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Mulan chinese movie review
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by vereelimee
Abr 1, 2012
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No geral 9.0
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Musical 10.0
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Based more on the original poem/story of Mulan than Disney version. She does join the army in place of her father, but we see how it affects her. She deals with death and grief and fear and killing. We get the real Mulan that went to war for over a decade. This a realistic movie, slightly dark tone because there is a lot of death, but it's the kind of movie that hurts so good. You will cry and then continue crying but you won't end up feeling depressed or sad. The story is fulfilling as we get to see Mulan grow and accept life as a soldier and the many different ways there are to be a hero. Vicki Zhou is wonderful as Mulan, and we don't spend a lot of time with the other characters, but we don't really need it. This is Mulan's story and it reflects that in the screen time given to our other characters. The music really helps finish the atmosphere. There are parts that really got to me where I was sobbing but the situations were caused by war and so our characters have to deal with it. They act nobly and I was completely satisfied until the very end. As long as you don't question how they never notice she is a girl, you'll enjoy it. I know I will end up watching it again. For when you feel like crying this is a great option. Hua Mulan truly transforms and even if you know how it ends you can still appreciate the sacrifices of our characters. I know the same scenes will still effect me in the same way. A bit spoilery but not if you know the story of Mulan. The original version has her just returning home. This plot has a romance but they forced it into a bad ending. They continued on the noble character arc for Mulan where she just wants to take care of her father. Again this is the writers fault for wanting the dramatic hero, but it fits with the characters even though the other option would have been possible. So, I was a bit irritated, but for the sake of a better story it fits to have the drama, but I was annoyed because they built it up and left me hanging.
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