Fancy watching a crime procedural? But looking for something lighter in tone? These dramas are for you!

What both have got in common:
- Crime procedural -esque
- Action scenes
- Quirky characters
- Humour

Don’t let the lighter tone fool you, both feature excellent crime stories & cases. TFP has a stronger overarching arc, whereas TB has a more case of the week style.
Recomendado por hyeristorm
Both shows are short crime comedies, so if you enjoy one you'll enjoy the other. Funny enough our leads in both shows are actually dating in real life (Kwangsoo and Lee Sunbin).

The Killer's Shopping List
+Short Run Time (8 episodes)
+Focuses on One Crime
+Very fun secondary cast

TeamBull Dog
+Excellent leads
+Case by Case Drama with buildup to a final case
+The entire team is great and have very unique roles
+Love the dynamic between characters
Recomendado por sha
Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation is also an action comedy drama starring Cha Tae-hyun as a police office. Both of his characters in the drama have the same vibes and it also includes a team to solve crimes.
Recomendado por rosievans
Full of action
Male lead is a detective in both
Team bulldog is lighthearted and more comical compared to bad guys
Both male leads are obsessed over catching a person who potentially committed a big crime for a very long time
Both shows don't have only detectives working to catch criminals
Recomendado por Tharr3ey
Same genre (comedy, investigative); lead actress Lee Sun Bin appeared on both dramas playing almost similar roles as part of a team investigating.
Recomendado por stylishgirl
pretty much the same concept except in Mad Dog the main cases they are after is fraud, same set up and tone though, it has its cool moments, the fun team dynamics and nice action from time to time
Recomendado por Forever_Shawol
Super similar to this, has comedic moments, plot twists a good well rounded cast of characters and personalities. Cool team up fights, both gives off a similar vibe
Recomendado por Forever_Shawol
Similar genre: comedy, action, crime. Extreme Job is a movie while Team Bulldog is a series with 12 episodes. You will have a good laugh watching them.
Recomendado por mochimomogi
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recomendado por tyrabt
-no unnecessary romance
-police and forensic working in a team
-detailed forensic investigation
-include some humour
Recomendado por tyrabt
-no unnecessary romance
-police and forensic working in a team
-detailed forensic investigation
-include some humour
Recomendado por tyrabt
- Similar drama based on a profiler but with his team members, who identifies killers with their instincts & team work.
- Suspense/Action/Thriller/Mystery
- Plot twisting truth which gives me similar vibes
Recomendado por Selby Thomas
Both dramas have very similar vibe, fighting crimes and corruption
SL is hidden gem, with lot of funny moments
Recomendado por panda2017
Similar off-beat, comedic tone.

Both crime-solving related & features quirky characters.

Both good to watch when you want dive into crime stories but not wanting the heavy thriller-like intensity!
Recomendado por hyeristorm
Ragtag team of detectives fighting for justice. Comedy, wit, action. Every episode they tackle a case.
Recomendado por kdramadreaming
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