These are my favorite TV Shows, so I'll recommend them. Both have Korean celebrities as "characters", who are actually being themselves, so idk if characters is the right word haha. While 'Busted' is more focused on unraveling cases, 'New World' is more about unraveling things that have happened or are happening on the island, and at the same time, they have a part of the island that they own on. Two TV Shows that are amazing and pretty funny <3
Recomendado por Isabelly
1. A very similar concept: Both shows are variety shows with acted situations that have the intention to look real but they clrearly aren't. That's why they have the same vibes.
2. An incredible cast including Lee Seung Gi and EXO members.
3. Funny and entertaining games.
Recomendado por Dreamgirls101
The hosts are sent out to complete the storyline given to them and have to act out their 'characters'. Each show also has a member from EXO.
Recomendado por Matrix
If you like Busted and would like something similar then you should definitely check out Girls' High School Investigation Class. Both are Korean mystery tv shows with the same vibes but GHSIC is focused on mysteries that happen in a high school.
Recomendado por Sanchez
Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo are members of both variety show. The concepts are very different since Running Man focus on humor while Busted focus on mystery.
Recomendado por nastou19
Busted is played in a wider more flexible setting, but they have had some "escape room" games as well..
The Great Escape is played in 1 "house/set" per episode, with several different "levels/rooms"..
both are fun mystery solving clue finding interactive games..
Recomendado por XingBack
Who is The Murderer is a Chinese TV Show about 6 people + 1 detective trying to find the murderer among the 6 players. Each episode has different cases to solve, and sometimes different casts as well. It's also quite funny. The first two and last two episodes are usually the best because they are filmed in the actual location and not in the studio. I suggest you watch it if you like detective TV shows like Busted. It might not be as good as Busted but it's still a good show.
Recomendado por liuchangfangirl
Both show some GIRL POWER.
WWW about 3 career women with search engines;
Busted is an unusual variety show that's more like a variety show & drama combo with a pre-written storyline under which the members solve crime detective problems/challenges. Alot of it feels more like watching a thriller detective drama than a variety show.
And PMY in season 1 was the one doing 90% of the work LOL while the boys failed most of the time. So girl power there. XD
Recomendado por JulySnow2
Both are detective shows that try to decipher different cases throughout the series. One difference is busted can feel more scripted than The Great Escape
Recomendado por Lillyroseblue
Both Variety/Scripted blends (basic outlines provided but lines improvised), similar casts of comedians actors idols etc, both had longer arching plots (Busted was more thriller and puzzles, Zombieverse is more survival horror/action)
Recomendado por J-maal
Another fun variety show where the cast members play games to get hints and solve puzzles. Instead of competing for a prize, the cast members are working together to solve one big mystery. The production value goes into the world building of the story and the guest appearances are catered to showcase the guests' talents in acting/comedy/problem solving.
Recomendado por krlxjms
Same actors, same plots, Busted 2 is followed on by Busted the Netflix series.
Recomendado por luvkayl
They are both scripted variety shows. Both are scripted to set up a scene, than the rest is up to the cast.
Recomendado por walmartjimin
If you're looking for more hilarious and exciting EXO and Sehun fix watch the ladder! You won't stop laughing not for a second!
Recomendado por Draken Sano Shipper
This is the third season of Busted and it follows the story from where season 2 left off. The cast is mostly the same.
Recomendado por Ghost_Dragon
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