They're both just such freaking cute dramas. Both ML's start falling for the FL's after she wins his trust. Both FL's are trying to make it back 'home'. Both ML's act so cute and jealous.
Recomendado por elumia
Both have the lead time travelling/body swap theme, although The Eternal Love has both consciousness of the actual person and the person from the future. Both are very funny historical dramas.
Recomendado por APTX2799
Mr. Queen (Korean) is a remake of Go Princess Go (Chinese) both of these dramas are very similar to The Eternal Love.

Amnesia (in another body)
Time travel
Strong female lead
Recomendado por TalkingWithYou
Nous avons une femme du monde moderne qui se retrouve coincée dans le corps d'une autre, et qui cherche à retourner dans sa propre époque.
- elle doit s'adapter à l'époque,
- elle doit faire face aux sentiments de deux hommes,
- elle a un caractère complètement différent,

On pourrait dire que ''The Eternal Love'' est un mélange entre ''Oh My Ghost'', ''Splash Splash Love'' et ''Moon Lovers''...
Recomendado por WODP
These dramas are both packed with humorous moments. The lead females are both head strong women who travel back from modern times due to mysterious means. The lead males are initially cold hearted, who end up showing their warmer side later on. If you enjoyed Chinderella Chef, give Eternal love a try.
Recomendado por betty123
The Eternal Love 2 is a sequel to The Eternal Love. It would probably be a good idea to watch The Eternal Love first, so you would know what happened and all the main characters.
Recomendado por grace
same theme modern girl soul switch to a body and marry prince how their relation develop its interesting to watch
Recomendado por ASTER
unruly princess
romantically involve with a prince
Recomendado por lucia
The plot and the main characters are quite similar. However, not completely the same. Also about a prince marrying a wife but in this story, the female protagonist is already the princess but with Naughty Princess they have to overcome some obstacles. Also about the female protagonist time travelling from the modern world to the past. This story also talks about 3 princes with the eldest and the second eldest fighting against each other for the throne with the 3rd prince being on the same boat as the second prince.
Recomendado por ClariceWang
If you enjoy these two main characters, then you will love them here in this modern, historical world together! Both are cute and loving stories!! Make sure to check out the following seasons of "The Eternal Love" to see their fate and what stories that come upon them (three seasons in total)!!
Recomendado por zcc8888
Also, you will love it Fantasy Time travel with a lot of funny moment and fluffy romance :)
Great chemistry of both main lead.
Well acted character and you will never be bored every episode is enjoyable. You will want to watch it again because of the story is amazing with a happy ending.
Recomendado por Yakuren
Both dramas have same concept : Time travel, historical. On them both characters will live a sweet love story
Recomendado por Huruhi
In both dramas the plucky, outspoken FL ends up sharing a body with a weaker, more delicate girl who had an unrequited love for someone (ML vs. SML), and who eventually loses her life saving the FL. The lead couple initially dislike each other, but the ML becomes increasingly intrigued by the FL's behavior, leading to him falling in love, and eventually she loves him, too.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
-Both FL leads have 2 personalizes/2 girls one body
-Sweet and Steamy kisses
-Fluffy Romantic scenes
-Amazing chemistry

They are both amazing drama's, I highly suggest to watch The Eternal Love S1, S2 and S3 when it comes out in 2021.
Recomendado por Marmarbear
Both are dramas with a modern day FL who finds herself in history.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
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