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the whole wait for kinnporsche was really worth it. you can see the difference between the first trailer and the second one. plus the ctors have put so much dedication and hardwork in this show omg. I'm telling u you're gonna love it. especially if you're a bl obsessed fan. like seriously, 3 awesome directors working together means super satisfying outcome. and let me tell you, you may think your favorite characters would be porsche or kinn but in the end its always gonna be vegas ??
highly recommended. just.. be prepared for the thrilling ridee
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Mademoiselle Noir
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Jul 12, 2022
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When it was great, it was great. When it was bad, it was reallllly bad.

How to start this?

Was I disappointed? Yes.

To be fair, the crazy amount of teasing and build-up kind of set my expectations ridiculously high.

This drama is a mess. It starts out fucking epic. I got Night Manager vibes, which was a great sign. Then, I think after episode 7, it started to lose itself. There were still some great scenes with good dialogue, interesting symbolism, cool fight scenes, amazing cinematography, and fantastic acting. But, they weren't the majority.

Obvious Problems:
#1. Let's be honest here, the third couple was unnecessary. Screentime devoted to them could have been put to better use.
#2. Unnecessary connections. Not every character needs a thread from their past connecting them to everyone!
#3. Once the main couple got together they both got really stupid, fast. Lol.

Other Problems:
#1. While this was more comedic than serious the comedy was still a bit much at times.
#2. The story should have been more focused on the mafia aspect. Sometimes it felt like a side story.
#3. The finale seemed to throw everything at the wall. Will I get over the shorts? No, I will not!

Saving Graces:
#1. Vegas. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. He ate up every scene. The visceralness of him was on another level. He made me conflicted, which is what some of the best characters do. One moment he was clearly the bad guy, the next he was a shivering puppy, and then he was a mix of everything. Bible . . . Just . . . Wow.
#2. Pete. God, the emotions he made me feel. He deserved so much more screentime.
#3. Vegas and Pete. They made me want to skip scenes with Kinn and Porsche. THEY MADE ME WANT TO SKIP SCENES WITH KINN AND PORSCHE! Also, they made me write a poem.
#4. Tankhun. Iconic! He is THE moment!

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Jul 11, 2022
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What it was, what it could've been...

When KinnPorsche was announced, Trapped was nearly the only action BL you could refer to. This appeared to be even darker & grittier, so it was instant anticipation for me. Fast forward to 2021, the promotion of KP begins and they’re really pushing its mafia themes. So when the drama finally airs and there are shootouts, fighting and killing; I think to myself "This is my kind of thing. Why don’t I feel immersed in this world of crime?". Well… because the world building in this series is slim to none. The way Porsche falls asleep during his orientation and gets thrown into his bodyguard duties with no knowledge of the organization, sums up how I felt as a viewer. lol

After awhile, it sinks in that the mafia themes are mostly superficial and the screenwriter's portrayal of organized crime doesn't get much deeper than men in suits carrying guns and having meetings. After 14 episodes, I’m left with a very vague understanding of what dealings/activities Kinn’s family actually takes part in. The writer relies so heavily on the viewer’s general knowledge of mafia culture that there’s barely a build-up or explanation for anything that occurs. At one point they have to defend their territory from a rival gang and I could only wonder what that “territory” was. Do they control all of Bangkok? Some of it? Is it even Bangkok? And what do they do within this territory? Drugs? Prostitution? Money laundering? There’s not enough to go on, but I could sense the writer telling me “it’s mafia stuff, just go with it”.

Eventually the series does reach a point where it feels like events are properly built up and connected to an overarching story- towards the end. When the mafia stuff is put aside and it focuses on the death of Porsche’s parents. This is also around the time Vegas and Pete offer us the unconventional romance and fatal attraction that was surprisingly missing from the main couple. They weren’t perfectly executed, but done well enough to steal my attention from the main plot.

In conclusion: I enjoyed the characters, their wild & funny interactions, the no-holds-barred expression of sexuality, and the badass action sequences. But story-wise, I'm perpetually torn between liking this as a BL, and being disappointed that it's a hollow shell of a crime drama.

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This is one review that I have absolutely looked forward to writing, I mean I have read the novel and they have been teasing us with this show for two years, so how could I not be looking forward to this. But my reviews have eight areas:
1. Introduction
2. General Review, Themes, Specific Issues
3. Story arc and Storylines
4. Characters and Casting
5. Acting
6. Misses
7. Production
8. Rewatch Value

You do not know how long we have waited for more adult themed BLs something happening outside just a university something more intense and that's KinnPorsche. I mean this show makes a lot of promises and so far, it has delivered so well on most promises, they promised to be different, the series promised to be interesting, it promised to be great, and I mean it is giving me a lot of the things I want in a series. it is making me laugh, it is making me happy, it is making me feel towards the character, it is just giving me joy, it has also disappointed and failed in others, but it is all fine. Of course, the theme of this series is a mafia family, but more specifically the son of the mafia and a person that becomes his bodyguard right and the love that kind of develops there. it is easy going it is funny without necessarily losing its seriousness, it has great production, its budget is obviously present because everything is so top notch. so, I absolutely love this.
Now, I won't lie and say this BL is a 100% in all areas because there are certain places where you genuinely need to put your logic aside to appreciate it but on an overall, I give it a pass because of what the series does in so many other areas and what is successfully achieves.

General Review
OK on general this series is beautiful
1. I love how lighthearted this series can be, but at the same time it does not take away from the overall seriousness and danger that is each character faces. we see that it's definitely going to handle very serious issues for example Porsche and Che family story, the things that have messed up Khun and Kim, and so many other societal issues that are very important to address but at the same time they give me comedy they make me laugh, which I think is one of the best things that is series can do because while it's important to have those moments of serious discussions those moments of going into real issues, it's also important for the viewer to get moments of Comic Relief.

2. I also think another thing that is important is the idea that it shows that even though you are born into the mafia you are not born without a heart when you leave in a condition long enough you get desensitized to it. Were Kinn and Vegas the perfect men? HELL NO, if anything Vegas deserves therapy and jail, and Kinn deserves a year or two in prison as well for his actions because a bad environment doesn't excuse the shitty actions that have been done, it just makes me understand the perspective from which the character is coming from and I must say that Kinn and Vegas are fighters. I respect Kinn because of the pressures he must face to survive in the mafia but somehow Vegas' story really made me feel bad for him in episode 12 and 13, and this is coming from me, a person who disliked Vegas as a character.

3. Observable Themes and Issues that can be picked from the series.

ABUSE - This is such an ever-present topic in this series and I know our fandom loves to justify the existence with the fact that it's a mafia series but what most people don't tend to understand or appreciate is that, we can accept the presence of it in the series while acknowledging that it is a form of abuse which in regular society should not exist.
Meaning = In the series, it is all right, in real life, it is unbelievably bad
But presence of abuse we see, Kinn and Porsche first time together, no matter how much we want to use the fact that he resisted Vegas and accepted Kinn, it doesn't change the fact that morally it was wrong for Kinn to take advantage of Porsche and we saw the clear after effects on Porsche and Kinn accepting several times after it was wrong. Another form of abuse is obviously Kan and Vegas asides physical abuse, we have the emotional abuse, it was so deep and psychological and Vegas always saw it as regular and this speaks volumes about how so many victims of abuse don't see anything wrong with the abuse they suffer (Note: I won't lie I was happy every time Kan slapped Vegas, it was like Kan was manifesting all the slaps I wish I could give Vegas for what he did to Pete amongst others).
Obviously, there was Vegas torture of Pete which I just absolutely hated; I will not write any further on that.

a. Social Pressures and Mental Health: Mental Health is a theme that stood out to me in this series from Vegas and Kinn and the specific set of social pressures that they faced especially with regards to the families they were born into. On Vegas' side we see what it is like to have, not just a physically abusive parent but a parent who constantly and consistently degrades their child, we see the inferiority complex that Vegas' suffers from and it is so bad and crippling that it puts him in constant with the main family trying to prove himself and worth. On Kinn's side we see the cost of having to give up your dreams and having to live a life you would rather not, I mean overall Kinn is one depressed guy without realizing it. So, I love that about the novel and series, how they can acknowledge these aspects of their characters making them that much more complex.

b. Getting married to the wrong person: Now, not a lot of people would have picked up on this but from Kan's character and his hostility to his Kids and the way he always insults Vegas, this is why you always make sure you don't end up with the wrong person, for your sake and the sake of your kids, so your parents don't get stuck with a shitty life because their parents couldn't use their head to think and just avoid getting married. Now where Kan was in love with Nampueng, to the extent he could kill someone else for her, he had no business being married to someone else and it reflects in how badly he treats Macau and Vegas.

c. Manipulation and playing with people's feelings: I intentionally did not say led on, because I feel Chay was not led by Kim, but he was manipulated. I hated how much their entire relationship was premised on what Kim needed, like it was really when Kim needed something and, on his terms, and we see the impact it has on Chay after the fact, like it is reflective of what happens with so many persons in reality especially dealing with someone who is emotionally vulnerable. Kim as a character just rubbed me wrong.

d. Value of relationships: Now this was something that particularly stood out to me in one place, I love Porsche but he was not the best brother or friend in certain instances, I mean I wasn't expecting him to be a hundred percent in all angles but there are places where I felt kind of disappointed in his decisions. An example of this was his agreement to bring Pete within Vegas' axis, I mean if he says he knows Vegas did what he did, there is absolutely nothing that would make me bring you into proximity of my friend. This action is paralleled against Pete willing to sacrifice himself to prove Porsche's innocence, I mean it just showed me a difference in valuation of their relationship. This is sadly representative of the reality of life that often people do not appreciate or value things as well as they should.

Any ways, I should end this segment here, so I am not going on and on

Story Arcs
All right so one of the story arcs we have here obviously is the story up of Kinn and Porsche falling in love, which is the main storyline, I think we will also have all trials and tribulations that they would have to face but we have several that are explored:

1. Kinn learning to love and be loved again after being previously hurt
2. Porsche experiencing a relationship that was all consuming
3. Vegas learning how love himself and also how to love and appreciate others as well (the only thing that bothers me in this story arc was the fact I am worried that Vegas might still not have a true sense of self-worth that is tied to his own independent value i.e. his value is lowkey reliant on Pete, hence his desperation for Pete, it's almost a miserable existence, so I don't know if the self-love aspect of this was fully executed well especially if the end goal was for Vegas to discover a new sense of identity. But I must note that because this is not the end of the series, they have said there would)
4. Pete's story arc covered how we can be broken, have our smile and light taken away from us, when we go to the lowest of the low and how often we do not deal with that so well especially after Vegas abused him.
5. Kim had no arc
6. Chay's arc was more of the naive first love, first crush and first heartbreak and how devastating those often tend to be for us.

Now for the storyline and Pacing of the storyline, there were places that I feel like they could have done better. An example is VegasPete storyline, in as much as I did not like VegasPete as a couple or the story arc I knew that would come with them, I feel if they were introduced earlier in the series i.e. an episode 8 instead of an episode 10, their relationship development in this season may have been more substantive. Another thing I was not a fan of in the story was how easy Porsche's character was made and it was such a diversion from how he was earlier introduced. They tried to manage way too many stories and it became a problem for them
But on an overall, I would give them praise for their handling of most parts of the storyline

Characters and Casting

Kinn, the Playboy mafia who surprisingly is openly gay, he has always been serious, he knows he going to inherit the family, so he has never had the time for excessive play. what is the same time we see a level of softness to him, and this is best portrayed by some of his reactions to Porsche? this better portrayed with how he first told his father and brother he loves Porsche as well as the entirety of episode eight. Now Kinn as a character is not the greatest, he is flawed, flawed in fact but what makes it eventually better is that he recognizes this, accepts it, and strives to be better in most instances. So, while I am not saying all his actions can be excused but I think as a character he is acceptable. Also casting Mile as Kinn somehow feels perfect, he embodies the essence of Kinn which was vital to the overall cohesiveness of the character

Porsche is an absolute idiot with zero survival skills or zero survival instincts, like a lot of times I worry for him, I am just like boy shut up. he is such a comedic relief and such a wild character; I absolutely love his character I mean. I think behind all the wildness we see this side of Porsche, where he must put on this happy face so hide all this stress and trauma that he has been through, and we get the first candid of his character when he is drunk with Kinn. When he admits to the struggles both having to care for himself and his brother this gives this level of understanding to why he acts the way he does, he has had to be a parent from when he was young. So, I absolutely love Porsche, Porsche is simple and forgiving, he cares deeply for those he cares for, even though he does not always make the best choice. Apo's casting was also good because he is just as wild as Porsche

Tankhun, our resident fashion icon and psychopath. I mean even in the novel I loved Tankhun but in the series is a breath of fresh air, I love how much he adds to a scene, he is easily my favorite character. Tankhun is the smartest Theerapanyakul brother, he is always so spot on in his analysis, that I am convinced he pretends to be insane to avoid duties. Tongs casting as Tankhun was fine because her embodied the character well

Pete as a character was also another beautiful character I loved, because of how foolish he could be and his beautiful smile and his impressive heart. I mean how this man legit believed Porsche was blocking punches with his neck has me worried, but I chose to interpret that as Pete's pureness, also he just had a really beautiful smile and his willingness to go into minor territory family just to prove Porsche was innocent of being the mole is everything you need to know of Pete as a character. Honestly seeing him break down after the abuse suffered afterwards absolutely broke my heart. On the casting of Pete, Build was a wonderful choice irrespective of all the baggage he came with. I am your Pet turned me off

Vegas as a character was a lot, but I must say, his English always made me question my life and morals potentially, because I know I hated this man but somehow every time he spoke English, my brain went back to factory settings, nah Bible as Vegas was near perfect but honestly Vegas the character was a vile and flawed, he gave me the creeps, which speaks volumes to Bible's casting. Perfect ending with Pete and Macau

I was originally skeptical of Barcode as Chay, but I must say that he did a fantastic job in embodying what Chay was meant to be, young, naive and in love. I absolutely loved when he blocked Kim

Kim, we do not talk about Kim in this house.

Acting was great on an overall bases, Apo did well in carrying the complex emotions of Porsche and Bible did exceptionally well as Vegas, personally they were the best actors of the series, I might rank Bible slightly higher than Apo but its close. Barcode as Chay was really good as well, especially where he broke down after Kim left him, also Kinn was good as well, I wouldn't say as good as Apo and Bible but the entire bathroom scene (I am not talking about the sex), but the part when he came in angry and smacked Vegas and shouted, I had chills, also his apologies always felt sincere, so there was that.

While I won't go on listing a ton of misses, one that particularly got to me was what they did with Porsche's character in specific aspects of his development, it's almost like they forgot that they gave him some traits, on an overall it didn't reduce from the character's purpose but it sure gave me a frown in certain places, an example being how easy he gave into Kinn, I was like at least give him a spine. Anyways here are other misses

1. What was the point of Kim's entire investigation? Like they made the investigation to be this huge thing that we should all be intrigued about and yes, for sure they piqued my interest. I was interested in what was going to happen. What would he discover? How would he use that information in the series to affect the dynamics of character interactions, when would he unveil the information? So many expectations from that arena and it just fell flat. Like he found out his father covered up Nampueng and her husband's death and he did nothing with it, he just went back to regular programing. Like what was the purpose of the investigation then? Why the stress over it?

2. Kinn and Porsche relationship/Tawan's return - The idea that KinnPorsche was the healthiest relationship in the series bothers me because they have three key issues; a. their communication is absolute shit, b. the trust is absolute nonsense, c. the starts of everything and this reflects in the Tawan situation. One thing I never understood is why no one ever questioned why and how Tawan was still alive, like he said he has been hiding with the Italians, but like everyone just accepted that he was alive like it was just another business day. which eventually of things, it does not really affect the series, but it was just a miss for me

3. None of their relationships were particularly the healthiest especially how they began. I mean overall of things; I know we like to say this is the mafia and all the other excuses that allows us to shove down our morals and principles while trying to enjoy some media content. But one thing that I did not particularly fancy in this series is the fact that none of their relationships started properly on healthy basis, we had the borderline rape/sexual assault of Kinn (note: I said borderline because legally in Thailand, it is not rape or sexual assault apparently), we had the very abusive abduction of Pete by Vegas and we have Kim lying to and manipulating Chay for his own purposes. Like none of these are particularly healthy and the idea that the storyline always had them falling in love with their abuser, I mean I understand this is meant to be a Mafia fic but honestly there are still somethings that are not so easy to stomach, this was one of those situations.

4. I did not like the Big and Ken endings, because it made no sense, like they did not even try to give a proper motivation for why Ken would betray the main family, just expected the viewer to accept it as given.

5. The explosion budget, LMAO, I was like, did they run out of budget in episode ten?

I do not think I need to say a lot on production, but I will, the budget of this and the dedication of crews to produce a good show was beautiful, watching the behind the scenes and all the effort put in was great. Another thing I loved was the cinematographic shots, like they had angles and views in this production, I am absolutely impressed (but there was episode ten and their explosions, hahaha)

Rewatch Value
Oh, I would rewatch this, it is a good drama and a breath of fresh air in the BL industry

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my opinion changed

my opinion changed everything about this show was good up to ep 7 any scenes with vegaspete boring yawn last 2 ish eps picked up got slightly better acting was great except for petes character

in my opinion kinnporsche is the best bl that has been made it surpasses every bl ive watched from the acting to the visuals the music everything it's so perfect. they had the best people on this drama from the cast to the crew. vegas defenders/apologists close ur eyes when u read this. <3
(what I liked/praise for the series)

the fact that this is a lot of the actors first acting job amazes me ive never would have guessed it but then again it did take almost 2 years to come out so it did give them a shit load of time to do workshops. the chemistry between all actors is amazing the writing is amazing but the plot felt weak half way. the cinematography is beautiful which is no surprise as they were also the cinematographer for, I told sunset about you which is another beautiful coming of age bl. the best actors in this series for me have to be mileapo they hold so much emotion even in the smallest of glances their acting is so natural. bible is such a great actor no doubt in my mind if an actor can make you dislike a character, they are doing a great job. builds acting needs to improve. As for the rest they did great as well but these actors performances stood out to me more.

When it came to the main couple I never got tired of them a lot of ppl found them boring once they settled for each other but personally they were adorable and had the best chemistry out of all couples. Their love and kiss scenes were so beautifully done the amount of passion and love that came from that. Porsche and kinn come from 2 different environments and I think it's important to understand kinn's pov on what caring means to him and how its very different to what it means for porsche even though they are the opposites of each other they balance each other out perfectly. In the end they trusted and supported each other they had a messy and complicated relationship and was great seeing them continuing to mature together .kinn is an example of character growth when it came to this series. Their relationship wasnt rushed also please watch the side story after ep 6 it helps to understand the shift of the relationship

also the little details in the show if u pay attention to the background you can always find them doing small tiny gestures example would be porsche covering chays eyes when the body bag is passing them and u have to look closely to see this happen.
music is a 10/10 the actors can actually sing ( praise the lord). free fall by slot machine is added to best intro songs the english version being about porsche and the thai version being about kinn im not going to get into the meaning but if you look at the lyrics for each you would understand. jeff sounds like an angel anytime why dont you stay came on i had to prepare myself for every emotion i was about to feel when watching the scene.

what i disliked vegas

i didnt like him with a blazing passion. sorry not sorry. i will not be moving on from the fact he had zero growth ppl moved on from the fact he tried to sa porsche more than once it wasnt addressed at all the fact porsche never found out aswell. the fact hes the reason that led porsche to being raped . he had no growth and daddy issues doesnt excuse his behaviour. i feel like why a lot of people like him is because of bible thats what happens when u get a hot actor to play a shitty character. but i will say vegas here and the vegas we get in the book i accept the vegas we get in the show more.

the plot was near to nothing and very confusing i understand it now but i still have a lot of unanswered questions that could be resolved if we actually get a 2nd season. but once i read people explaining the plot the more i understood you kinda need to overanalyze to understand. the plot appeared to disappear it was like that when it got to the middle it started off strong got weak in the middle and then ended strong. kimchay not getting their happy ending made me upset. i wanted a bit more mafia. honestly if they stayed true to the novel we all would of hated this drama. thats a given fact especially after the special chapter that was released. korn killing vegas dad after he was about to spill the truth if we dont get a season 2 we will never find out what it was. wasnt the biggest fan of vegaspete thats all im going to say or ill get jumped.

beware this is a mafia 21+ rated bl with 18+ rated scenes meaning there is a lot of sex and so on. one thing i loved that they did was that they didnt gloss over the fact that porsche was taken advantage of and showed the struggles he went through in ep 5. please dont drop this show if ep4 is a concern for you because we were warned about this exact thing we were told it was going to hold a lot of scenes that can trigger people so just do your research before you watch it. also again watch the side story after ep 6

this show has become one my favourites it has set the standard of what theses shows can do im excited to see if anything can top it. people who will binge this will have a better experience then those who watched week by week. 7 day wait wasnt fun
overall kinnporsche is such a roller-coaster bl u will experience all types of emotions and u will be let down in some cases but its well worth it this show is very re-watchable. i was happy to be apart of the 15 weeks(a week was skipped) this aired and i will miss this show so much
this review is messy still but im too lazy to become Shakespeare and write some groundbreaking review.

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Drama with Trigger warnings ⚠️

It is a boss- employee romance.
But let me warn you for the process of romance development.
The mafia boss, Kinn was already feeling something for his bodyguard, Porsche and so when one day his bodyguard gets kidnapped and he finds him at an unconscious state(he was drugged) with bite marks all over his body(attempt of rape) while trying to take care of him, he gets uncontrollable and fucks him, well RAPE him.
And their love develops from this point.
I mean, are you kidding me?! How can some one fall in love with their rapist???? And how can it be normal?
Oh oh moreover, at this point of time Porsche was straight and Kinn was gay. ?
On kinn's defence ( well this is from the book, I dont remember the drama scene), kinn asked for poreche's consent for sex. Well he asked for consent from a drugged person and that's supposed to make sense?
And he also apologised after the incident, which made it all better????

This is not the only scene that calls for trigger warning but the whole show is filled with it.
• Vegas- Pete relationship could have been portrayed normally but who wants it to be sober?
What was their relationship? Was it Stockholm syndrome or Lima syndrome?
• so Kinn and Porsche are step cousins
Well the fans of 'Clueless' movie will love it ?

And there are many more......

I watched the drama 1st and then read the book, the book is worse. English translated book 1 is what I read, and almost every sex between Kinn and Porsche was forced. Kinn forcing Porsche, and it is supposed to be romantic?!

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KinnPorsche, close but not quite

Overall: I rated the first episode a 9.5. Unfortunately the series kind of fell apart for me, but there were some really good aspects. Although there's crack comedy (and some stupid comedy) parts, I would label KP as a mature series with major content warnings. Make sure to watch past the credits for the final episode. Watched on iQIYI (watched the uncut La Forte and also several episodes of the cut TV version)

Content Warnings: murders/deaths, attempted murder, suicide, threatened suicide, non con kissing and sex (drugged), dub/non con kiss (drunk), torture, manipulation, violence, fight scenes, blood and gore, kidnapping, pet death, breaking & entering, trauma/past trauma, physical abuse, self harm, drunk driving? 17/18 year old with 22? year old (this personally didn't bother me the way it was presented)

What I Liked
- intro song and the music fit the scenes well
- acting, especially Apo and his microexpressions
- some of the funny moments like that light shining on Porsche in the bar as if he's sent from heaven in ep 1
- really lovely cinematography such as the bathroom scene in episode 7
- beautiful and well thought out lighting
- Porsche and Porschay brother relationship was super sweet
- that Kinn and Porsche were realistically horny after they got together
- a more unique premise (we don't have many BL mafia series)
- fun product placements like that bread in the bed
- the free, shorter TV versions are cut really well and it doesn't ruin the series, they toned down/cut some of the violence and sex/nudity in the shorter versions as well as other parts (like cutting the toilet humor from ep 1 which I appreciated)

Room For Improvement
- disappointed with Porsche's character. In the first episode he's shown as a good fighter and intelligent but then it all goes downhill. He does some of the stupidest things, speaking of...
- really stupid decisions from multiple characters (somehow Tankhun is the smartest brother...), Kinn saying he forgot something - really???
- back to Porsche. It's so odd how the character felt about the mafia in episode 1 to where he ends up in the finale with apparently no internal struggle.
- lack of character growth with KinnPorsche, they are terrible at communicating and trusting one another. I wanted to see them work thru this and grow together. Kinn continued to seek his father's approval and I wanted him to start breaking away.
- stark tonal changes. At the end of episode 10 there was no time to grieve, just farting in the bed. I think humor can go well with a darker tone (like Our Flag Means Death) but going from torture to silly scenes did not work for me.
- non logic: owning an expensive motorcycle and having no money, going clubbing with only 3 bodyguards when someone wants you dead, knowing how to spearfish but not that a small knife won't cut through bone, clean shaven after 3 days in the wilderness, lack of police, no one wears bullet proof vests ever
- the dub/non con with KinnPorsche although I appreciate that it wasn't immediately glossed over, there was apologizing and some selfless acts
- Vegas and Pete needed more screen time. I really wish we had seen Pete have a wet dream with Vegas and Pete as a masochist earlier. Also that he purposefully got caught because he was attracted to Vegas. Their relationship felt Stockholm Syndromey and was very rushed. The sex scene needed less music and more actual sounds from them, a steadier camera and some research on BDSM.
- Kim/Porschay, they needed more screentime as well. I was confused by Porschay's intensity as it seemed they were together for a short time but in a later episode Kim looks back at a bunch of pictures of them together and it made me think they dated for longer than I thought.
- camerawork was a little too shaky during action scenes
- replacing swear words with things like "fudge" WTF? We see multiple murders but using swear words is too much (I didn't take off points for this though as maybe the production couldn't control the subs)
- it felt like maybe too many twists at the end, definitely felt like a set up for season 2

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Jul 9, 2022
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No geral 7.0
História 4.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 6.0
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bodyguard, mafia, cohabitation, BDSM, he’s a monster but he’s my monster

Adapted from a Y-novel and with real rough beginnings in terms of switching production houses, funding, and distribution which showed in a shaky point of view, weak script, and poorly distributed of couple weight and pacing. By about 3 episodes in I just got pissed off at this show, it was largely inconsistent in all ways which I think is all production issues. It should have been better. It should at least have been as good as everyone else seemed to think.

However at 50% car porn 50% actual porn I was game. (That said I got no chemistry from KimChay - I think it was a BIG mistake to switch out Gameplay, and had real issues with several of KinnPorsche’s sex scenes.) The fight sequences were excellent and Kinn’s eyebrows are like seriously aggressive caterpillars - I was half afraid they’re going to strike out on their own, take up the rainbow flag and join the march in Not Me. There’s also a lot of Fighter-inspired shirts (Why R U?) in this show. I suppose mafia DOES have a long tradition of chest forward narrative.

VegasPete were in one drama; KimChay were in another; KinnPorsche were in each of those randomly but then sometimes in their own extremely slapstick cheese-fest alt-reality + Tankhun. There were clearly 2 directors with 2 distinct and conflicting points of view, who apparently never had a single conversation with each other. Was this show good? Nope. Was it absorbing as fuck? Sure. Was it well acted, absolutely. Were the sex scenes great? Yes. We the fight scenes awesome? Actually yeah (special props to Jeff for the hand-to-hand stuff). Did I enjoy the kinky bits? Certainly. But all that said: the VegasPete universe of KP was the only universe I really enjoyed and would like to revisit, and I only got that 1/5 of the time. Mathematics is working against this one, for me personally. So I guess I, at least, am still waiting for the perfect mafia BL. I think it might be up to Japan at this juncture. As a result of fan fervor meets my own hearty indifference, I don’t really know how to judge this show but I have to go with my heart, and KP didn’t win it. No full review, enough people have weighed in on this one, you don’t need my thoughts too.


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Jul 11, 2022
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No geral 10
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.5
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Everything about their relationship flies in the face of all that I know is LOVE. This couple breaks into your vulnerability and turns you weak for them. They’re deeply, violently kinky, and that just does it for me, and no amount of moral's can make me doubt that what they have is real. Pete and Vegas are both people who protect their hearts, they have chains locked around their emotions so it's hard for them to define any of this. They are closed off to the world and maybe they will be each other's freedom but it starts as an understanding. Vegas is seeking validation so he doesn't want to hurt Pete because he is the only one who can provide it. He unlocks something new and exciting far from reality and beyond heaven but not hell. It's again something right but at the same time wrong. Their relationship simply can't be described in black and white. The last close-up in ep 12 is very important with Pete is smiling like he feels fulfilled about unlocking this side of him, he finally allowed his dark side to come to the surface and it's clear he feels liberated.

The dynamic between these two characters is too complex to decipher. Both of them wear professional crafted masks. Vegas is a psycho seemingly without empathy. Pete, on the other hand, is a ray of sunshine with a layer of darkness underneath. Pete's desires are covered and Vegas is bringing them to the surface, we can already see that in episode 11-- he physically reacts when Vegas licks his face, his eyes close, he is shivering under vegas's tongue. Pete feels connected to Vegas because of his own childhood, they are bonding over their trauma and Vegas is reticent to connect with Pete but the chains are already tied between them both and there is no escape any more. Both Vegas and Pete will cave in irrevocably. And we can see the last drop of their self control when the hedgehog dies. Pete chooses to console him and Vegas willingly let's him. When Vegas hurts himself, Pete is finally discovering the unseen hatred he has towards himself and he tries to reason with him without success until Vegas brings his layered, cold behavior out again. He tries to lure Pete in a new game thinking he won't play along but Pete surprises him and takes the lead, easily winning. Vegas uses his body as a catalyst and it's electrifying. Their body language lays everything they feel bare for the audience to see. They are tiying the chains around them tighter, they strengthen their connection through physical attachment. An other thing I want to point out is Vegas's blood type. AB means universal receiver, he will take any love he can get because he's that starved for it and Pete's blood type is O which means universal donar, he has the capacity of loving anyone and this is a clear metaphor for the receiving dynamics and I admire the details in the show.

In the end Vegas is the one who is trapped. The same man who likes to be ahead of everyone, who is calculated enough to over do everyone, simply doesn't know what to do anymore. He is scared. He is actually afraid of the consequences because it'll all be like a chain reaction. He is the vulnerable one despite being free, he may not have physical restraints but I assure you his head is in a cage.

Now compared to the novel, their story seems to go faster than the speedlight, it's extremely rushed and I don't think that what they have is anything rational to begin with. To me it seems like they developed an emotional support that they gradually got addicted to. Vegas is layered with so much affection but there is an unabashed violence to this because of his trauma as for Pete, he seems to free himself into chains, he was masked with this fake appearance his entire life and now Vegas undressed him, leaving his dark side exposed and Pete can finally be himself. Vegas is the other way around, he can be evil when he pleases but his sensitivity must be hidden from the world, with Pete he is able to let it out. They are literally like Yin and Yang. They need each other for balance. Pete needs Vegas to be dark and Vegas needs Pete to be light. It's not love, it's balance.

The scene where Pete was "eating" the ramyeon and breaks down crying reminded me that he is alone, no one really knows him beside Vegas.

Vegas and Pete can't kill each other because if one of them dies, the other will crumble. If one of them is hurt the other one will shatter in pain. That's why Pete couldn't pull the trigger.

They honestly broke my heart, together & individually.

Also can we talk about the tenderness with which vegas treats Pete in the moments where he lets himself be vulnerable? He looks at Pete like he's the most precious thing he's ever laid his eyes on, he touches him as if he was a fragile treasure that was too frail to break. Especially when he comes down from his anger and suddenly turns into a little puppy, you see his eyes change and you realize he is guided by his feelings for Pete.

Honestly, even though their story is going faster than expected it surprises me how a few episodes managed to get me this invested, the writers are following through with all the angst and twisted devotion between them and it's truly gratifying to watch. I think the development was carefully done and rightfully so because it's a very complex story and I’m so happy both characters have been given adequate time to process their individual trauma and desires.


Porsche and Chay display their affection through physical service act of service, their care is established properly and visibly. And for kinn is the exact opposite, within his family It's always the small details that covey their feelings. They are used to different environments and I think it's important, kinn's perspective on what " caring " means is very different in contrast to what it means for Porsche, they are different but somehow the same and I loved to see their journey together, they balance each other out so well. They ended the season trusting each other, going through various extreme situations together, fighting together, keeping their mutual attraction. They had time to built their relationship, they were cared by the creators and it shows, nothing was rushed and it was all perfectly executed.


The power imbalance between them is more celebrity/fan. For most of their relationship, Chay has seen Kim through rose-colored glasses. Because Chay was obsessed with the celebrity, there’s still a lot to be discovered with their relationship and their feelings together. But there is definitely a change in control now compared to how it started, and I’m interested to see how it will evolve in season 2.


I'll give a special row of lines to Build. Those screams are just so raw and extremely convincing. He truly made me believe his pain is real. Bible was so great with Vegas as well, I was shocked to find out how introverted and shy he is in real life, I have deep respect for them. Bible sells it at every moment, he is magnificent in his role. For every one of Pete’s panicked, despaired looks, Vegas returns an equally unsettling one, their dynamic on set is actually mindblowing. Vegas is such a convincing manipulator, he is a master minded psychopath and it’s hard to distinguish him. We see Vegas's eyes seizing Pete, analyzing him with each stare and there’s a degree of arrogance there as if he's trying to be superior when in reality he's inferior. The way they both observe with the details of their eyes is immaculate. They are delivering.

Mile and apo's friendship is so authentic and real compared to so, so many actors and musicians and other entertainers who work together and claim to be close, but these two seem incredibly bonded and their connection is brought onto the screen which makes their acting even more phenomenal, their chemistry feels natural and it's easy to watch them without cringing one bit.

Jeff and barcode managed to steal my breath for each 5 minutes of the little screen time they had, with such a short amount of time they succeed to convey so many emotions and draw the audience so deep within their story.


I can only describe this show as vulnerable -- It was done so tastefully and grounded in humanity. It was sexy yes, but it was fragile. It was immaculate accompanied by the perfect scenery and an outstanding cinematography, watching their love bloom was so heart wrenching but evenly so beautiful.


The fantasy is aimed at the people who are mature enough to see it for what it is, and to distinguish between the morality and ethics of real life and those of a immoral fictional universe, if anyone is questioning the series based on the representation of a healthy relationship then you shouldn't watch it.

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Abr 3, 2022
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No geral 8.5
História 7.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 8.5
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Long-Awaited Seduction Into A DARK CONCEPT !!

Exceeding Expectations. And Then Again Disappointing. It´s wild.

This painstakingly created series is expected to be one of the most controversial, hardest and longest emotional rollercoasters in 2022 and it has also been highly awaited by the entire LGBTQI+ film community.

However, if you easily feel offended by toxic tropes then I recommend you reconsider watching this series !!

Production / Music >> 9.5 >> 9.0 >> 8.5
As already seen in the first trailer – deleted by now – KinnPorsche has always been visually incomparable to other series. Even with their delay in airing and producing, the fandom has been faithfully waiting for this visual masterpiece to finally air. Given the second trailer and after watching the first episode, I know that KinnPorsche will lift the visual standards of LGBTQI+ shows to another level. Additionally, for those who don´t know me, I am a sucker for dark concepts and for what has been displayed so far with the lighting and colouring, my eyes are blessed and my creativity is exploding.

Combined with the series' soundtracks – e.g.: Slot Machine´s “Free Fall” – this entire show seems so unreal in quality, especially since it has a heavier and more challenging plot and concept than most LGBTQI+ series in the past. Therefore, I think they can still fail in the execution of a good story, but they have lifted the standards for the cinematography and consequently, I´ll predict this to blow up and get at least an 8.0 rating on MDL - excluded any crucial errors such as misrepresentation of fundamental issues, e.g.: LGBTQI+, toxic relationships, abuse, etc. I, however, doubt they will fail in the portrayal of those.

Let´s especially praise the Cinematographer (Maneerat Srinakarin) and the Screenwriter (Pond Kritsada Wittayakachondej), for perceiving the possibilities of this concept's aesthetics and implementing them successfully, as well as the Editors and Production in general.

Plot / Story >> 7.5 >> 8.5 >> 9.0 >> 8.0 >> 7.5
So far, I´ve been satisfied with the introduction to this series and its concept. However, even though the plot is exciting and thrilling, "it is not that innovative yet and therefore I need more episodes to change my mind and give it an 8 or higher". At some points, it was just so random, and the entire mafia thing got a bit laughable.

BUT Then I continued watching and changed my mind A BIT. Despite the aspect of some lack in the stories innovation, I am a total sucker for these sorts of concepts, and in the past, I´d just blindly give it a 10 BUT I´m trying to not let my excitement take over my rationality. However, if my rating was based on my own excitement, this rating would surely have a different outcome.

Cast >> 9.5 >> 10.0 >> 9.0
The entire training the actors have been going under in 2021 has finally paid off and the series successfully cast very talented individuals for each role. Especially Apo has been well chosen as Porsche, his personality finds shelter and rises like “The Phoenix”. Mile takes our breath as toxic-tinged Mr Kinn, who exudes a bold and decisive charm like Mile himself. The result is well-cast Main roles.

However, I will not forget to give the supporting cast all the praise. It´s just that I could write so many paragraphs about them - trust me I did that - but I´m trying to keep it short. Honestly, Bible did not only put effort into acting out Vegas but he also committed a lot to the KinnPorsche Story by translating Daemi´s book. I´m happy to see that the involved people also enjoy being part of this huge project. Love it!

Rewatch Value >> 9.0 >> 9.5 >> 9.0 >> 8.0
So far so good. Since this sort of concept is always extremely pulling me in and my disappointment in “Golden Blood” is heavily weighing down on me, I am quite sure this will be one of the shows I will come back to at least twice, if not more often. Therefore, my overall rating so far is a solid and well-deserved 8.5 and had chances to be a 9.0 if they had increased the story's uniqueness and matched it to their incomparable cinematography/ visuals.

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No geral 6.0
História 1.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Musical 7.0
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Plot who? We don't know her!

I waited impatiently for months for the series only for my excitement to be replaced with disappointment as each episode aired...

The Good:

For a majority of these actors, this was their first ever series. Despite this, I felt that overall, the acting was extremely solid and great! Biggest props and kudos to Bible, who in my opinion was definitely the scene stealer of the show. Also BibleBuild as a pair, despite the plot line that their characters had, blew me away with the amazing chemistry and tension that they have every time they are onscreen throughout the series.

This is no Korean Drama, but for a Thai BL, the cinematography is pretty great. Though towards the end of the series the quality of this did start to drop... BUT then again, the cinematography of Thai BL's in general this year have improved significantly... so having good cinematography is honestly nothing special anymore...

The Bad:

Poor Writing. Plot who? We don't know her!
I didn't know that you could take garbage (the novel) and make it even worse (the series)... but they managed to do it! LOL
I can't even begin to count the number of plot holes and "oh how convenient" moments there are throughout this series... The pacing of each episode and of the series in general is extremely off. If you really think about it (which I unfortunately did...), the story makes NO sense. ZERO. NONE. There were a lot of unnecessary scenes and things that did not need to happen and that they could have cut out of the show, but if they did that the episodes would end up being 10 minutes long LMAO

I don't understand the point of having an ensemble of 16 when you can take more than half of the characters away and there would be absolutely zero difference or change to the story/plot. Most of the characters ended up being extremely flat, 2 dimensional and have no real substance or development to them. Macau for example, who could've been used to show more of Vegas's soft/human side in the beginning, was completely disregarded. Half of Ta's screen time was him literally sleeping...

I refuse to go into an in-depth review of the couples because i'm way too sober for that right now but just know that I bought none of the relationships. And not just the romantic ones... even the sibling relationships were barely touched on or utilised to their fullest potential. It honestly upset me that the one and only scene we got of Kinn, Khun and Kim in the same frame together was in the LAST episode... and that was it... just one scene...

What is this? A comedy? A dark and toxic mafia story? Because it missed the mark on BOTH of those. Most of the jokes were super cringy, childish and did not land well at all... If you want to be dark and toxic, then BE DARK AND TOXIC. Them refusing to commit to the dark and toxic theme just made these characters feel super OOC at times.

If anything, this series just proved to me that all you need for a successful BL series is hot men who can act, good cinematography and a whole lot of unnecessary sex scenes. A good script and plot that makes sense is not needed.

In conclusion, I think that KinnPorsche is still watchable as long as you don't expect anything from the storyline/plot.

Also (very) unpopular opinion but I hope that they will just let the KinnPorsche franchise die after this because I really truly want to see these amazing actors acting in stories that are actually worthy of their talent.

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Jul 12, 2022
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No geral 1.0
História 1.0
Acting/Cast 4.0
Musical 7.5
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A thorough disappointment

KinnPorsche the Series actually said bring sexy back. Sexy being Non Consensual drugged sex and varying forms of unacknowledged sexual assault between a mafia boss and a trauma-bonded man he rapes after kidnapping and making an offer he can’t refuse on pain of harm to his family.

This story depicts a full on masc4masc agenda, prioritising of white, cis, male, western, English speaking fan aesthetics and preferences, while sidelining femme characters who would normally be the stars in an Asian BL, in favour of cis men who would undoubtedly screen out most of the mlm who paid good money to support KPTS with: “No [Redacted], No [Redacted], No [Redacted].

Clearly the studio/crew comprised mainly of cis gay men wants to appeal to more men - a worthy goal, and men want to see lots of casual sex, but the legacy of Kinn Porsche’s pornificaction of live action BL could very well mean very little attention will be paid by investors to innovative, high quality BL storytelling that treats complex themes with even the minimum care and attention they deserve, for some time to come. “Fetishizing fujoshis” will still somehow get the blame for this but I can assure you women fans of BL did not ask for this.

Everything that women, queer or not, and femmes ran away from mainstream gay media to escape was forced back down their throats for 14 excruciating and traumatic weeks with the blanket hyper masculine, Stepford wife agenda of this series.

There is a bigger issue with what happens to art when big capital gets involved and the way it tends to reenforce the status quo but that’s a separate discussion. It is the production company first and foremost that is guilty of professional malpractice and it is disturbing but inevitable that the unethical practices behind the scenes - sexual harassment, homophobia and misogynistic behaviour, embarrassing scandals and infighting, with no consequences, are exactly the same ones reflected in how the story is conveyed onscreen. They are the same people after all; the art can never be better than the artist.

The basic problem with this Anti-BL is that the writing, mediocre as it was, is consistently from the perspective of the rapists/predators and the writers repeatedly insert textual ambiguity that invites the viewer to empathise with the power-holders rather than the victims of abuse which is the antithesis of romance BL. Spoiler Alert: This profound power imbalance is never eroded throughout 14 episodes.

In both sets of rape scenes the power-holder has emotional depth, complicated backstory and whimsical feelings of guilt along with innocence behind his actions while the victim has a disproportionate amount of motivation, agency and accountability attributed to him for the sexual assaults he endures - very much upholding a regressive status quo that already affects queer men severely.

Every flaw in this blatantly homonormative series is actually intentional and that’s what makes it so alarming. Both the production on screen and the way the studio treats its actors and fans, especially the psychological operations delivered through marketing, is seriously unethical especially from a well capitalised studio that has so many eyes globally on its first so-called BL, and its audience was so large it could end up giving the genre in Thailand a name that will be hard to recover from, but at the same time be so commercially sucessful judging by views, that investment for more BoC content could crowd out investment for more high quality productions such as from Nadao which are starved for investment while producing much higher quality series which are actually BLs. What’s the central conflict? We still have no idea despite the new characters and arcs forced into the final minutes of the final episode, not to conclude the story but to open the door to more exploitative money-making for a threatened season 2.

Even in the way writers/directors treated the first rape scene the focus was more on diminishing KP fan’s dislike of Kinn so he could be effortlessly “redeemed” enough for fan service to be lucrative, and less on portraying bad men doing bad things, which is why they couldn’t commit to delivering a rape scene as what it wasn’t- a rape scene, as they ought.

Writers didn’t have the skill to write a compelling redemption arc so they made the bad men “less bad” in the first place; according to the writers Porsche and Pete “welcomed their rapes” as well as their emotional and abuse. Logics of good storytelling were abandoned to prioritise commercial marketability of the actors.

Furthermore KP is fujoshi bait, what you get when your intention is to make toys for boys but you need the superior numbers, social media engagement and higher propensity to spend on their faves that only women bring to fandom but men do not. Hence the upside down, inappropriate and superficial application of some BL tropes which shows the team failed to do its research into the work BL tropes are meant to be doing. Why try to enter the BL industry if you have this level of contempt for its defining features of its fans?

Targeting women fans shows at least they understand the business of BL even if not the substance of the content. Because commercial viability of the ships was always more important that telling a good story in BoC decision making, is for eg why fans ended up in a virtual civil war over the fact that CPs that were given elaborate focus in the marketing promos ended up having little (Vegas/Pete) or no story arc whatsoever (Time/Tay) in the actual script.

Instead of a bad-faith production that looked like it was comprised of scraps off the cutting room floor, Kinn Porsche The Series could’ve hired quality screenwriters to create something awesome and chose not to but to spend instead on cynical marketing tactics and over-saturated colour grading. If an exploitative, mediocre drama with stressful and exasperating mess in front and behind the camera, topped off with pointless sex scenes that are decidedly Not sexy is what you’re looking for, then this series is for you.

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