It's adapted from a novel by the same author. While both are Xianxia, they are not set in the same universe
Recomendado por Aya
Written by the same author, jiulu fei shang . The genre is xianxia romantic comedy. Good CGI , ancient God and has mortal arc
Recomendado por Haveninmuse
Same leads to cure our bitter ending yall ?
- Strong female lead
- Royal male lead
- Costume Project
Recomendado por xiaonan
The Legend of Shen Li" and "Eternal Love" are both romantic fantasy dramas featuring teasing, playful main couples in a fantasy universe. The male and female leads are independent and capable, and their romance develops slowly amidst cute moments and adventurous challenges.
Recomendado por Charlotte
FL and ML are both in their mature age. The chemistry is SIZZLING, I'm telling you. I f you don't find L&D's ML attractive, please try to give it a couple of episodes. He's honestly the best god of war character that I've watched, and I'm saying this while I'm absolutely biased for a different xianxia drama. FL is weak in a sense, but she has her own identity, is brave and never backs down!
Recomendado por Sora
A story of suspense, love, martial arts and revenge. In a gothic atmosphere Ju JIng Yi is Yan Cai Wei who appears with a new face to take revenge on her husband, the alleged criminal who tried to kill her. But she will discover that he is innocent and that he loved her from beginning to end. They will face 4 clans to uncover old cases in the city. He is the magistrate, the most beautiful man in the world who does consider beauty a burden. The two will defeat their enemies and reveal the main case solved.
Recomendado por eliteles1
Both dramas have
-Strong, smart female leads
-Strong male leads
- Have immortal sects, Deity elements
- Both drama is Romance and fantasy dramas.
- Have gorgeous costumes and strong cgi
Recomendado por Aiishi
Fantasy action melodrama with romance
Supernatural beings
Falling in love
Action packed
Recomendado por Natalie Rodriguez
Both have strong female leads
Story about Immortal God in love with Phoenix
Struggles between duty and forbidden love
Recomendado por Alyoops
One is the drama, the other a variety show with the cast (somewhat) in character in a different setting and plot.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
Both are historical/fantasy stories with Lin Geng Xin and Zhao Li Ying playing opposite each other as the main couple.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
Both of the dramas have a very high budget production and CGI which makes Fights looks supercool ... FL in both dramas are more than badass ... both of them involve mortal and immortal arc ...
if you love angst then Ancient love poetry should be a first preference ...
Recomendado por aayushblink04
A tale of love and adventure between an immortal fox and an artisan goddess. An eternal love that will face enemies in heaven and on earth.
Recomendado por eliteles1
- Tranquility aesthetics,
- FL in TLOSL and ML in MLT are heroes that despite being frail are ready to defend people,
- calm and patient leads
Recomendado por Linh Le
- pretty shots,
- ML saves FL and takes care of her,
- ML and FL live together,
- ML older than FL,
- both dramas show slow paced life of a couple together
Recomendado por Linh Le
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