Strong female lead whom is also a general.
Awesome side kicks
The oh so beautiful male lead.
I guarantee that if you enjoyed Oh My General
You will literally fall for My Lady General
Recomendado por Queen Love
- both FL are born from military families and supposed to be great at combat
- both ML are “weaker” than the FL in terms of kung fu
- both OTP are the key to keeping their nation free and protecting their emperor
- both FL are favored by the royal family, Ye Zhao being a great general, while Ban Hua is royal princess

PS. I like the character of Ye Zhao more than Ban Hua because Ye Zhao is more than brawns. She actually thinks like a general and doesn’t always needs to be saved by her ML. But I like the ML in A Girl Like Me since he’s smarter and less of a lecher than the ML in Oh My General.
Recomendado por Nam Gonzales
Oh my general has a FL that's strong and has military knowledge. The FL doesn't play a damsel in distress instead works together with the ML and end up developing a strong relationship.
The trust seems to have a similar plot development.
Recomendado por Lois Njuguna
Both a light hearted historical comedy dramas.
Good side cast.
Strong bickering female and male leads.
Recomendado por krystellaris (kryst)
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recomendado por Drewett
Both dramas are directed by the same director, so the kind of comedy is similar.

The design of the costume is very similar too. Overall, Oh my General gives off the same vibe as Go Princess Go!
Recomendado por lemonadeporkchop
- Strong female badass General played by Sandra Ma (Ma Sichun).
- Romance with sizzling on-screen chemistry between the male and female lead.
- Great martial arts and choreographed battle scenes.
- Essentially a romantic comedy / martial arts ... but also has palace politics and battle for the throne for those who like this sort of thing.
Recomendado por Beyond All That Drama
same role reversal and gentle fdom content, and general Female lead!!!! similar vibes. if u like one will deffo like other
Recomendado por ree
Both plots are 'gender benders'. (TROTAR is slightly) and have a lot of comedy.
In TROTAR a girl goes into a world that she wrote, Hua Yuan City is a city where instead of men being in power, women have overall power. Men are not allowed to be officials, they can't own businesses and they can't even join the army. A powerful man from the city near them (Where the rules are different) marries of FL (who realizes she is the evil princess of Hua Yuan City).

In OMG the FL is a powerful General that is looked up to, she acts quite manly whereas the ML is a handsome yet useless, cowardly man who acts femininely.

I get similar vibes from these dramas but the plots are in no way similar.
Recomendado por itscelina
Mu Guiying Takes Command and Oh My General are similar:

* about warrior women clashing with society rules to live the life they want
* both women have family and friends who like them just the way they are
* eventually they are recognized and honored by the emperor
* they fall in love with good looking guys who aren't interested at first
* those guys have difficulties protecting their image, their capabilities are doubted
* both couples support each other and end up fighting side by side in the army
Recomendado por Apple Eye
- Strong FLs that are a force to be reckoned with (smart and brave)
- Both FLs pretend(ed) to be men and behave in unconventional ways (tomboys)
- Both FLs are high ranking individuals (in MUD FL is a ruler while in OMG she's a general)
- Actually funny comedy and quite a lot of it
- MLs are royals/noblemen very focused on their looks (and with a temper)
- Loving ML who supports FL through anything
- Lead couple have a rocky start but end up being a perfectly matched power couple
- Gender role reversal (in MUD it's more subtle than in OMG)
- Sisterhood
- Both FLs have a woman who's in love with her male persona

Oh My General balances comedy with its more serious tone while My Uncanny Destiny is mostly a comedy with some serious moments.
Recomendado por Arclei
Both have strong female lead..
OMG female lead is strong at battles because she is the general..
GAI female lead is strong mentally because she is in charge of battle strategy during war.

Both have romantic relationship with royalty..
OMG female lead general is engage with the prince which is the nephew of the emperor.
GAI female lead was married to the prince which is the brother of the emperor.
Recomendado por Heavenly Goddess95
Both female leads are soldier and generals in war-time, brave and generous. Both male leads gave that same frivolous feeling. Reminding me of Oh my general and Mulan when I watch Fighting for Love.
Recomendado por MellowLeaf
weak prince/king marry female warrior for convenience her presence they can't digest it
Recomendado por ASTER
They both have cross-dressing. IN OMG the characters are more realistic. In Fake Phoenixes the female-"male"lead is not as strong and independent as the general.
Recomendado por Love Chery
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