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Any pronouns | tea addict | mood watcher | writer/editor | polyglot 

Feel free to friend me ✉ ⋆ ˚。 ⋆

Trying to make life more ADHD friendly one info-dump at a time

Whump Tumblr Acc 

Got into the drama game pretty late and I'm a slow & picky watcher. I tend to prefer shorter dramas because of my short attention span (those 40+ eps Cdramas are the bane of my existence) so my on-hold list is extensive.

RIP Oh My General which I've been watching since 2022

I enjoy writing reviews, making lists and keeping my watched/ing-list tidy (aka, obsessively updating challenge entries, lol).
Scifi | Fantasy | Thriller | Action | Romance
Strong/badass female lead, soft/kind male lead, morally grey characters, magical world, gender role reversal, bromance/sismance, found family, action, mother-son dynamics, sibling bonds, healthy mains relationship, sci-fi, protective women, happy endings, whump, romance + action 
Amnesia in romance, weak/dumb female leads, needless misunderstandings, love triangles, domineering male leads, overpowered male leads, draggy politics, melodrama, damsels in distress, male centered plot, tragedy, embarrassment humour,  random childhood connection

Rating System

10 - Perfection
Whatever is off isn't worth mentioning/doesn't take away from the experience.
9.5 - Amazing 
Near-perfect, usually have a couple of things that are off
9.0 - Great 
I really enjoyed but had some unfortunate less great things
8.5 - Very Good
Above average good
7.5-8 - Average/Good
The standard rating for good dramas. Quite a bit of things are off but they still have enough good things
6-7 - Alright 
More off things than good things
4-5.5 - Meh
Fine for what it was / Disappointing waste of potential
1-3.5 -No
I really shouldn't have finished it 

I try to be as objective as possible about my ratings but that isn't the case 100% of the time.

I have notes on pretty much all of my lists because it's what I look for in other's lists too. I like seeing what others thought of a drama and why it's relevant to the topic the list is for, so I try to do that as well ^-^

I love reversal of tropes and roles so I made a list of Role Reversal (RR) titles I've watched where I share my thoughts on them and their level of RR.


My Lists:
My Lists (Master List)

Role Reversal (RR) 
Men Comfortable in Their Masculinity
Underrated Gems I'd Recommend 
Titles with Unique Worlds
Unique Aesthetics 
Whump Lists by Me 
Rich Woman X Poor Man 
Noblewoman x Servant 
Romance - Similars Attract
Other's Lists:
Underrated shows with less than 1000 watchers
Role Reversed couple | Girlboss x Malewife
Titles that allow you to choose the ending
Whump List + Links
Asian Short Films (with links)
Most undernoticed movies/dramas and shows 
Fav OST, Songs and Tracks (+ links)

Currently Watching...Watched per Country
Secret of Three Kingdoms
Love Crossed
Eternal Brotherhood 

China | 59
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