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                                                            Smile Donghae


I am a Christian so my views on shows content will be more  conservative, and I don't appreciate things others may consider "Normal".

I like just about any genre (except for: horror, sitcom's, mature content, affairs, too much slice of life stuff, vampires, zombies & over the top gross me out comedy) - I like: Historical, Crime, Detective, Romance, Comedy, Melodrama, Makjang, Family, Business, Food, Period, Tragic, Action, Music, Martial Arts, Investigation, Thriller, Law, Suspense, Drama & Fantasy (as long as it's not too fake).

I LOVE this song by Lee Seung Chul - "Just Like That" is the title - I'm addicted to it lately ^_^

I don't understand Variety Shows, so I don't watch them....

 How I rate dramas: 

- Also my personal enjoyment has a lot to do with my final ratings - I rarely go by just cinematography or otherwise - the characters have to win me over first; and the drama needs to end in a way that satisfies me or my final rating will drop from what I initially had in mind. As in a couple I wanted together fails to get together in the end for some reason (most hated is b/c of another couple that never deserved to get together and ended up ruining my couples chance at happiness a.k.a 'Give Love Away' & 'Endless Love' - my rating for those 2 dramas in particular dropped way down b/c of those endings.) -

10.0: Amazing! Masterpiece! 9.5-9.0: Excellent

8.5-8.0: Great 7.5-7.0: Good 6.5.-6.0: Ok 5.5-5.0: Bad

4.5-4.0: Mediocre 3.5-3.0: Gosh, chincha? (lol, love that remark ;))

2.5-20: Skip It! 1.5-1.0: Away from the keyboard puking :>

^I got this rating system from another chingu - I agreed with it so much I asked if I could use it myself ;)


Anyone who likes Korean music - classics and new then I highly recommend watching Immortal Songs2 where the singers "remake" legends songs and sing LIVE onstage - and the audience decides who wins <3


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