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Hello Everyone !!

I watched my first drama in August 2013, and ever since then I've been hooked :D 

My favorite actor: Joo Won


He's one of the most talented actors that I've ever seen! 

His acting is simply breathtaking, and I mean I literally forget to breath!!!! 

Character that I would have totally fallen in love with if we had met in real life: General Choi Young (Faith)

This is regardless of him being played by LMH, 

He just has one of those personalities that attracts me the most.

My favorite character: Jung Shi Hyun/Doctor's son in "Cruel City"


He is one of the most complex, well developed, well played characters! (I'm making this short otherwise I can write a long essay as to why he's such an amazing character)

Some of My favorite Dramas: 





  • Nirvana in Fire:                                                


  • Here are some memorable quotes from some of the dramas:

* The best miracle out of all miracles is to make the heart of the person you love beat. (Good Doctor)

* What on earth is “Love”? I ask the World. And I will answer… That which make us unhesitatingly grant life and death to each other. That is what “Love” is. (The Princess' Man)

* One becomes two, and then three. Family grows, right? (Tonbi)

* Hardships have to be endured alone. (Incomplete life,미생)

* Regret is the most useless thing. While you still have the power to change things now, you should go all the way and do it. (The Vigilantes in Masks)

* With the skin gone, to what can the hair attach itself? (Nirvana in Fire)

*- So you be the ocean. 

- Ocean? 

 - Snow is sorrow. If you're the ground, the snow will accumulate. Even if it melts away, the ground will become very mushy. But if you're the ocean, no matter how hard it snows, it won't accumulate. (Tonbi) (confession: if you just leave me be, I'll write this whole section with quotes of Tonbi. However, it's easier to just say this "go watch Tonbi now! ")

*You shouldn't set your foot on a path you're not planning to take. (Jumong)

*In this world, there’s no carefree person. If you have desires and feelings, you won’t be carefree. (Nirvana in Fire)

* Even if you miss a game piece the game still continuos on. (Incomplete life,미생)

* It's only pretty if you take a look at it closely, you have to look at it for a long time... to realize it's lovely. You too... are like that. (School 2013)

* Just like the snow outside, which will only grow bigger, and stronger. but we know that it will stop somehow. (Nirvana in Fire)

* True happiness is when you're feeling happy making others around you happy as well. (Bad Guys)

* In your line, you are the master 니 인생에선 니가 상전이야 (Fight For My Way)

* From where you've fallen is where you get up, don't look for excuses anymore. the most difficult moment is the moment right before you succeed(The Vigilantes In Masks)

Well this is it for now :D I'll probably change this section often :D

Ok now I want to fangirl a little ^^ : Here are some of my other favorite actors (other than the ones mentioned above). I just have to add this though that I'm not simply fangirling, cause although they are handsome, they are very very talented actors.        

              tumblr_me30siRq331rcoad1o1_1280.jpg014a9ae8f3d6491c3cf30a5cdd17a6bf.jpg20321_6987_5559.jpg                                                                 Ji Sung                                          Park Hae Jin                                      Ji Chang Wook

 Feel free to message me if you wanna chat about anything :D !!


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