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  • País: South Korea
  • Tipo: Movie
  • Data de Lançamento: Mar 5, 2015
  • Duração: 1 hr. 53 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.1 (scored by 1,382 usuários)
  • Classificado: #8605
  • Popularidade: #3886
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)

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Jun 6, 2021
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No geral 8.0
História 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 7.5
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the scene at the start - i was like wow that didn't take a sec and we r getting both violence and a pretty intense sex scene... but the more it goes on, u "get" that only goes to show the hypocrisy and unfairness, where hundreds r being butchered, where the ones in power r enjoying the "fruits of their labor"... and this sh*t be going on even now, where people being slaughtered for a privileged few.

but getting back to my opinion about the movie - this turned out to be a tragedy. sub's were killing the mood, found myself chuckling more than once at the absurdity of them, but the story is freaking sad.
Ga-Hee understandably wants revenge, she wasn't only brutally raped by that f*cker Jin, his family/ mother not only injures her mother when she comes seeking justice for her child, but precedes to burn her alive thinking, they were getting rid of the daughter/"evidence". who wouldn't want to demolish their family?!?... and as she isn't powerful she becomes a pawn (suicide mission from the look of things) for Prince Bang-won. who wants to get rid of that white bearded minister whose close to the king. what better way then through his family?!

ironically Min-Jea who is (well in name alone) Jin's father and the minister's son-in-law is basically a good guy, he is the pawn used to infiltrate the family. using info about his own unfortunate childhood. but as he is a good guy - unlike everyone else involved, he doesn't use or mistreats Ga-Hee. and their attraction is genuine. which in turn, grows into love. this was sad because of how it unfolded but it was good in-spite of the bad subs.

side note this aint NO porno, and people going on and on about this being Phonographic need to check out porn-hub to see what porn really is. yeah its erotic as f*ck, but it wasn't obscene or vulgar. so plz with the prudish attitude, there is so much more to this movie then the nudity/sex scenes, that focusing on only that, is childishly idiotic - if this is not for u - go watch something pg for the sake of ur own sanity

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Jan 18, 2016
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No geral 6.0
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If you want too see the ass of the main leads this is the movie for you.

This movie actually doesn't have a story, they tried it by throwing in some political stuff, which was quite incoherent, it was all about the erotic scenes to be honest. It just doesn't flow and it is lacking almost everything, from character development and loads of movie mistakes.
The actors tried, I am amazed that they didn't turn this offer down because they should. How could they read the script and thought 'lets do this'. No, they should have declined it.
They tried it, and their butts and bodies looks amazing but that should not be the main theme about this movie.
The music was fine, but I would not rewatch this movie, it was a waste of my time.

Watch this if you want to see (hot) naked men and bloody scenes.
Skip this if you are looking for a movie with a coherent story, full character development and great acting.

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  • Movie: Ascensão E Queda De Um Império
  • País: Coreia do Sul
  • Data de Lançamento: Mar 5, 2015
  • Duração: 1 hr. 53 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 18+ Restrito (violência e palavrões)


  • Pontuação: 7.1 (avaliado por 1,382 usuários)
  • Classificado: #8605
  • Popularidade: #3886
  • Fãs: 3,449

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