members is your greatest enemy, being a wife must be prepared for bullying of your in-laws or living in the republican era, your friends and family may not be your ally.  

You really need to know when you will take offense and defense. 

Well TRUST is a big word  so beware.







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