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It seems like it is becoming a little tradition of mine to write an article every two years about some KBS drama specials. Although the 2-year gap is unintentional, I feel like it gives both of us, me and you, my dear reader, enough time to explore the wonderful world of drama specials and then meet here and talk about our discoveries.

If you are new here, my first article 7+1 KBS Drama Specials You Should Watch and the second article 9 More KBS Drama Specials You Should Not Miss are ready for you. And if you are a regular, you can refresh your memory and remind yourself what you added to your PTW list all these years ago but never really got around to watching. Anyways… Here are 8 More KBS Drama Specials To Put On Your List.

One can say only so many things about drama specials in the introductory part of the article so I am just going to remind you that you can watch these specials on the Official KBS World Youtube channel.

This year, I have brought mostly relationship-focused stories, be it romcoms or more dramatic ones. Almost all of them with pleasing aesthetics, though. While I am staying with my usual format, I am not limiting myself only to underrated ‘under 1000’ specials (simply because several of my picks for this article have passed this number already. :O)

Before I get to the main part of the article, let me invite you to one fun thing I thought of for this year! Vote for your favorite KBS drama specials of those I recommended in this voting list!

… And now to the main part.

In Search of Argenta (2015)

# of MDL members: ~95

According to some, Nam Seung Hee is, at the age of 25, past her peak as an aspiring athlete. It’s been a long time since she attacked her personal best in pole vaulting but she is still trying to overcome her slump and get into the national team. To achieve her goal, she starts training with coach Kang Ji Na, who is an acquaintance of Seung Hee’s father.

You should watch if: you like athletics and determined female leads or enjoy simple but satisfying story development with just the right amount of emotion.

Goodbye B1 (2019)

# of MDL members: ~109

After 8 years of living in a small semi-basement apartment, Da Eun is moving out. To be honest, the apartment was not that good, but it’s all those memories and people that make it hard to move on.

You should watch if: you also found it hard to move from the place where you spent your early adulthood, you like slice-of-life dramas or are a fan of Kim Ga Eun.

Dreamers (2018)

# MDL members: ~255

Not so long ago, Ji Wook’s girlfriend commited suicide. Unable to cope with this, Ji Wook runs away into his dreams as it is the only place he can meet her again. But some people just don't belong into this weird dream land.

Another drama special by director Yoo Young Eun (Socialization, Queen of Mystery)!

You should watch if: you loved the movies Inception or Matrix, enjoy gloomy atmosphere and blue filter in a movie, like fantasy/supernatural elements in your story or are a fan of the slightly wacky and peculiar style of this director.

Too Bright For Romance (2018)

# MDL members: ~287

In their university days, Pil Yong and Yang Hee had a connection. Was it friendship? Was it love? He was quite an average boy, she was an oddball. Now they meet again, 19 years later, but the weather outside seems to be still too bright for love...

You should watch if: you like indie films about… nothing, atmosphere and aesthetics-driven camera shots, OST made of good indie tracks and ukulele covers, or you are a fan of Choi Kang Hee or Park Se Wan.

Dancing the Waltz Alone (2017)

# of MDL members: ~845

Min Sun and Gun Hee have been dating ever since the time they met in dancing classes. Eight years later, they have to overcome the biggest obstacle in their relationship when they both apply for the same job. What is stronger – their love or their ambition?

You should watch if: you like ballroom dancing and bittersweet and realistic stories about love or are a fan of Moon Ga Young.

Let Us Meet (2017)

# of MDL members: ~1026

Set in 1930’s Korea, this drama special is centered around the meeting of Seok Ja, a starry-eyed girl who is looking for a kind and handsome modern man to become her husband, and Joo Oh, an owner of a matchmaking company. Will Joo Oh find a perfect husband for Seok Ja?

A cute and lighthearted story that’s happening in the background of one of the most painful eras for Joseon women.

You should watch if: you like dramas set in the Japanese colonial rule era but you usually find them too depressing; you are a sucker for the unlikely romance trope, or are a fan of beautiful Jo Bo Ah and charming Son Ho Jun.

My Happy Home (2016)

# of MDL members: ~1073

Se Jung is a genius scientist who lives a happy married life with her handsome cyborg husband Sung Min. But how did introverted nerdy Se Jung marry local hottie Sung Min and how exactly did Sung Min become a cyborg? And are they really happy?

You should watch if: you want to watch a story about an unusual villain, like gothic horror stories, you were riding that robot Kdrama craze in 2016 - 2019 but you want it to keep it short and with a darker twist, or are a fan of Lee Sang Yeob.

Review Notebook of My Embarrassing Days (2018)

# MDL members: ~1298

Do Do Hye is a math teacher who keeps a diary/review notebook where she writes down all her embarrassing moments in the hope she will eventually learn from her past mistakes. With exam season approaching, she gets selected into the committee that creates CSAT. During the CSAT writer training camp, Do Hye re-unites with her first love and ex-husband. Will she learn from her mistakes?

You should watch if: you like simple romcoms, keep a diary, your ex keeps coming back like a boomerang, or are a fan of Jeon So Min or Park Sung Hoon.

And that is all for today! Which drama special on the list caught your eye? If I were to pick my favourites from this bunch, I'd pick Let Us Meet, Review Notebook, and also Goodbye B1 (since it has a weird sentimental value for me as I watched this special around the time I, too, moved from my first flat). But overall, I think all the specials in this list are quite good choices to pick you up during a slow afternoon!

Don't forget to vote in this voting list for your favourite KBS drama special from the ones I recommended and if I still havent seen your favourite KBS drama special, let me know down in the comments! :)

Thank you for reading and

see you in two years soon!

~ Salty_bae

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