- The characters played by Ariel Lin & Tiffany Hsu in both dramas are love rivals.
- Both actresses are two-time Golden Bell Awards Best Actress winners.
- "It Started With A Kiss" (ISWAK) is a funny rom-com, while "Imperfect Us" is a serious, mature life drama, yet both dramas are good to watch.
- I have watched "ISWAK" back in 2005 when I was still 11 years old, while Ariel & Tiffany were in their 20s. After 19 years, I have watched "Imperfect Us" this 2024 at 29 years old, and now, Ariel & Tiffany are now in their 40s.
- Both actresses have maintained their beauty and talent throughout the years, which is very inspiring.
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- "They Kiss Again" is the sequel to "ISWAK", which both Ariel's & Tiffany's characters are rivals, falling in love with the male lead.
- "They Kiss Again" has the same level of enjoyment like "ISWAK" & "Imperfect Us".
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