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Exploring Character Jobs and Work place positions in Dramas


From the Courtroom to the Boardroom, to a convenience store or farming, one of the many enjoyments I have in drama watching is catching a glimpse into the many job positions leads and supporting characters are cast in. They can take a dull job in a specific line of work and make it really glamorous! Or a job that is a miserable pit of pain and showcases a triumph of hard work through perseverance.

On many occasions, Leads will have to overcome mounting odds, bad working conditions and rival co-workers to reach their specific goal. There are plenty of stories with troves of themes! If our leads aren’t in school, they are either in a job position or working toward one. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way up!

Here is just a short collective list:

Gangsters and Thugs:


Dramas: Triangle |Haeundae Lovers



Dramas: Doctor StrangerEmergency Couple | Doctors

Police and Detectives:


 Dramas: Tunnel | You’re all surrounded | Lookout | Bad Guys



Dramas: Bride of the Century | Cunning Single Lady | Save the Last Dance for Me



Drama: Plus Nine Boys

Regular old retail and Customer Service:


Dramas: Fight for my Way | Heirs

Here are a few more job professions to check out!

Fashion Designers:

Dramas: Fashion King | The Dearest Lady  

Publishing / Writers:

Dramas: Sparkling | Chicago Typewriter

Food Industry:

Dramas: Baker King Kim Tak Gu |Bachelor’s vegetable Store


Dramas: Dream High | The Best Hit

Match Making and Dating Agencies:

Dramas: Dating Agency Cyrano | Murphy’s Law of Love


Divorce Lawyer in Love | Suspicious Partner

It has also made me realize the kind of work I would never want to do. Such as never be a gangster, and police work seems like it could be very dangerous. The food industry can also be really stressful during peak hours when people are hungry!  However, the charm of office romances has me fascinated.  Have you ever been inspired by a character’s job position enough to consider or explore the option yourself?

Even with Supernatural elements like in Goblin, there is work to be done:


Another issue in the work place are those good ol’ office politics and climbing the ladder of power. While some characters will do their honest hard day’s work, others will backstab, cheat, lie and in more thriller scenarios even kill off another character in their attempt to rise to the top. While work place drama will happen IRL between staff it’s likely not as extreme as depicted in televised Dramas.

Seeing these characters follow their dreams and passions is very satisfying when the reach their achievements by their sheer effort. The idea that anything could be possible with hard work, the right training, and continuous practice is visually inspiring. The working class in dramas is indeed very diverse!

Here is a drama focussed on the fine art of Tea, where you can catch a glimpse of the intricate details of how tea is made along with some rivalry and romance!

Tea Love


Do you have favourite job professions you enjoy seeing played out in dramas?