de HappySqueak, Outubro 18, 2016

So we’re off by a few months, but happy belated Birthday Mulan!
The feature animation was originally released June 5th 1998. Feel old yet?


She is known as a legendary warrior woman from the Southern and Northern Dynasties of China, who was skilled in kung fu and swordsmanship. The ballad of Mulan, tells the tale of Hua Mulan who took her elderly father’s place in the army.


The Disney rendition has an inspiring take on the Mulan story. She was probably one of the first gender bender characters we all came to love and admire in North America.

She started out as your average girl, trying to please her family and meet their expectations. When war breaks out her aged father is summoned to report for duty, seeing that he is not fit for war Mulan steals his armor, cuts her hair short, and runs away from home to join the army.


With those memorable animated sidekicks which added charm and humour to the story.


And some more cross-dressing shenanigans!


Did you have a crush on Shang?


Like their conflicts throughout


And enjoy feisty Mushu’s strong charismatic personality as a mentor and sidekick to our leading lady.


The voice cast was very memorable too,

Ming-Na Wen with her boyish undertones she implemented to her voice for Mulan.


Lea Salonga as the singing voice of Mulan (Fun fact! She was also the singing voice of Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin).


BD Wong as Shang!! (Fun Fact! You will recognize him as the dinosaur scientist in Jurassic Park/Jurassic World Dr. Henry.


And one of my favourites Pat Morita as the voice of the emperor (he is famously known for his work in the vintage Karate Kid films as Mr. Miyagi)


Let’s not forget Eddie Murphy as Mushu


From 2015 there has been circulation of a live action treatment based on the animation similarly to other Disney animation to live action feature films like Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and the upcoming Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson.

Fans have been vigilant and protective over their love for Mulan by posting an online petition with over 100 thousand signatures so far! To not have the main characters white washed and keep them true to strong Asian Actors for the cast.

And Hollywood seems to have heard! With the announcement made in early October 2016 for a worldwide casting search to find the perfect Chinese Mulan for the role! Fans can be assured that
the Casting Directors for the Mulan live action will present well-cast characters whom we can admire and follow their journey through the story. The release date is slated for 2018 in 3D. Those epic battle scenes will be amazing.


 Are you looking forward to the Disney live-action adaptation?

In the meantime, while awaiting its release. We have these other live action Mulan Drama and Films to choose from.

Legend of Hau Mulan Drama starring Hou Meng Yao as Mulan and Kuo Dylan as Muo Jiang / Prince Duo Lan.


In this particular telling, fans are treated to an in-depth look of fabric and textiles in the historical era. And the extreme competition rival families would rise too, in order to be the best long before Mulan goes off to war. We also have a prince in disguise and some great performances from a well-rounded cast.


Not to mention the 2009 Film Mulan. With Zhao Vicki as Hua Mulan and Chen Kun as Wen Tai.


There are a couple more versions out there to enjoy while we wait! Who would you cast as Mulan?