The similarities :-
Almost all the characters act in both drama
It also about arrange marriage
Their screenwriter is also the sama jin yuan yuan
Recomendado por acejoy
Palace arranged marriage. Right from episode 1. Male Lead is cool calm, strategist, fights well and warrior at battle field. Male lead doesnt put much thoughts into marriage nor male-female relationships. Male lead is guarded against female lead, distrustful at the start, knowing female lead was planted in thru marraige as a spy for the enemy (palace). Female lead has own opinions, strong will but crafty enough to survive. Lively, and lovable. Female lead who is more physically affectionate and vocal about how they feel, including confessing to Male Lead first
Marriage then divorce. Secrets and fantastical elements. Heart wrenching moments. Great otp and chemistry.
Recomendado por sharreb
They are both interesting to watch, amazing plot and likable characters. Both female characters are strong willed and intelligent in their own way especially in terms of decision making. Male Leads has their own charm and they're both HOT. At first, they tend to be cold, and distant to our female lead but as time goes by, they lowered their defenses. As for Prince Xin, he ignores her first, but he easily believes in Yun Xi after she treated his wounds. Same as the General, he was oblivious at her but he trusted her easily since she was his wife. Both stories depict arranged marriage and then falls in love after.
Recomendado por lynzieeeylohan
not completely at some term they are similar
*marriage is arrange of main lead for some hideous purpose, FL is force to ML
*one of the main lead is poisoned
*one of the main lead is cure of another main lead
*one of the ML hide his true identity when time comes he take throne for revenge
*LoYX is love triangle, while PS is reverse harem
Recomendado por ASTER
Both male and female lead are good looking and they match well in the chemistry. The female lead are doctors or pharmacists in ancient times and their main goal is to cure the prince's illness. Both female lead was force to marry the male lead and was confused about their identity. Male lead always saves female lead and was faithful to the female lead the whole entire drama or I would say he's loyal in NOT wanting another consort/2nd wife.
Recomendado por Sheegwa
Zhang zhehan stared in castle in time and Legend of Yun Xi. He is handsome, charming, an excellent actor. His shows cannot appear in mainland China I hope Netflix and other streaming service can pick up the show.
Recomendado por YuHuang
The story is somewhat similar to Legend of Yunxi where the FL is also good with Medicine and the ML has an incurrable illness that his royal family would like to expose and discredit the ML.

The difference is that LMD is a time travel series with LYX is not. Both are costume period drama that you will love.
Recomendado por Bijou16
love - hate relationship between the 2 main characters but they both ended up falling in love with each other. the break ups happened to protect the female leads, but both ended u[ together in the end
Recomendado por Ooftitanium
Both Protagonists are brought together by an arranged marriage
Both Male Leads are always one step ahead of their enemies
Both Female Leads Repeatedly keep on getting framed
Both Male Leads are cold at first to the Female Leads
At The End Male Leads chose to leave their royal title
Amazing Dramas
Recomendado por Xiao Min
Both of these dramas there is a contract marriage story , smart wife & husband too who will love each other & hardly have miss-understanding drifting them apart for long time . Truly Legend of Yunxi my most favorite historical drama of such a them of contract marriage & this new Chinese drama “ Well intended love “ becoming my most favorite modern drama of same genre so far , taking in consideration that I have been watching Asian dramas for 11 years for now..
Recomendado por Noona
Both dramas are in wuxia genre and was aired in year of 2018. In Ashes of Love is also naive but cute female lead and strong male lead with great chemistry. In both drama isn't missing a little bit of comedy too and there's also the second male lead syndrome.
Recomendado por Chaecutie
In both dramas :
- Female lead is a talented doctress , with strong personality but also feminine and cute.
- Male lead appears to be cold at first but he's just lonely
- Male lead has a position with political power and needs to handle militarily affairs
- Arranged marriage were the female lead is forced to get married
-Male lead has a misterious (supernatural) incurable disease which the female lead tries to cure
- Love /hate relationship turns quickly into passionate romance
-Merxat plays in "For married doctress" as the male lead and in " Legend of yun xi" as the second male lead

Overall those dramas are literally THE SAME lol
For married doctress is a little lighter though.
Recomendado por Nicole the Greek
There is a spunky heroine. The male lead is a cold ice prince who warms up to her though. It's a very lighthearted drama and doesn't deal much with politics for the most part. Rom com at its finest!
Recomendado por JustJ
Both are Chinese historical/fantasy dramas with a king/prince who was poisoned and has a wife who can help get rid of it.
Recomendado por usna
-girls skilled in medicine
-their mothers died when they were young
-political conflict
Recomendado por Lulu
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