The plot is similar; kid abduction to force the mother (here a famous radio broadcaster) to comply to the kidnaper's demands on air and also with a fast pace. Great movie!
Recomendado por Shaky
Both are about a mother trying to save their child from a kidnapper...
Recomendado por XingBack
They are both about someone who is looking for a beloved someone they love who suddenly went missing.
Recomendado por bayanoh
Both shows involve protecting/saving a kid and "pull at your heartstrings". It's rare for me to find shows like these but I really enjoyed both and there was a lot of suspense and twists in both.
Recomendado por tala
Both movies have similar plot. The child gets kidnapped and mothers do anything to find their kid. Both drama has strong lead characters as mother..
Recomendado por SHINeeVIP
They have many similarities: overall mood, broadcasting station setting, dramatic siblings stories, etc.
Recomendado por tatka
Similar plot. In The Quiz Show the contestants have to confess their sins live on the show. The Quiz Show is a lot less dramatic about it.
Recomendado por kiinasu
In I Remember You, the main character is given series of clues and problems to solve through each case to find the serial murderer. With these cases, the murderer wants to let people know the real meaning of his acts. The main character works hand in hand with the police to uncover the truth.

In Wanted, it's a similar concept with the addition of a reality TV show and kidnapping. Both are very interesting dramas and will keep you at the edge of your seat.
Recomendado por --jjt
Both dramas deal with secrets that are slowly revealed through a tv show and a mastermind who manipulates the MC in order to uncover the truth behind them.
Recomendado por caramels
In both dramas a mastermind gives his opponent clues in order to uncover the truth they want to reveal. The feelings of both dramas are very similar, with every episode revealing a small part of a bigger picture. Also both dramas star Uhm Tae Woong (although in very different roles).
Recomendado por caramels
Both have children involved as the big part of the plot. In the Defendant the father had to listen so the child doesn't get killed the same in Wanted where the mother has to listen to kidnapper for the sake of her child safety. Both shows have this ability to make you feel as a big part of it, like you're experiencing everything together, once you start it is hard to stop. Both focuses on justice and crimes.
Recomendado por Rijouku
Twisted psychological warfare is involved in both as the main characters face a series of events presented to them through the filming of a reality/game show. They're both given tasks to complete or otherwise face great danger.
Wanted is about a mom trying to save her son from a kidnapper who requests her to make a show and complete the missions he gives her everyday, for 10 days.
Liar Game is about a naive and innocent girl who gets thrown into the world of trickery and greed by participating in the Liar Games which will require her to play games to either win lots of money or fall into a grave debt.
Recomendado por ahmi_chan
- female centred plot
- mother child relationship (kind of in mother, more like a mother figure)
- both are about kidnapping
Recomendado por misu
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