They both have a tones of fantasy realism and is related to the beings from the other world.

Island has a slight romantic/comedy touch while maintaining the element of mystery and horror (Which in my option is very hard to establish). The cast also has a wonderful chemistry with each other, which makes it a delight to the eyes.

This also has a part two (which is a continuation).
Recomendado por ashrose
Fantasy drama that fight ghost or demons... both short kdrama that you can binged watch all episode in one sitting...
Recomendado por Kenemers
It has a similar dark vibe to it.
Genres and tags: Horror, Thriller, Supernatural, Demons/Spirits,...
Recomendado por PellMell
Just like Hwal in Bulgasal, Van here is a tormented immortal male lead who wants to be free from living a life an abomination, a tasks that only the female lead can help the him achive...because of a promise made hundreds of years ago .........
Female lead who has lost her memorise of her past life Just like Min Sang had forgotten her's in Bulgasal
But Island definately has a better pacing and lottttt more action than Bulgasal ever had...
Recomendado por TanushreeDuttaS282
similar past lovers/ reincarnation vibes
cursed male lead and powerful female lead
male lead in search of female lead for decades
female lead has no memories of the past
Recomendado por rolliepollie
Both have fantasy element. COALG focus more on mystery and conspiracy while Island go deeper into the fantasy story. But both have subtle romance story. If you like fantasy drama with a slight romance, both dramas are definitely recommended
Recomendado por L_H
Both island season 1 and the uncanny counter have that comic vibed demon hunters
Extravagant rather than scary, with flashy action and bad cgi
Recomendado por XingBack
Both tells supernatural stories,people who are destined to meet, reincarnation,involves korean fairytale creatures
Recomendado por Purpleempress
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
Both are by OCN.
Both have supernatural, demons, monsters, exorcism, powerful monster. People join and face the monster.
However premises are slightly different as the guest is not confined to a island.

Both will have similar vibes, note island is in 22, so technological advances would enhance the visuals.

Both are recommended if you like the genre.
Recomendado por 7Adi20
Jang Ki Yong's past life character in Born Again is similar to Kim Nam Gil's character in Island:

Both are creepy serial killer Male Leads who despite it all, are oddly charming pitiable and full of angst and pain type of characters and in both the female lead shares his pain
Recomendado por JulySnow2
The trailer of Hellbound has very similar vibes with the Webtoon of Island;
both soon-to-be-dramas webtoon adaptions with supernatural monsters chasing characters
Recomendado por JulySnow2
Her iki dizide, sevdigi insan icin insan olmak isteyen biri var ve onlara engel olmaya cal?san varl?klar. Fantastik hikaye ve son bolumde olan taht cok benzedi. Aksiyon ve duygusal sahneler benzerdi
Recomendado por Guls6an
Both have horror elements/a darker tone, an immortal ML, and a reincarnated FL who is being chased by a monster/monsters.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
Island (2022) contains evil fighting religious duo Van and Priest Johan who fight against evil spirits through exorcism and Christian interventions accompanied by Won Mi Ho.
It does have the same setting to that of Dark Nuns in the main characters fight against otherworldly forces and have integral roles rooted in their faith.
Recomendado por paleplum
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