- both are bls
- both are related to gang activity
- both have action
- both have strong leads
- both are different from the usual university bl series
Recomendado por hellkitty
It's a story about the mafia and also there is the same type of relationship except secondary and main in both of them there is a similarity of 90 percent between them
Recomendado por Hyo Amira
Both series have a mafia heir as their main characther seducing an outsider and the trailer have some look alike scenes.
Recomendado por crlsb
Cinematically beautiful, exceptionally well made, complicated enemies to lovers trope, clubs, underground, mafia, dubious concent, usage of illegal substances.
Recomendado por Sheherezada
Can I say that both have that ‘mafia’ thingy and that black magic. The difference is it romance and how subtle they present the entire story… still love it tho
Recomendado por flower__kha
‘Kinnporsche’, like ‘Golden Blood’, is an upcoming Thai drama. Both these dramas feature a boss/employee relationship between a bodyguard and his principle. However, the dynamic between the couple and the storyline are very different.
Recomendado por chiha
both mafia themed with a dark and gritty storyline. both have great production, chemistry, acting, casting and soundtrack
Recomendado por taxianlan
- Angst
-Some characters have toxic traits or hidden trauma
-More mature theming.
- Some fighting
-Family issues
-Intense romance build up and progression

Recomendado por CosmicLouise777
Both involve the mafia and possess dark themes—incredible cinematography and acting with just a dash of comedy.
Recomendado por jadramas
Thai BL dramas with a Crime/Mafia theme. In both one of the leads is in constant danger and has to be protected by the other which brings them closer together and makes them fall in love. Plently of action, fighting scenes, violence etc.
Recomendado por Xiaole
Chemistry of Phayu and Rain much like KinnPorsche 's Vegas and Pete.
And Character Phayu is so similar to charecter Venice who is the son of Vages and Pete in the novel.
Recomendado por Rahimoon
Jeff Satur takes important roles in both series. They're both Thai BL series and for me, they're both 10/10!
Recomendado por mj_babec358
Like KinnPorsche, Triage has great production value, great ensemble of cast, not your usual BL, and will keep you hooked to your screen… Difference between the two, Triage does not have the sexy scenes. You get hooked coz of the solid plot, excellent script writing, and the unexpected heart pumping events. The high rating of Triage is proof of this outstanding series.
Recomendado por MC1966
Both are about BL couple, when one of them is connecte to the mafia, and the other dosen't. I didn't see MDGO yet, just a trailer but it seems like MDGO is more easygoing while KP is darker, with more action and intimacy.

yet, I still find the both comprable.
Recomendado por Linoy B
-> ML's looking handsome in suits
-> Kinn and Nawee both want to employee porsche and Aiaoon respectively (different reasons) and use different methods for that
-> Aiaoon and Porsche both has younger brothers . kinnPorsche family have past similarly Nawee Aiaoon family has past
-> Nawee and Kinn fathers of these two are in negative role and jerks

-> Kinnporsche is more darker than tuxedo
-> kinnporsche has better cinematography and more real story
-> kinnporsche has more budget and better acting and comedy
Recomendado por Levi16197
KinnPorsche The Series (2022) poster



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