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They are everywhere.

While watching dramas and movies, I can't help but notice those supporting actors, who are literally almost there every single time. The chance that they will be in the cast of a drama or movie is really high. Sometimes you’ll feel like they’re stalking you and I’m sure you can name at least one title you’ve seen them act in.

Kim Mi Kyung

Kim Mi Kyung is the queen of supporting roles, who’s known for making dramatic shifts between roles. She isn't afraid to experiment and, in my opinion, that's what makes an actor great. That’s why she’s the greatest Ahjumma, and you can actually see her everywhere - playing a loving mother, housemaid, nurse, hacker ahjumma, etc.


The list is endless, but here are some memorable ones - Healer, The Heirs, The Master's Sun, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and more.

Kim Sang Ho

Some of his most popular roles are in City Hunter, Kingdom, The Nokdu Flower, Fabricated City, Quantum Physics and more.
I swear he can play everything and everyone. Kim Sang Ho is a really colorful actor and can be your favorite ahjussi ever, or you can hate him so much. It’s some type of a love-hate relationship watching him on the screen.

Kim Sung Oh

He is, without a doubt, one of the best villains and psychos out there. The way he changes his whole appearance and face features while playing the bad guy is truly incredible. On the other side, those quirky and sweet characters he plays makes you love him more.

Jo Jae Yoon

Some of the most popular roles - SKY Castle, Mad Dog, Save Me, Descendants of the Sun and more.
Another love-hate relationship for me with his roles – he can be the annoying thug I want to slap or the funniest character ever, who can put you in a good mood for sure.

Park Won Sang

An incredibly talented actor with a colorful filmography, a wide variety of roles– he can be your best rival, the dangerous local gangster or your crazy and loud boss.

You can see him now in The King: Eternal Monarch, other roles in - Last, W, Healer, Miracle in Cell No. 7 and more.

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