War of Y Episódio 1

8.6/10 from 53 users
Aug 02, 2022
Pan and Nott are the star couple of hit BL series "Mafia Baby" who maintain a "special" relationship in private. As the filming for the second season of the series begins, the producers… read more

War of Y Episódio 2

8.8/10 from 42 users
Aug 09, 2022
When Pan learns that Tai, the lead producer of TTV TV Station, will be visiting the set of the series, he decides to go out of his way and do everything he can to present a picture-perfect… read more

War of Y Episódio 3

8.6/10 from 36 users
Aug 16, 2022
Having reconciled and finally made amends with each other, Pan and Nott are now back to being on friendly terms. In addition to displaying a great understanding of each other on the… read more

War of Y Episódio 4

8.8/10 from 35 users
Aug 23, 2022
Upon being left with the shocking revelation that the two actors signed by TTV are Nott and his fellow junior, Pharaoh, and not him, Pan is filled with a sudden gush of rage and sadness… read more

War of Y Episódio 5

8.8/10 from 31 users
Aug 30, 2022
Pan discovers that the various dinners he attended in the past were, in fact, a means for his agent to secretly make money off him. Thus, Pan bravely goes on air and starts a live… read more

War of Y Episódio 6

8.2/10 from 21 users
Sep 06, 2022
Owing to the high popularity of their performance in the hit BL drama "Mafia Baby'', Gus and Bew decided to hold their very first official fan meeting. At the same time, the new and… read more

War of Y Episódio 7

8.0/10 from 17 users
Sep 13, 2022
With their upcoming concert right around the corner, Gus and Bew find themselves practicing day and night to deliver their best performance. And all the while, the two are caught under… read more

War of Y Episódio 8

8.1/10 from 18 users
Sep 20, 2022
As a result of Pla and Toon's misdoings, cracks gradually begin to appear between Gus and Bew, and the two ultimately go on to encounter the biggest crisis of their acting careers!… read more

War of Y Episódio 9

7.8/10 from 18 users
Sep 27, 2022
After several conflicts and disputes, Gus and Bew decided to seek out new managers and restart their careers. However, before parting ways with their respective agents, the two hold… read more

War of Y Episódio 10

7.2/10 from 17 users
Oct 04, 2022
With the battle of the managers finally coming to an end, the real culprits behind the scenes are soon to be exposed! But in the aftermath of the shocking revelations, just how will… read more

War of Y Episódio 11

8.0/10 from 12 users
Oct 11, 2022
Six contestants are vying for their one chance to instant stardom at the country's most talked-about Y-idol talent show. Among them is Peek, who is doing everything he can to stand… read more

War of Y Episódio 12

8.5/10 from 12 users
Oct 18, 2022
After getting injured during practice, Peek garners the attention of his fans and everyone around him, thereby giving an actual taste of what fame and popularity can bring him. At… read more

War of Y Episódio 13

7.7/10 from 10 users
Oct 25, 2022
With the singing challenge right around the corner, Peek decides to make a surprise move by picking a completely unexpected partner for the duet. At the same time, Peek has other tricks… read more

War of Y Episódio 14

7.5/10 from 10 users
Nov 01, 2022
When it comes time for the final acting challenge, Peek and Kla are fully committed to winning. However, Achi, one of Peek's competitors, is enraged at the show's producers' constant… read more

War of Y Episódio 15

7.9/10 from 10 users
Nov 08, 2022
After an intense series of tests, training and challenges, the winner of the Y-Idol talent competition is to be finally announced. With the stakes higher than ever, just who is to… read more

War of Y Episódio 16

7.2/10 from 9 users
Nov 15, 2022
In the midst of filming their new movie together, Achi and Most come across the cute and adorable Fern, whose appearance is set to have a profound impact on their relationship. (Source:… read more

War of Y Episódio 17

6.4/10 from 8 users
Nov 22, 2022
As the cast begins to become acquainted on set, Achi and Fern take their connection a step further as they start meeting each other in private, thereby resulting in a spark between… read more

War of Y Episódio 18

6.9/10 from 8 users
Nov 29, 2022
Now that they have to associate more closely, Most gradually finds himself having ambiguous feelings for Achi. How should he deal with these loving feelings of admiration? (Source:… read more

War of Y Episódio 19

7.5/10 from 10 users
Dec 06, 2022
Most and Achi's relationship has extended off-screen, and Fern feels disappointed and saddened, so, as a result, she decides to go public about her relationship with Achi. (Source:… read more

War of Y Episódio 20

5.9/10 from 8 users
Dec 13, 2022
In the midst of a media storm, Achi will hold a press conference to explain everything, but can the complicated relationships between him, Fern and Most survive? (Source: GagaOOLala) read more

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