Both have the same producers and if you enjoy their storytelling as well as their sense of humor, you'll for sure enjoy watching Reply 1988 and get involved with the lives of the families in the neighborhood just like you can get involved with the stories of doctors in the hospital.
Recomendado por Adria Leticia
Yoo Yeon Seok also plays a doctor in this kdrama with a similar setup (hospital, friendship, the stories involving the patients).
Recomendado por stresseddesserts
Para quem ainda não assistiu a primeira temporada, recomendo muito.
Você ira chorar, rir... E o mais importante conhecer mais eles
Recomendado por beli
Same director so the same atmosphere of the Sol, several characters, several stories, both showing different views of the life in prison or the hospital, presenting the good aspects of people, both makes one have connections with the characters and got attached to them
Recomendado por Aya
They have a similar feel overall, especially the first 6-ish episodes of Daily Dose Of Sunshine. The characters seem realistic, and most-if not all- are very likable.
Recomendado por BudgieTiel
They are similar in the way that they try to realistically portray the working lives of the main characters . The friendship (only 2 in the producers) & relationships are also similar. Overall, both are slice of life shows without exaggerating or being over the top.
Recomendado por Toomuchdrama
Both have the slice of life element and a nostalgic feel to it. It is slow paced and has well written characters with beautiful osts and a satisfying cinematography. The enjoyable plot and flow of the story along with the good acting makes the cherry on top.
Recomendado por yjhgyu

Both revolve around medical life and a doctor who grows up with strong friendships and little romance between stories, Hospital Playlist is aimed at young doctors in hospital life, with modern medical technology, while Houlang has a traditional Chinese medical background. Many viewers thought that Houlang was a remake of the Hospital Playlist, but the author stated that this was not a remake and was written before the Hospital Playlist was broadcast. hospital playlist has 2 seasons
Recomendado por ygy
- Medical drama
- Friendship and romance
- Multiple leads
- Both are heartfelt
- Both are worth watching
Recomendado por Suzzyy
In both drama, the sincere friendships, love and business lives of middle-aged people are featured. Also, both have multiple couples. Both have a pretty funny plot.
Recomendado por dust in the wind
Well written warm and sincere story.
Well-written characters.
Slice of life.
Longtime friendship.
Eating together.

Recomendado por dust in the wind
Both are workplace slice of life but their strength isn't in their setting. it's the storytelling that's done so well.
We get to see not only the main cast, but also the stories of surrounding characters. it may be sad or conflicting, but usually ends in a comforting tone. tears, laughter, awws, and warmth.
in this sense, the rollercoaster of emotions every single episode exactly the same. work setting is just the stage; the essence is in the feelings conveyed that result in feel good vibe by the end of each ep.
Recomendado por maple
Both the dramas are Medical drama, romance and Comedy are on point....
Purest friendship is shown between the characters....
The main lead of Dr. Romantic S1 is also A main Cast member of Hospital playlist which makes me want to see these drama again and again.
Recomendado por Rain Varsha
Both kdrama has gynecologist male doctor. And I am looking forward to Lee Minho playing that type of character.

Both kdrama has different genre. HP is doctor slice of life type kdrama. And Ask the stars (when stars gossip) is space genre.
Recomendado por leafless7
Both are medical dramas that provide a more realistic approach to the medical field and the lives of doctors. While "Hospital Playlist" is more on the comedic side in comparison to "Life," both stories show how rewarding yet challenging the medical field is.
Recomendado por wooshiklvr
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