de HappySqueak, Abril 22, 2018

images from Sweet Enemy

There is merit in 'some' daily dramas if written well! The romance is typically a slow burn love, so it's great for fans who enjoy seeing leads encounter each other repeatedly in various situations as the romance blossoms between them. This can be an enjoyable side watching experience to a point, but leave it to the madness of a power-driven opposing second female lead and her just as crazy mother and other family members to ruthlessly crush our female lead to the ground early on.

Tropes galore = Amnesia often is at play, maybe not for the lead but someone close in her circle.

The struggle is real by the time you reach for example episode 80, waiting for our female lead to gain some traction against her bullies.

A female lead may always be under constant abuse or setups!

A persistent second female lead can never take a hint.

A common daily drama scenario could be: second female lead desires to steal male lead from helpless heroine (but then often the second male lead can level up and become the new male lead if the first one is a cheater and is swayed by second female lead). Whew, that sounds like a tongue twister!

Always heavy with the dramatics throughout!
Occasionally, these stories serve up a birth mother and an adoptive mother.

But it's happened in more than one daily drama. The themes are that of women's fiction, where the female lead is pushed to her breaking point, has a realization or helping hand (male lead) and makes a strong comeback. However, the baddies stay wicked literally until the end with rarely a chance for redemption.

This repetitive style in dailies can get old fast, and make a kind-of-interesting drama boring and soul-sucking because the writers know how to pace out the episodes with the minimal advancement of the story but just enough to reel you back in for one more episode.

The guys are fairly good looking though! So that is one of the few positives for a 'daily' addiction.

What are your thoughts on daily dramas? Have you trudged through the plus 100 episodes and been satisfied with stories or do they leave you pulling out your hair in frustration?

If you have a favourite (or least favourite) daily you'd recommend (or never recommend) let us know down below.