It's interesting seeing the differences between Wooga Squad and BTS. The concept of In the Soop is the same, relaxing somewhere in the countryside with a group of friends, but its expressed differently. The original In the Soop has a larger cast with different personalities. Because of this, they often switch things up and try new things. If you're looking for something to watch that is peaceful and expresses the charm of friendship, then you should definitely watch more of In the Soop!
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In the soop with wooga squad

Recomendado por Saf
It is the same program and bts in the soop is really a good show which all bts members can enjoy their vocation in the peace place and do fun activities together
Recomendado por Energenni
in both shows, a group of boys go on a vacation together and spends relaxing time at a natural area.
Recomendado por amina binti hafiz
Just as healing as IN THE SOOP show, but they do more fun activities and games. It really makes you smile laugh until it hurts.
Recomendado por sia
Exact same premise but you are just watching how they manage their daily lives in an isolate location. All the activities will be created by themselves. It is set in a forest like area.
Recomendado por Wandering_Queen
It's the first season of this show. You can watch BTS enjoying their free time, being themselves with no worries.
Recomendado por Lalalandrama_
BTS In The SOOP (2020) poster



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