Procurado Episódio 1

7.7/10 from 11 users
Jun 22, 2016
Top actress Jung Hye-in announces her retirement. On that very day, her son is kidnapped. The kidnapper orders her to complete ten missions on a live reality show. The desperate race… read more

Procurado Episódio 2

9.0/10 from 10 users
Jun 23, 2016
Jung Hye-in goes on the first blood-curdling mission to find her boy Hyun-woo. The police join the investigations, and the production team maps out their plan for the nightmarish show.… read more

Procurado Episódio 3

9.0/10 from 5 users
Jun 29, 2016
Jung Hye-in and the production team are shocked by what they find in a car trunk. A frenzied search for the criminal begins. Detective Cha works with his partner to trace the case… read more

Procurado Episódio 4

9.1/10 from 5 users
Jun 30, 2016
A ghastly video leaves Jung Hye-in in horror. The show attracts attention by offering a $500,000 reward for information. Meanwhile, Detective Cha enlists the help of a colleague to… read more

Procurado Episódio 5

9.2/10 from 7 users
Jul 06, 2016
The third mission is discovered at a brutal crime scene. The production team films it against the will of Detective Cha, who is shaken by memories of a similar murder. Hye-in is frightened… read more

Procurado Episódio 6

9.1/10 from 4 users
Jul 07, 2016
Jung Hye-in wakes to find herself tied up in an unknown location. Detective Cha rushes to the rescue after recovering from a car accident. While searching the place for clues, they… read more

Procurado Episódio 7

9.3/10 from 3 users
Jul 13, 2016
A news article triggers public outrage over Jung Hye-in's "Wanted." The production team secures crucial evidence on their suspect while Detective Cha uncovers the remnants of a long-ago… read more

Procurado Episódio 8

9.5/10 from 3 users
Jul 14, 2016
President Song cancels the remaining episodes of "Wanted." Determined to fight against the decision, Hye-in collects blackmail material on her husband. His connections turn out to… read more

Procurado Episódio 9

9.8/10 from 2 users
Jul 20, 2016
The criminal now has fanatic followers who engage in vandalism and abduction. A copycat crime distracts the police while a kidnapping takes place. The production team must find a way… read more

Procurado Episódio 10

9.3/10 from 2 users
Jul 21, 2016
A woman commits suicide from the UCN building. The police grow suspicious as they find another witness mysteriously dead. While recovering in the hospital, Bo-yun comes face-to-face… read more

Procurado Episódio 11

9.0/10 from 2 users
Jul 27, 2016
The SG Group sends their men after Detective Cha and Jung Hye-in. Ham Tae-sub interferes with "Wanted" under the pretense of offering legal advice while Na Soo-hyun goes against the… read more

Procurado Episódio 12

9.8/10 from 2 users
Jul 28, 2016
Jung Hye-in watches a taped confession left behind by Lee Ji-eun's father. Detective Cha closes in on the kidnapper, but once Lee Ji-eun makes a secret phone call, things spin out… read more

Procurado Episódio 13

9.8/10 from 2 users
Aug 03, 2016
Enraged by the news of Na Soo-hyun's death, Choi Joon-goo rushes to carry out his plans. Jung Hye-in and the production team carry on with the show to ensure Hyun-woo's safety. Detective… read more

Procurado Episódio 14

9.3/10 from 2 users
Aug 04, 2016
Jung Hye-in's "Wanted" reveals the awful truth behind SG Chemical's toxic humidifier disinfectant and Ham Tae-sub's instigation of murder. Hye-in frantically gets in touch with her… read more

Procurado Episódio 15

9.7/10 from 3 users
Aug 17, 2016
Jung Hye-in searches desperately for Hyun-woo at the bus terminal. Shocked by the news of another tragedy, Choi Joon-goo escapes from the hospital while the SG Group does everything… read more

Procurado Episódio 16

9.0/10 from 3 users
Aug 18, 2016
Jung Hye-in and the production team use their best judgment to create the final episode of "Wanted." Help comes from unexpected places as they plan their attack against the SG Group.… read more

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