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Kim Young Kwang

Born: January 11, 1987    

The first drama I saw him in was Love Rain, then White Christmas his roles were good but I wasn't captivated by him, until later when I watched him in Bachelor's Vegetable Store, then when I saw him in the drama Good Doctor I wanted more screen time with him. Plus Nine Boys was that key. ;) I didn't realize when I watched it that it was his first main role. If Good Doctor and BVS didn't already seal my love for him, P9B did just that. ^_^ I'm stoked whenever I hear about him in an upcoming drama. I absolutely love his adorable big smile. His sweet kind romantic eyes. And at 6'2", he's one of the tallest actors I know. He's 1 year older than me. ^^


He helped his family relieve financial burden by delivering newspapers and working at a gas station. Then in 2007, when he turned 19, he has randomly received an opportunity to become a model for an advertisement. And that opened the doors for him to be a runway model. He was the first Asian model to walk Dior Homme's show. He later debuted as an actor.

He is close friends with fellow model turned actor stars: Kim Woo Bin, Hong Jong Hyun, Lee Soo Hyuk, & Sung Joon. All who starred alongside him in the drama White Christmas.

Because his Father who was a veteran of the Vietnam War as well as credited as a 'person of national merit' and who died when Young Kwang-ssi was in the 6th grade, he was only required to serve 6 months of mandatory military service as a public service soldier. ^_^  - Source: Wikipedia



Room No. 9 (2018)


The Guardians (2017)

This is the best character he's played so far, it showed his acting talents like no other drama has. This role fits him perfectly! Every emotion, every facial expression, every word was spectacular! This drama is about a group of people who have all had family members die by violent crime. They come together to put them behind bars, following the direction of their mysterious leader. KYK plays a prosecutor who may not be all he seems to be. MV


Sweet Stranger and Me (2016)

A lovely drama about a man who has taken on the legal role of a step father, who has been in love with one girl since childhood. He takes everything upon himself to protect the things he loves. I thought this drama was very sweet, I loved how the relationship developed between the leads. ^^ A lot of people have said there was no chemistry but I beg to differ, I thought they meshed very well together. MV


D-Day (2015)

When a time of disaster rolls around that no one saw coming, the doctors have to rescue people that have been injured, buried or crushed by the destroyed cities. As the doctors fight to save lives, the higher up people try and turn the victims away. Kim Young Kwang plays a doctor who simply desires to save lives, he's not out for glory, fame or money. His heart is good and he takes the lives of people and his role as a doctor seriously. I loved him in this. ^^ MV


Plus Nine Boys (2014)

9 - an ominous number, spells misfortune for some. And in this family, all the men have reached an age with 9 (39, 29, 19, and 9). Who comes out lucky despite the unlucky number? Kim Young Kwang was my favourite character in this and I enjoyed watching his friendship turned to romance. MV1 (spoilers) MV2 (just skip the end to not see spoiler) MV3


Good Doctor (2013)

He plays a sweet resident, who has a crush on a girl who's little sister is sick and in a long term stay in the hospital. This was one of the first few dramas I saw him in and I adored his character, I actually wanted more screen time for him when he appeared.


Bachelor's Vegetable Store (2012)

A rich guy who loves his mother and has fallen for the lead girl. When his mom hits rough times and is sent to jail, he ends up making bad decisions in order to get his mom out. He's conflicted with himself, however, b/c he may come off as a jerk but he's really soft and kind inside. He ends up seeing the friendship between the lead guys at the vegetable store and his conscience can no longer stay silent. If I wasn't so in love with the lead guy in this one, I'd have supported him. He's one of those 2nd lead type guys who you can't help but like.


White Christmas (2011)

One of the best mystery, suspense, thriller dramas that have been made. I enjoyed it when I watched it. A bunch of students are trapped at their school when a student is found dead under the snow, they have now all become suspects and they must figure out who is the killer before more of them end up dead. It's a drama that tests the trust, faith and character of every person. And asks the question: Are monsters born or raised? MV (spoilers possible) Trailer


Go Ho's Starry Night (2016) 

When an old flame turns up in Go Ho's life, her once unromantic life turns upside down when it seems every man is now looking her way. I loved KYK's character ^_^ He's the type of guy I like lol, he says things but means something else or does things that seem rude, but if you look deeper you realize he was actually being considerate and sweet. In this web drama, he's had a long time one sided love for the lead girl. And he has to work up the gumption to finally confess his feelings before competition once again takes her away from him. I found the first episode a bit hard to get into and KYK's character seemed very apathetic but he and the story awaken in the 2nd episode till the end. (I watched the one that was combined into hour length episodes - so they put all of the short episodes together and that made it only 4 episodes to watch rather than 10min 20 episode pieces). So when I say 2nd episode (I mean 2nd episode in that version). Trailer -


Pinocchio (2014)

He's a newly recruited reporter, who has a rich mother. He simply likes what he does and wants to be a good reporter. When he finds out secrets he didn't know about, he takes matters into his own hands. I felt a lot of sympathy for his character. KYK MV -


Secret Love (2014) 

Ep.3-4 as Yoon Joon Moon - A girl finds out she has terminal cancer and puts together a bucket list and on her way to fulfilling her wishes she meets him. And through continuous encounters they find love. I personally thought the lead actress was a terrible actress lol - the story wasn't that interesting (for me) but it was ok. Trailer -


Birth Secret (2013)

I have not seen this, so I am not sure what his role is in this. But the drama itself is about a woman who has forgotten her husband and daughter because despite her being a genius, suffers from psychogenic amnesia. I saw one commenter said she loves KYK's role (so if I ever decide to watch it it will be because I can hope his character will be worth it lol).


Love Rain (2012)

His role isn't very big in this drama, and when I watched it after it finished airing, I didn't yet know who Kim Young Kwang was. And since back then I was a huge fan of Jang Geun Suk, I didn't easily notice other actors - I was always main ship and nothing else, but if I had watched it after I got to know him, I might have crushed more on him in this lol. In this drama, he is a Sunbae to the lead girl and he also likes her though he's long time been engaged to another girl via arrangement. KYK MV (spoiler free)


Dr. Ian (2015)

He plays a psychiatrist who specializes in hypnosis treatments. He meets and falls in love with a client, who through counseling end up healing each other. It's basically a short web drama about letting your past memories and relationships go and pave the way for a new healthy relationship to start. There wasn't enough depth for me personally but it was an ok web drama and short enough that you won't feel like your wasting your time if you don't like it lol Trailer

            Y4B7qyk1_020210_f.jpg  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Wonderful Life (2017)

In this upcoming movie, Kim Young Kwang plays a patrol officer who gets into an accident while investigating a case and his soul gets separated from his body. (much like 'Just Like Heaven'). He's desperate to solve the case and return to his girlfriend. He discovers there is one person who can see him, but it's none other than his arch foe and neighbor. (plot from Wikipedia). This movie sounds really interesting, so I'm excited to watch it when it becomes available. ^_^


Broker (2017)

Kim Young Kwang plays a star lawyer in this movie and he teams up with domestic lawyer played by Lee Sung Kyung to get to the bottom of the minister of Justice's daughter's murder.


Hot Young Bloods (2014) 

Trailer - This movie depicts the love, rivalries and friendships between 4 high school students in the 1980's. Lol, the trailer makes me think these characters jumped out of 'Happy Days' :P and Kim Young Kwang as the 'Fonze' XD. This movie, isn't my kind of movie however, so I didn't enjoy it, I skip watched it for KYK, and he doesn't have that many scenes :/ Reminds me a bit of grease without the singing... [I'd watch grease over this any day, however - especially if it's Grease 2 (my preference of the two)]. KYK's character is a bully basically, he runs a gang of sorts and he's in an alliance with Bo Young's character. But he likes her while she doesn't like him (she likes the lead guy). The little bit I saw of her, I thought she was better matched with KYK rather than LJS...











~ Music Video's he's starred in ~

Park Bom's: ' Don't Cry' // Brown Eyed Soul's: 'You' // Shin Hye Sung & Lyn's: 'It's You' // 

and he sang an OST for Go Ho's Starry Night: ' Star Candy'



This concludes my article on a lovable actor who is shining more with every role. His true potential as an actor and his full depth of acting abilities are coming to light. I can't wait to see him in another drama! Thanks for reading!