Both have some time travel element involved. Both Korean Dramas. Both have cute couple moments. Reunited Worlds is more cute and Tomorrow with you is more dramatic.
Recomendado por Eleanor
I honestly i prefer the anime version of anohana but this works too.

The story between these 2 are quite similar from:

-dead friend (main character)
-a friend that could have been more misses said mc
-family and friends that drifted apart after death of mc
-supernatural in a way

Both are heartwarming and tragic at the same time.
Recomendado por YueXin
Both dramas involve a person "traveling through time" in a way.
In Hit the Top the male lead travels from the past into the future and doesn't know why. He doesn't realize he's in 2017 at first but he does after a while.
In Reunited Worlds the male lead wakes up in 2017 thinking he's still in 2005 where he was still a high school student. He doesn't realize this at first.
Hit the Top is different since it's a time traveling drama.
Reunited Worlds seems more supernatural.
Recomendado por Halsyeon
Both dramas involve a person "traveling through time" in a way.
I'm not sure if Reunited Worlds has anything to do with time-traveling yet but it could.
Recomendado por Halsyeon
Yeo Jin Goo plays the main male lead in both.
Both have a mystery and supernatural elements.
Similiar in a sense that both drama's have two parts in them.
Circle has part 1 Beta Project set in 2017 and part 2 Grand New World set in 2037.
Reunited Words has parts in the past in 2005 and parts in 2017, however not in a set sequence like Circle.
Recomendado por Halsyeon
Both drama is about having second chances to be together with their friends and family and also to correct the things that happened in their life before their death while also having a deadline..
Recomendado por Meowskie
kinda similar ml dies and comes back after 12+ years.
although in TU the ml can stay back as he was brought back to life due to a ritual.
both ml set out to solve the reasons of their deaths and also just like in RW lot of people believe that the ml was the murderer.
also get to see sibling bonds although its a bit of a sad story for the siblings in TU
TU is a Chinese costume drama. but you should give it a try.
warning ?? it keeps getting sad every time you rewatch the drama.
Recomendado por Eliza91d
In reunited worlds it’s more magic how he came to the present. He basically time traveled. Where in thirty but seventeen she was in a 13 year old coma, and then came to present. Both main characters don’t know about present time.
Recomendado por Eleanor
The lead role of a man left unharmed after an accident, given a second chance but................................................................................................................................................................
Recomendado por Finding Neverland
If you like cooking, kitchen, and food. You should not miss this one. If you want to know about the life of a chef then Its a must watch.
Recomendado por Sally
Mostly same kind of story
Male comes back to life
His girlfriend thinks he is dead
although she gets to know him when she saw him
Male lead knows his life is numbered
so he must do everything for his family that he couldn't to do when he was not there for his family
here is the plot also...........

Twelve years, after dying in a car accident, Sung Hae Sung(Yeo jin goo) suddenly appears alive and well not having aged a day. With the help of his friends and his childhood love Jong Won, Hae Sung sets out to make things right for his family and solve the mysteries surrounding his death and resurrection
Recomendado por bunny_smile
Both drama have the male lead reincarnated after there for sometime.In loss time life hero only had 30 hours but in Reunited Worlds hero had a little bit more time.They give the same vibes with little changes here and there.
Recomendado por Hazel kaya
Has that same ominous and sad feeling to it. Both are about tragic accidents, and both feature people who died and came back to life.
Recomendado por MatildediShabran
Both of these dramas involve someone who is already dead coming back to life to spend time with family and friends
Recomendado por Vicky
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