Is no one gonna mention the fact that they both have a vacuum they're obsessed with. Sorry, I had to lol
Recomendado por The girl
It is kind of similar as both male leads have mysophobia and both have cleaning companies also. The female leads are kind of poor. This is the similarity I found
Recomendado por prajna_dramalist
Same related story btwn employee and employer.Same related story btwn employee and employer.Same related story btwn employee and employer.Same related story btwn employee and employer.
Recomendado por Vishwas Ng
Both has a controlling obsessive male lead (even though their characters are different). Both have a female lead that is outgoing, bright, and a act first, think later type mentality. The relationship between the main CP in both is CEO + worker.
Recomendado por ZhanShin_Eli
In both drama healing and finding someone to be yourself and improve as a person through that relationship is important. Work environment/office romance is also there in both. There are also many similarities between the main characters and of course the side romance.
Recomendado por kasumii
ML with psychological issue
FL works for ML who is rich
FL is sweet ,outgoing while ML isnt
FL helps ML in healing process
Recomendado por Dramaaddict
while male lead has phobia germs and obsessed with clean and female lead is total opposite to male lead where she doesnt care about cleanliness. while she helps to face his phobia in being time they fall in love may be u feel same vibes try it......!
Recomendado por priya jenny
Not quite as epic as BOF, but if you enjoyed watching the normally arrogant and self-assured Joon Pyo become insecure and goofy as he tried to express his love, then you will like this one. The male lead has a similar vibe and you WILL laugh out loud watching him. Nice little love triangle and some good-looking guys round out the similarities.
Recomendado por dramafanNC
both male leads struggle with an illness where the female lead is the only one who can cure it. the female leads both have a fun, bubbly personality and the male leads are both cold.
Recomendado por smileypeachh
A male person with an OCD falls in love with a female person, who might be a lot messier. The male in both is the boss of the female lead.
Recomendado por Loving_Roots
A CEO with an obssessive-compulsive disorder falls in love with a messy woman who tries to get used to his many phobias.
Recomendado por Loving_Roots
1- male boss and female employee fall in love.
2- male boss has a problem with facing people.
3- love triangle.
4- trauma.
Recomendado por Moka
In both the male protagonist chose to work as cleaner at his own small cleaning
agency. He takes pride in that job and is a very tidy person itself... The female protagonist is a very messy girl, which tries to make ends meet.
Recomendado por Loving_Roots
- Male boss and female employee develop a relationship
- Male boss in denial of the developing feelings at first
- Female employee very messy, male boss is organized
Recomendado por JennyTheNerd_
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