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Maid's Revenge chinese drama review
Maid's Revenge
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by PeachBlossomGoddess Flower Award2
Set 21, 2022
30 of 30 episódios vistos
Completados 60
No geral 7.5
História 6.0
Atuação/Elenco 9.0
Musical 8.5
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Fifty shades of cliche.

This drama is a dark, melodramatic blast from the past. It is fifty shades of the worst outdated bodice ripper romance cliches imaginable. Dong Tingyao is the sole survivor of her family's massacre. She suspects warlord Fang Tianyi to be the culprit and finds herself a maid in his household. The villain is obvious from the beginning but sadly our voluptuous heroine has more guts than brains and finds herself in one dicey situation after another. Fang Tianyi is the kind of alpha male hero that struts around flaunting his magnificent chest while he uses very coercive methods to seduce Tingyao. Yes, exactly the kind of story that has all but been eviscerated since the advent of feminism and political correctness decades ago. And yes, I unabashedly sucked up every ridiculous, outrageously hot but ahem,I mean totally unacceptable moment of it!

The bottom line is you won't enjoy this drama if you think about it. But the leads sizzling chemistry and Fang Tianyi's hot, searing gaze and the heavy lidded way he eyeballs Tingyao is enough to make me forget to breathe, much less think. Despite the cheesy lines and some iffy costumes, the acting, especially by Dai Gaozheng is mesmerising. The melodramatic plot allowed both actors to demonstrate their ability to convey the gamut of intense emotions - love, hate, forbidden desire, fear, frustration and passion, lots and lots of passion. For the first time I really understand why these kinds of characterisations used to be so hugely popular in the past. It is a strong testament to the actors chemistry and skills that can make me look past all these out of favour tropes. Honestly if anyone in real life tries to pull a Fang Tianyi on me, he'd get a kick in the nuts that causes permanent damage. But as a fantasy guilty pleasure of a short drama (10 minute episodes), I enjoyed this immensely.

The ending was terrible but then so were so, so many other parts. Nonetheless I am peeved about it enough to give it a 7.5 instead of an 8.0. Yes I am petty that way. Still, this is a fantastic way to indulge in the occasional smoking hot guilty pleasure.

Final comment: consider stopping at ep 29 for best viewing experience.
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