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They are everywhere – part two

As I’m watching more and more dramas, I can say these actors are for sure stalking me. Here’s the second part of “Korean actors you see in almost every drama or movie” (read part one here) and without a doubt, they deserve the main role because without these supporting actors our favourite dramas and movies wouldn’t be the same

Sung Dong Il

Golden actor. In every role, his performances are natural, and he is equally gifted at comedy and drama. I'm always delighted to see him in something I'm watching. He's the actor, who's acknowledged by all.

He is a versatile actor, easily fitting into comedy roles, historical or playing more serious parts, even as a villain. You can watch him in The Cursed, Hwarang, The Legend of the Blue Sea, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Reply 1988, It's Okay, That's Love, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, 200 Pounds Beauty and more.


Park Joon Geum

Here comes your mother/mother-in-law. Even though she plays the same role in almost every drama, she’s really good at the spoilt-rude-rich mom character, always adds flair to the role she is playing, and is memorable in every drama. Park Joon Geum can make you hate her character in a second. Without a doubt, she’s one of the best MONSTERs-in- law in K-Dramaland.

You can watch her in Secret Garden, The Heirs, Emergency Couple,  Mask, Descendants of the Sun, and more.

Her iconic role in Secret Garden was the reason for the even more iconic BIGBANG parody.


Jin Kyung

Another versatile actress and she seems to be in every popular drama. Some of her roles are really funny and bring a good vibe to every scene, she's mostly recognized for her priceless facial expressions. Jin Kyung gives you the cool and caring mom/aunt feels, but she can also be the character you'll hate for sure.

Jeon Gook Hwan

Earlier we found our monster-in-law Park Joon Geum and here's our abeoji, who makes us hate almost his every role. Excellent job at always giving a convincing impression to the character and he never disappoints. He's the best old villain Chairman/Director/ CEO/ Father.

You can watch him in Silenced, King2Hearts, Empress Ki, Doctor Stranger, Six Flying Dragons, My Mister, Crash Landing on You, and more.

Kim Gab Soo

Kim Gab Soo is a legendary villain. He’s terrifying and magnetic in equal measure, a true pro at getting at your nerves. He can take on any role & make it very real and convincing with his voice and expressions.

You can watch him in Hospital Playlist, Mr. Sunshine, Whisper, The K2, Blood, IRIS, Blood and Ties, A Tale of Two Sistersand more.  

BONUS - Joey Albright

He's an American actor in Korea, and I'm sure you saw him at least in five dramas you've watched. I think the producers are like: "Hmm, we need a foreigner who can speak English, let's cast Joey Albright". He can be a soldier, customer, bad guy, reporter, teacher, and everything you can think of.

The gifs are not mine, credit to the owners. I made only the banners with photos and screencaps from google.

I hope you enjoyed the second part of this article.  Leave a comment and tell me where you’ve seen the actors? Which one of their roles was your favourite?

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