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The Mystic Nine chinese drama review
The Mystic Nine
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by Dieu
Set 13, 2016
48 of 48 episódios vistos
No geral 9.0
História 8.5
Atuação/Elenco 9.0
Musical 10.0
Voltar a ver 8.0
Story The story is a prequel to The Lost Tomb so there will be a lot of scenes were they are in a mine if you loved The Lost Tomb i will recommend you to watch this. Also the drama will focus a lot on the bad guys so they will appear very often like they are the main character. There is not an end yet because there will be a season 2 so it won't be sure that the original cast will stay. The drama will be a lot about action,adventure,mystery and romance. Also the love story of William and Zhao Li Ying was great you will love that couple but Zhao Li ying wasn't really a main character she appeared in a few episodes. Acting The role of Fo Ye was perfect for William Chan he did a great job and Zhao Li Ying did a great job as Yi Xinyue with her stubborn role. What i also liked was that she wasn't scared to tell Fo Ye that she liked him and that she knew what she wanted. Lay acting was good as well i really liked him in the scenes with Ya Tou there scenes were very emotional. The rest of the cast was great too the only character that annoyed me was the white guy when he spoke chinese it annoyed me and he talked very slow. Music I loved the Ost especially LJM - huan hun men and the beginning was of William Chan and the ending song was also great chinese music are usually really good. Rewatch I don't think i will rewatch everything but i will rewatch the scenes of Zhao Li Ying and William Chan because of their great chemistry Overal Good drama with great couples i would recommend you to watch this if you like The Lost Tomb or you liked the main leads.
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