- both are bls
- both are related to gang activity
- both have action
- both have strong leads
- both are different from the usual university bl series
Recomendado por hellkitty
Both shows are BL-series that offer a slight commentary on Thai politics and LGBTQ+ issues. The Eclipse has supernatural elements whereas Not Me is more realistic.
Recomendado por MAI
If you enjoy watching a bl with dark themes such as violence and suspense, then you would enjoy these two! Must watch bl's if that's your cup of tea.
Recomendado por Ella
They have some things similar but all in all they are both good and I think you will love it. check it out!!!
Recomendado por Asha
they have the same actors in both bl dramas, Jumpol Adulkittiporn aka off and Atthaphan Phunsawat aka gun. They are also both the couples in the bl's. and basically they are both bl dramas
Recomendado por Katelyn
0.0 Pluto (0)
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recomendado por Sleepy Strawberry
Both shows present and comment on social issues and one of the themes is revenge/karma/change. Both thai dramas are dark, gritty and feature lots of violence.
Recomendado por Sleepy Strawberry
The general feel is quite simmilar- deception, society issues, crime, family and love.

Both keep you on your toes until the very end and are highly engaging, with beautifully written, complex characters and intriguing and suspensful storylines.
Recomendado por m_potter
Both are about BL couple, when one of them is connected to the mafia, and the other dosen't. I didn't see MDGO yet, just a trailer but it seems like MDGO is more easygoing while NM is darker, with more action.

yet, I still find the both comprable.
Recomendado por Linoy B
Listen... if you liked the way the love scenes in Not Me were shot with all its sensuality, beauty.. Malila is worth checking out, because i feel like its equally entrancing. Both of the main characters are lgbtq too and their romance goes deep. Theres subtle commentary on social issues as well.
Recomendado por Sleepy Strawberry
Both are thai dramas that work as social commentary and critique and in which the characters try to enlist change in society. They tackle serious issues.
Mond acts in both as well and both shows feature twins and have characters that belong tl the lgbtq+ community.
Recomendado por Sleepy Strawberry
The plot of the dramas is not similar. Other than that, the production, the actors and their acting skills, and the message that wanted to be given to people and society are similar and pretty good compared to average Thai dramas. Both touch on sensitive topics and end with a powerful conclusion.
Recomendado por processus
Both are mafia and/or gang based dramas with a similar gripping storyline. Both of these dramas are also BL series but one is Thai the other is Taiwanese.
Recomendado por ScarlettaMay
Both are thai dramas by the same company (gmmtv) that star the same leading actors (off and gun) who are romantically intervined in both. Other than that theyre very different except for the main character not being who he claims to be, i guess.
Recomendado por Sleepy Strawberry
If you've liked either ITSAY or Not Me, then you should definitely watch the other one too. There's a high chance you'll like it as well.
While these series have quite different plots, they're both amazing and interesting!

Things ITSAY and Not Me have in common:
- interesting story, very gripping, you won't get bored while watching
- great acting and great characters
- beautiful scenery, stunning views, just really visually pleasing
- great, well fitted soundtracks.

Personally, I find them both to be one of the best Thai bl series I've seen so far.
Recomendado por itacze
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