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Kim Ji Soo


This young man stole my heart earlier this year due to how charming and incredibly lovely he is.
People know him as just Ji Soo.
Here are some facts about him:
born: March 30, 1993, in South Korea.
made his debut in 2009 with his role in the play 'Bong-Sam Wasn't There.'
was a student in Digital Seoul Culture Arts University (Film Theatre).
used to be a trainee in JYP Entertainment (he won runner up in JYP’s 9th audition back in 2012).
was a judo athlete in elementary school and competed in national competition.
You can follow him on Instagram - actor_jisoo


Ji Soo had guest roles in the movies Beastie Boys (2008) and Han Gong Ju (2014) (He appeared only for five seconds in the end of the movie. You can see him in Min Ho's clique.)

He also had a really interesting role in Seoul Mates (2014) which is a gender bending tale of a Korean musician and Filipina transgender set amidst the romantic landscape of Seoul. I couldn't find this film anywhere but I'm really curious and want to watch it. All I know is that he's speaking English in it.


One Way Trip/ Glory Day (2016)


If you want to fall in love with him, simply watch this movie. I'd definitely recommend preparing some tissues beforehand though. In the movie, Ji Soo is just a normal teenager who is trying to stay real in this fake world.  His scenes are truly heartbreaking as his fight for justice isn't a fight he can win. The adult world is pretty scary, right ?


"Is this freedom?"

Short films/ Web series:

Ji Soo also played in short films like Boy in Pain (2010), Adult (2014) and More Than (2014).

Lunch Box (2015)

Character name: Yong


Ji Soo plays a really interesting role in this mini web series. Yong, the name of his character, loves cooking and is really confident and ambitious when it comes to food. But when it comes to romance, he's rather shy. He is interested in Lia, an Indonesian university student in Korea, so he tries to confess in an interesting way.


“ Cooking is like writing a letter.
“I understand, respect and cherish you like this.”

You can watch the episodes here: 1, 2 and 3.


Until his role in Angry Mom, Ji Soo only played in a couple of small supporting or guest roles.

Here are some of his guest roles:

To The Beautiful You (2012) - student role


Shut Up Family (2012)

Love Frequency 37.2 (2014) - Go Dong Hee's ex-boyfriend



Angry Mom (2015)

Character name: Go Bok Dong


  In this drama, Ji Soo plays the role of Go Bok Dong, a strong and dark character. This was Ji Soo's first real role in my opinion, as he plays an important and memorable character. It’s really shocking how talented he is for a breakout rookie who came out of nowhere and stole everyone's hearts. He goes from being a rebellious teenager to a protective one; a bad boy who is sensitive and soft-hearted. 

One cannot simply describe Go Bok Dong in five or ten words because Ji Soo showed how emotionally versatile he can be. And that is, “is the art of making peace with the entire emotional spectrum by honing your capacity to channel various feelings along creative and constructive lines”. - T.K. Coleman

Sassy Go Go (2015)

Character name: Seo Ha Joon


In this role Ji Soo is hurt and afraid, and thus appears outwardly to be cold-hearted. I really liked his acting in this drama, especially how well he represented the relationship between a strict, abusive parent and his son. It goes to show that one can't always meet their parents' expectations. In this drama, he once again played a very dark and depressed character, though he gradually became happier and learned how to laugh again.

Warning: This drama will make you suffer a great deal from second lead syndrome, so be prepared.

Page Turner (2016)

Character name: Cha Shik

Cha Shik was a really cheerful character which made this drama so special. He was actually a ray of sunlight in Yoo Seul's world. People called him stupid and made fun of him but at the same time, he was really ambitious and hardworking. Cha Shik had many funny and also sad moments throughout this 3 episode drama. 

Doctors (2016)       

Character name: Kim Soo Chul           


Too short. Ji Soo’s character appeared in only five episodes and those episodes were my favorite. In his teenage years, he’s a bad boy and you can see that he’s trying to be a playboy in the scenes with Park Shin Hye. Years later, he’s still sexy but more responsible and hardworking because he has to support his child. I’m sad that the writers didn’t show what happened after the car accident. <---Spoiler. Highlight to see.


Currently Airing Dramas

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (2016) 

  Character Name: 14th Prince - Wang Jung

M4PJbbnL_a941c3_f.jpg   PL6VYaoL_d618b0_f.jpg

Wang Jun's first scene was really promising, if you know what I mean. \^o^/ I really adore his character, he and the 10th prince are like rays of sunshine, warm and lovely. Wang Jung's scenes are hilarious and distract us from the seriousness of the drama. He's really protective and you can see some of his fighting skills.


Fantastic (2016) 

  Character Name: Kim Sang Wook


Kim Sang Wook doesn't break the rules! He's a young lawyer, trying to change the world, but not everyone likes those types of people. That's why he's left in the middle of nowhere and meets Baek Sul, the wife of congressman Choi Jin Tae. 

Baek Sul later gives Kim Sang Wook an enjoyable ride on her motorcycle. He is also her escape from sadness.

  Earlier I mentioned that he's also a model, so here are some photographs of our fashion king...


After those hot pictures, it's time to melt your hearts with the bromances in Ji Soo's life.

From Sassy Go Go, comes my favorite bromance in a drama: Seo Ha Joon (Ji Soo) & Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun).


Here's the best 2016 bromance in real life and you can watch it here.

Celebrity bromance - Ji Soo and Nam Joo Hyuk



Find someone who looks at you the way 13th Prince Baek Ah looks at 14th Prince Wang Jung !

He's cute...


...and sexy


and loves dogs...


Basically, Ji Soo is a cutie pie and I can't stop smiling when I'm watching his interviews, pictures, and dramas. Though Ji Soo is currently suffering from a bone infection (osteomyelitis), I hope he quickly makes a full recovery! In addition to that, the director of Fantastic has said that they won't be replacing him, though for a few episodes, they may rewrite the script and give him a lot less screentime (if any?).  Which of his roles do you like the most? What have you seen him in?