O Jogo do Detetive 3 Episódio 1

8.4/10 from 8 users
Jan 22, 2021
Kwang Soo is back! When a client asks the detectives to uncover which of his roommates is stealing his food, they enter a house filled with secrets. (Source: Netflix)

O Jogo do Detetive 3 Episódio 2

8.3/10 from 6 users
Jan 22, 2021
The team splits up to take on two cases: one involving a missing professor, and the other a gory murder inside an illegal gambling den. (Source: Netflix)

O Jogo do Detetive 3 Episódio 3

7.3/10 from 5 users
Jan 22, 2021
Investigating the disappearance of a woman's corpse from the morgue, the sleuths encounter a deadly operation with disturbing plans. (Source: Netflix)

O Jogo do Detetive 3 Episódio 4

8.1/10 from 7 users
Jan 22, 2021
With three women claiming to be his rightful fiancée, a wealthy heir calls on the detectives to deduce which he should marry. (Source: Netflix)

O Jogo do Detetive 3 Episódio 5

7.3/10 from 6 users
Jan 22, 2021
Following clues from a chilling message and a mysterious USB drive, the team races against time to save a hostage from being killed. (Source: Netflix)

O Jogo do Detetive 3 Episódio 6

7.3/10 from 6 users
Jan 22, 2021
After receiving a strange letter from a dead man, the detectives look for answers in his hometown — and from his four suspicious friends. (Source: Netflix)

O Jogo do Detetive 3 Episódio 7

7.2/10 from 6 users
Jan 22, 2021
A client in need of finding a lost boyfriend contacts the team for help, but they're not the only squad of private eyes who show up to take the case. (Source: Netflix)

O Jogo do Detetive 3 Episódio 8

7.5/10 from 6 users
Jan 22, 2021
As the team discovers the truths behind a mysterious organization, they question whether one of their very own could be hiding a dark identity. (Source: Netflix)

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